May I request all of you to take your seats We have to begin our formal consultations There are so many people standing here I am already late because I escorted the First Lady out and had difficulty getting back in Ladies and gentlemen can I request that you to take your seats and… [off mic] Shall we begin? [off mic] What happened to this? Okay thank you I tried to understand why so many people were standing
making noises behind you and I was told that for security reasons many of them cannot go out This is really… IGF is really unique. I am deeply impressed by this uniqueness. It is so unique that many of you can sit and many of you can stand behind, making noises I am not a yeoman anymore, it’s my first experience. I can you I can tell you – I had freedom to go out, but no freedom to get in Sorry for this I know I am not pleasing… I am offending everyone. Which I do not care at all Gentlemen, Excellencies Now we are gathered here to discuss the future of the IGF

Danny Hutson

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