UGREEN 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable Review

UGREEN 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable Review

hey guys today really quick small review
of a 3.5 millimeter stereo aux cable from UGREEN and as you can see here it’s a
male to male and basically what I did I got this really nice high quality cable
to replace my old cable that goes to my Bose desktop speakers I just wanted to
see whether that really makes a quality difference in sound I mean these stock
cables they’re kind of like a little bit basic and the way I usually did did it is
like I had an adapter and then I put that into my audio interface and then it
goes into my speakers so why don’t we just unbox these really nice-looking
quality replacements and then I show you a few close-up shots from the quality
and make a small sound test and then we draw this to the conclusion
so first the unboxing then the close-up shots and then the sound test and then
conclusion so let’s do this I really particularly like the packaging that it
comes in so let’s open this up here and then have a look inside so the foil is
removed let’s carefully pull this out and see what is inside and there goes the
cable now that I called it nicely in well protected packaging and like you
see it really looks very nice with these silver accents here and this nylon how
do you say wrapped cord so guys I cut this open here for you sorry guys my
battery died just a for a short moment I had to interrupt the recording in any case
let’s show you some close-up shots and yeah I think you can see this here they
really have engraved the company name on these connectors even
I think the quality of these cables is really really nice especially the
connectors the cable itself with this nylon shielding or however you want to
call this it’s it has a very interesting feel like I
have a hard time describing the way this feels to the touch it’s somewhat
interesting so I’m next I’m just gonna replace the old cable or against the new
one and we’re gonna connect the two first audio interface and then the
speaker maybe I can zoom in for a little bit here so you can see like a nice
detailed close-up shot you see the connectors they work very very well it
seems to be quite sturdy plug this in here and then like I told you to take my
Bose speaker because I want to get a really nice sound quality out of here
and then plug this into the audio input and as far as I can see it’s it’s a
really great combination I love the way these colors match up
silver a silver audio interface silver speakers and silver iMac I think if
you’re like design conscious you’re gonna love this combination and with
that I would say we’re just jumping right to the sound test because
obviously if you want to hear whether this sounds any different or whether it
sounds nice or not so let’s check this out so guys as you can see the audio
interface is plugged in and goes straight into the bose speaker
obviously there are a few more cables like the power cable left speaker and
the controller controller unit that I have here whoops and we’re testing right
now the 3.5mm I think in the US you call it 1.8 inch male-to-male stereo aux
cable and final thing to do is I just have to plug in the audio interface in
my iMac and yeah it’s firewire believe it or not it’s an old firewire interface
but it’s a good interface and you see it lights up and now we are ready to listen
to the sound so guys several days have passed and I
did extensive listening tests with this UGREEN 3.5 millimeter male-to-male
auxiliary stereo cable and yeah what do I have to say about it
I mean first up you probably already know I love the design in the meantime
while I was testing this I also discovered there is another version and
while this cable in and of itself works really really good I think it’s kind of
like a little bit hampered by using like one of these really old cheap I think
like one dollar adapters or whatever that was so it’s probably not the best
test condition I’m to use it like that the cable in and of itself I like it a
lot um but essentially what I found is that in my case this is not the best
solution so I opted for this so maybe you want to check out this review
instead and with that my conclusion really it’s that UGREEN makes really
fairly nice cables given the price point I mean those seem to be seem to be very
nice only thing I kind of missed in my case because I had this adapter the 3.5
the 3.5mm was not the perfect choice so I changed this out to a quarter-inch one
but from the all the listening that I did because I did like a lot of
back-and-forth testing using this cable and then comparing it with the old one
and there was one particular song I was listening to where they were like some
drum rolls or something in the beginning and I found actually that the cables
really sound slightly different and while the old cable had like a little
bit more of a lighter sound the UGREEN cable I felt like produced a little bit
more I don’t know maybe I can’t say bass I mean like those are like really my own
impression so I’m not sure what it will sound except whether it will be the same
for you but I wish I could show this to you here but these the the old standard
cable that I had it has some sort of specifications probably do that has to
do with the wire and actually what it says is AWM 2562 and that must be some
kind of they must have kind of some industry
kind of standards when the companies that manufacture like speakers or audio
equipment they can just go to to supplier and just say okay I want the
cable with those and those specifications and my bet is that those
specifications of my old cable are lower and the specifications of the UGREEN
cable are higher because I read when I purchased the UGREEN that it has like
yeah I think UGREEN claims superior performance and it’s like 99% oxygen free
copper wire inside and stuff like that so in theory of course a cable with better
specifications should work better and that would in part explain why I felt
this sounded slightly different although you really have to pay attention to it
so next up what I’m going to do is I’m gonna get myself like a cable made in
Germany a Sommer cable Sommer cable are one of my favorite cables of course they
are really pricey and maybe you have seen that on my channel I have like this
section called audio equipment where did like the budget microphone reviews or
compared budget microphones against more expensive microphones and there I
always would use like this really expensive Sommer cable that was more
expensive than microphone so I’m trying to go get something like this for this
and then I’m testing like the old standard cable the UGREEN cable and
then the cable made in Germany to see whether I can find a difference when I
listen to it and maybe one day I’m gonna take it even one step further and even
go to the sound studio and ask a professional sound engineer that I know
what his kind of insights are on cable and cables and then I’m gonna share this
with you guys so make sure to subscribe and stay tuned for that because it’s gonna
be a lot of fun and really awesome and I see you as a subscriber on my channel
and in the next video take care and yeah guys like I told you before I have lots
of other cool content on my channel such as this one terabyte Samsung drive
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gonna share this with you so until next time take care all the best to you
bye bye

Danny Hutson

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  1. differences with audio cables for this use is negligible and usually below the human thresh hold of observation. you need to do a double blind test to see for your self. cables matter in other areas of electrical engendering, not audio.

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