Trying a Handheld Sewing Machine

Well hi there! Recently I’ve had a couple of people ask me
to review and try out “handheld sewing machines”. So I didn’t actually know that handheld sewing
machines existed until some people told me about them. They supposedly have a lot of the functions
of just like a… standard, straight-stitch sewing machine, but they’re a lot smaller,
compact and a lot cheaper. So I found one on Ebay which was $16, I did
also find a $2 handheld sewing machine, but I was kinda… I was like, that’s not gunna, that’s can’t
be – that’s not going to work, right? So, if this works, I think it would be really
cool because it will make sewing more accessible to a lot more people, I’ve had a lot of you
message me saying that, you know, getting a sewing machine for one project, or if they’re
not sure about sewing as a hobby, it’s kinda a big investment! On the other hand, if it doesn’t work, I can
save you guys the time and money in buying one of these for yourself. SO my handheld sewing machine arrived today,
I am going to open it up on camera and give you my first impressions! Okay, apparently, I didn’t know this when
I was buying it but I’ve ended up with the “Handy Stitch”: As Seen On TV. Which makes me a little bit worried because
those as.. As Seen on TV things generally don’t work. Oh, cool. They even have typos on the box. Cool. I have such high hopes for this already. Well, it comes with a couple of pre-loaded
boddins – boddins?! Bobbins! A needle-threader… oh good, we have instructions. And here’s the machine! Da da da daaa! (Fanfare Noise) Um okay, it kinda looks like a stapler – Okay, so batteries are in, and this here is
the power switch. [Loud noise from machine]
Whoa. Ooh. It did something! I’m surprised it did something! ‘Kay, so it sews sideways, instead of back
and forth… Whoa. It seems to work! Maybe! So I’m going to try and do a simple project
with this, um, we’ll see how we go! Okay, so here’s a question: why is there grease
on everything? Ewww. There’s like, big globs of grease. So on this machine, here is the needle, um
this is like the plate that the fabric goes under, and there’s the feed-dogs under there,
that pull the fabric through. This controls the tension, this is the bobbin
for the thread… there only seems to be one place where thread goes through. I think. This is like a little wheel that raises the
needle up and down manually. And this is the power switch. So, you hold it… from here and… ooop!
[loud noise from machine] Whoa! [laughs] And it goes! [loud noise from machine] Let’s just figure out which way you go first. Okay. It sews this way. Okay, okay, ummm… the stitches came straight
out. Sooo… that’s cool. Not sure how we make that NOT happen. [Quietly]: Oh my god, what? Okay, I think I’ve got it mostly figured out. So I’m going to try and make a bow out of
this. Wish me luck! I wonder if this sews ’round corners. That would be a good thing. If it doesn’t sew around corners – pffflt. I give up on this. I’m so scared! Alright. … We got this. We can do it. Wait, I’m supposed to pull the thread to the
front… okay Take 2. Oh no, it’s skipping some stitches! [Machine makes loud noise that isn’t sewing
noise] Gasp! Come on, turn, please! So I’m trying to turn the fabric, and it’s
really getting bunched up and caught inside the machine… It’s not looking so good for you here – [Machine makes loud noise]
Ah! Oh! [laughs] Why am I so scared of this?! [Machine makes a small noise]
Stop! Okay. I managed to turn it, kinda – I should probably
be using pins to hold the fabric together. This is my bad. Oooh. All of the fabric is bunching up. Kay, now I’m going to try and do that “backstitching”. Needle, up. Pull out 3 inches of thread. Down, up… Pull fabric out… Oooh… Oh no, I’m pulling the stitches out! No no no no no! No no no no! Argh! Where’s – argh! All the stitches came out! Uhhhh! [Voiceover] Okay, so I gave this a real, honest try, and
I could just not get it to work. After about an hour of trying to get just
one single line of stitches sewn, I gave up. The main problem that I was having was that
I couldn’t figure out how to secure the stitches at the end of my line of stitches
– this is pretty important because that literally stops the thread from falling out right out
after you’ve sewn it in. The instructions were not much help either
– they were totally confusing, and even though I followed them to a tee, which involved
all this complicated tying of knots with your hands, it still didn’t work out. In addition, there was no apparent method
to holding the stitches into the fabric at the beginning of the stitch, either. Seriously how hard would it have been to put
in a backstitch function? This would save so much time and energy if
the machine had a simple backstitch to secure the stitches in place. And regardless of me not being able to secure
the stitches at the beginning and the end – it also skipped a significant number of
stitches while I was sewing. Now, it’s possible that I needed to fine-tune
the tension, but there weren’t really any instructions as to what the best tension even
looked like, and each tension that I used still ended up giving me skipped stitches. And so, this was the bow that I ended up with. Here’s my bow. I’ve been working on this for about an hour
at this point. None of these stitches have held up. They’ve all come unravelled under a small
amount of tension. The only place that the stitches have actually
held was the place that I hand-tied the stitches in. The rest of them have completely fallen out. Cool – so, my final remarks on my first impression
of using a handheld sewing machine… I hate it. I wasted about an hour of my life trying to
sew a simple couple of lines of stitches, and it didn’t work. Now, it’s possible that with enough time and
effort you could get good at using this, but the amount of time that you have to invest
into learning to use this is just SO much more than it is for a standard beginner’s
sewing machine. Like, an hour into it and I wasn’t even able
to figure out how to do a secure straight line of stitches. So it’s definitely not easier to use than
a standard sewing machine, definitely don’t buy it if you’re looking for an easy version
of sewing. Fun, Fast and Easy? M-more like, not fun, slow and… hard! YEAH. Take that Marybeth. Take that. So yeah, those are my initial thoughts on
the handheld sewing machine. I will give it another go, um if you guys
leave some helpful suggestions, maybe – ‘coz I think I’m doing something wrong! Let me know if you’ve ever used a handheld
sewing machine before and what brand you used, and if it worked for you – I’d really like
to know whether these are worth it at all, but from my first impressions – it is not. Thank you so much for watching this video
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Danny Hutson

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