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100 thoughts on “Trump supporter leaves CNN anchor speechless

  1. I hesitated to watch this video because I knew I was going to be baffled and worse but I did anyway because I wanted some drama. Today was very… well, quiet.

  2. I know for a goddamn fact the teacher never said that and they heard it from fellow classmates. She is literally proving the EXACT point they are making about children being easily influenced. She needs to go st-st-utter back to Oz with that bullshit.

  3. You know what. I am from Hong Kong. I'd still take democracy – even if it means debating with this waste of oxygen
    of a woman – over being ruled by the world's biggest fucker aka Xi Jinping

  4. The media brought this out to the public…Trump wasn’t President and guys talk is not a crime. Clinton was doing it as Prez, while married, in the White House. Neither was a crime.

  5. Whats wrong with all you Corrupted News Networks talking about the past you Hate President Donald J Trump you think and dream about him ans you got President Trump comingout mouth just like vomit and diarrhea.. You better clean that dirty mouth of yours

  6. Yes it does suck that he said what he did but it just shows that Hillary could lose to anyone, people dislike the woman, so don't put her forward as a candidate

  7. The Democrats can't handle the truth. They ALWAYS want to only look at things from one point of view and ignore their own wrong doings.

  8. Bill Clinton never brought up the subject of sex or the 'oral office'. Republicans did. Clinton deserved to be convicted of perjury and obstruction, but lying about Monica Lewinsky was ALL they could get him for after 4 years of investigation. Republicans have done more to embrace sexual perversion in politics, from 'oral office ' to "Pizza Gate" , than any other group. They do it because they know it titillates and grabs the attention of their not quite bright constituency.

  9. Trump never actually grabbed some woman by the pussy, he was talking about gold digging women saying they would even let you grab them by the pussy if they knew they were getting money

  10. I've been in construction for over 20 years… I've never heard a straight man talk about women in a sexual way. Real men don't do that.

  11. Oh people hate to hear the truth I am going to revote for trump again for 2020…… I have heard a preacher said trump was a chosen one to fix the problems strange cause she kinda mention the same thing

  12. Scary. This is the mentality of half the population. She used God to justify evil behavior as Christian's are good at doing. Not surprised she is from MO.

  13. In America speak well and loot the people. If a Democrat President Bill Clinton has "oral" $ex in White House it is OK. Locker Room talk is Bad.

  14. Cnn cannot stop talking anything trump
    Is there any other news?then you bring trump supporters on and try and ridicule them,you guys are off the rails with your one
    Way agenda,dont you get tired of same b.s.
    Every day,is this what you imagined when you took this job

  15. Those CNN "anchors" have alot of pressure on them . They could very easily lose their jobs if they lose control of the anti-Trump narrative . Jeff Zucker has personally made that clear to them .

  16. I'm guessing all the Trump supporters are embarrassed by this lady… "It's OK if Trump bragged about sexual assault, because Hillary is pro-choice."

  17. This is why I don’t watch CNN it’s the most depressing news channels you can watch that’s why most Americans are in deep depression because they watch news channels like them people like CNN were covering up for all the Clinton scandals but Americans are a lot smarter than most news journalist because they don’t even go out and get news anymore they just make it up kind a like how Hollywood makes up a movie makes you kind of wonder doesn’t

  18. Kinda the agenda for Trump supporters. Bunch of fucking crybabies who do one of 3 things when they're asked a question about something horrible Trump did and they CAN'T defend it.

    1. Deflect and switch to Hilary or Obama
    2. Scream, yell, cry, and curse
    3. Shoot a bunch of coloured people after writing a pro- Trump manifesto

  19. Look at the look on the gay guys face !
    Him: I would never say that about a woman !
    Also him in the locker room:
    They let you grab their cocks !
    Now, that is perfectly acceptable …..

  20. CNN and the rest of trump haters are a bunch of hypocrites. Who do you think you fooling? Everyone talks that way with their friends, especially man to man. Even female to female. Yes, even politicians….they are human too. If it's so horrible, maybe you should boycott Hollywood and their movies.

  21. CNN the CURRUPTABLES Faulse News Reports, Even Are BBC And the People in England can clearly see how Currupt your Faulse News is

  22. I hate to break this to miss Republican here don't bring god into this conversation he gonna tell you now like "I ain't got nothing to do with this one you on your own."

  23. I bet with you that people wanted Clinton not because she might be better and more suitable then Trump, but just because of women and femisim or equality….
    Honestly I once was in the left because I believe in respecting diffrent opinions, Paitence and acceptence have diffrenet opinions and all that, But The left left tolrence and acceptence and moved into complete irrational equality, I can't respect intolrence and hypocrecy….

  24. President Trump and VP Pence will win again for 2020…..Demoncrack-heads and Looney LibeRats have nothing…The USA Citizen's have had enough of these Racist Hateful Swamp Creatures and the Looney supporters…Drain the Swamp President Trump

  25. This is a far leftist vs. religious right conversation. A insane conversation between the two extreme polar opposites, and normal people, the non racists, the non sexists, non exstremeists are stuck in the middle of two conflicting insane ideologies.

    The mass majority of people, do not want either.
    And it is completely obscene that CNN entertains the far leftist, and acts like they are the righteous and normal unbiased news option.

    It is clear that CNN is ran by egomaniacs, and cares nothing of truth, or facts. Only their opinions.
    And that will be CNN's downfall. When you report opinions as news/facts, when you disregard the real truth for your own delusional truth.
    You will turn the public away.
    And that is what is happening.
    That is why CNN is failing.
    The far left's Woke movement, may be infestating the industries of America. But the successes are very few, while the failures are building quickly.
    You might think that controlling a narrative is a real power, but it's not.
    Lies may spread fast, but truth is the hammer that destroys them.
    If your delusional thoughts are built in lies, the dumb may fall for it, for a short while.

    It's funny the far left is called the far left because it is the leftist stance of half of the nation, and the far is implied because they are even further left than the standard left. Which indicates just how small of a fringe group they are, and how unacceptable their ideals are from the masses.
    This is a society that is built on the masses rule. How can the fringe group possibly control the masses?
    The federal government, the CIA has been trying to figure that one out for decades, longer than the entire far left has been alive.
    But a young and inexperienced generation think it can do, what the most powerful government on the planet can not do. And the have experimented on many people, they have spent a billion dollars and spent decades to accomplish very little.
    So what chances do a small, relatively poor group have in comparison.
    And why all these companies think the woke movement is a good direction to go with, is beyond me.
    But they invest millions into pandering, and supporting a movement, that does not have the numbers to be successful or returns of profits.
    They have infested Hollywood, they got a chance at Star Wars, and it failing. They got a chance at Star Trek, and it's failing. They got a chance at Dr. Who, Marvel movies, and comics, television shows and all are failing. Why? Because the masses like what they want. And this is the fundamental flaw in trying to control the masses. Corporate power comes from the masses choosing what they want, and losses that power when the freedom of choice is taken away from them. Because they are told, here is your only option. But the failure is on the corporations part, for failing to see, if the don't want the only option, the people can still choose not to buy it, to do without. That is always an option, that megalomaniacs can not see, kind of a blind spot.
    And a guarantee for failure.
    The woke movement and narrative is a guarantee failure.
    How can a movement of 8% of the population, ever be successful, when the masses will reject it.
    It's failure is 92% gaureanteed.
    To look at it logically, 8% is the same number of humans on Earth that are left handed. The world operates right handed, because almost the entire population is right handed. 8% is the left handed, and the leftist woke, in a right handed world. We the people will not bend a knee to a fringe group, when it is a failure by is guaranteed by design.
    It's a passing fade.
    They are insane, and pandering to them makes you insane.
    I did not vote for Trump, and I will never vote for anyone who panders to the insane ideals of the far left, and their racist, sexist, violent ideals. You may think that I have no other options, but I do, none of the above, or an independent. There is always another option.
    This insanity, will give rise to a New Party, a third party. And a choice will be forced on you, learn to compromise, or be out castes by the masses who will compromise.
    The far left's woke movement will do nothing but unite the masses against them, guaranteed failure.

  26. Hey look! Fake news! She had good points, the media is outraged by a pu$&y grabbing comment but is okay with murder🤦🏻‍♂️ liberals=disease. Trump 2020!!

  27. And this is exactly why the USA has a separation of Religion and State!!!….. The New Racism in America using the teachings of Jesus Christ to justify their acts/deeds and purity of the White Nationalist Movement in America.

  28. She is talkingabout the bad culture of our country and then she thinks trumpee would be a good leader. You know honey there is rumors about trumpee and abortion. I just hope it comes out before the next election. this idiot does know that trumpee was a dem for years and had a completely different view of abortion.

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