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100 thoughts on “Trading 101: How to Buy Stocks

  1. Is there any services to buy stocks? I live in Morocco and most services are not available in my country.

  2. Question #1 so $25 is given for a stock do i have to give more money every month or year.

    Question #2 do i lose my $25 if the stock fails,,, i wouldn’t mind

    Question #3 how much money would my $25 make in like a year would it be like 5 cents a year or hundreds or thousands if the stock 📈 goes up

    What dose a stock give me

  3. Hey! This is a great video! I am 13 and trying to learn stocks. However I have a question. On a Limit-Stop Order, will the broker only sell the share if the price is EXACTLY at your limit? Also if the price declines below the your limit, can you then sell it even though it will be a bad investment?

  4. Watched this guy a while back. Wanted to recover some of the basics. It took a bit to find him but nonetheless was worth it for his well put explanations over other trade experts. As always great work Clay

  5. So Stop-loss order is considered also as I want to sell the stock on this certain price?

    When my purchased stocks goes up on a certain value that I want… then i can set my Stop-loss Market order on the price I want to sell my stocks to make a profit?

  6. You forgot to mention that this tutorial is for short-term trading. You said that you're struggling to think on the top of your head of a situation where selling at a limit – long term trading is a great way to set a stop-loss limit.

  7. So if i place a limit order i only get the share if the price hits the price i was only willing to pay ?

  8. WTF I thought buying on stock market is like buying food wholesale at a stock market, and the item will be delivered to your house. I thought it works like an auction thing, where someone says: Huge dildo for sale for $50,then some girl buys it. But it is actually simpler than I thought it would be. Works like trading during the middle ages.

  9. I'm confused with limit order. If the price drops to my desired choice only after a week, would the share still be purchased? Or would the limit order be expired?

  10. Hi there, I never buy stock in my life. I want to start buying stocks but I do not understand, for instance, after I bought a stock I can sell it any time or there is a contract on long term or short term stock which I have to hold it until the contract is up? if I buy a long term stock and if I need money can I sell it when I need money or I have to wait??? thank you. please explain how it works!!!

  11. Must you have a broker? I feel like that’s a dumb question… What even is a broker? (Even more dumb question?)

  12. Thanks so much. I was brought up to believe trading was for the well educated rich not for the likes of me. The jargon was blowing my mind and I fels stupid not understanding how I could sell what I didn't own.? You are the first straight talking trader I have found I now am understanding a lot more now to find a good broker

  13. thank you so much…….what you explained I understood clearly. One of the best videos explaining how to buy stocks

  14. People that buy and sell stocks and shares are gamblers. Just like gamblers the bleat like f%&k when the value drops and they bleat they have lost money. TOUGH. Get treatment for your gambling addiction. Get off the GREED wagon

  15. Good video, but next time can you make a video about where you actually have to go to purchase the stocks in the first place, whether that be a certain website,app or physical location.

  16. Figured I'd do this on the side to help with college. This was pretty helpful. Thank you. Hopefully by age 22 I can move out of my dad's and get a start on my life working on computers while still doing stocks and trades on the side.

  17. Online Stock Trading was claimed to be "Merely the Time-Traveling Trading" done by others, possibly, "to cover up for their Financial "Appreciation" of Money".

  18. What are some of the legal things to know about taxation on dividend income while I am still dependent on parents for federal tax income? Do I get taxed another way, do they count under my parents taxes, or..?

  19. guys pls dont lose all your money trading if you dont really understand how these things work…you will end up losing your money…try to be guided..it is really painful…from experience

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  21. I'm really liking your content. I hardly understand a thing about the stock market but I want to try and get into it so I can learn about investing and handling my money. Hopefully studying economics and maths for A Levels next year will also help me with this.

  22. I opened my e*trade account today with the intention of investing on VIRGIN GALACTIC HOLDINGS INC COM (SPCE) for long term investment.

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