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34 thoughts on “Toram Online – New Dual Sword Build Lv195 Burst Damage Type All Out! [UPDATE]

  1. Hey, what is difference york stab 10%(atk for ds) ,demon mantle atk6% stab 4% ,(10% total) how is demon mantle better explain pls, or i misunderstanding something

  2. Lot of spelling mistakes but video was was good ty for sharing build^^ i would recommend you ww instead of bapho btw more aspd

  3. Can you make a video about the different kinds of tanks like 1hs tank, bowgun tank, knuckle tank and which is best against which boss?

  4. You can pause/slow down the video to read the text if it's too fast.
    Utk sahabat Indonesia ku /etseh/, sub Indo sudah tersedia bisa diaktifkan di captions seperti biasa, kalo text nya terlalu cepat bisa pause atau dilambatin aja ya videonya, UwU uWu makasih.

  5. Add bagusnya demon mantle apa full beard?

    Terus stability di DW/DS nambah damage apa gimana? Masih belum ngerti

    Ring bagus pakai dark talisman (power) apa muscle talisman V ?

  6. I miss playing toram ☹. Seeing arewzo's channel makes me wanna play. This channel is awesome and helpful . Keep it up ! ?

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