Top ten esl interview questions – ESL ONLINE INTERVIEW

Top ten esl interview questions – ESL ONLINE INTERVIEW

Hi, I’m Jema Perry and welcome to Mooncake. So you’ve scored yourself an ESL teaching
interview, well in todays video we are going to go through the top ten most asked ESL interview
questions.ESL teaching interviews can be intimidating, especially if you’re interviewing for the
first time. Most interviews are done online, over Skype
which brings about added worries such as how to look good on camera. Make sure you check out my video on how to
set up for your Skype interview. Then without further ado, lets get into answering
the top ten most asked ESL interview questions. Could you tell me a bit about yourself please. Sure thing, sure thing, so, yep, my name is
Jema I’m 34 years old, I’m from the UK. Um, in my spare time I like hanging out with
my friends maybe having a few drinky-poos. I love dogs, um…. I’m a pisces. In this question the interviewer is not so
interested in your answer but more you confidence, your enthusiasm and your passion. Talk about your education, where you grew
up and your past work experience. Well, my name is Jema, I’m 34 years old and
I’m from the UK. I started my career working in sport and leisure
management where I learned lots of skills surrounding organization and communication. But around seven years ago I decided I wanted
to make a big change and so I decided to move to China and I started my ESL teaching career. For the past seven years I’ve been working
in kindergarten and I have taught ages from three all the way up to six years old. Could you tell me, what are some . of your
strengths? Strengths, okay well, has to be I’m a very
friendly person. When answering this question try to avoid
limiting your answer to one or two sentences. List your strengths and expand upon that with
an example. Well my biggest strength has to be my attention
to detail, I really believe in planning and execution and in my previous roles I would
plan out my week and then review it as the week went on to make sure that I was completing
all task that I wanted to accomplish. Could you tell me some of your weaknesses
please? Weaknesses, well, I don’t have much patience,
I do get quite angry quite quickly. I suppose thats a bit of a weakness. It’s probably my biggest weakness. Of course we all have weaknesses, but you
want to try and highlight a weakness that could also be perceived as a strength. Well because I’m so detailed orientated sometimes
I try to accomplish everything at the same time and then I realize that there isn’t enough
time to get everything done. So because of this I do have to pay attention
to my time management and make sure that I prioritise my tasks. What do I know about the company? Which company was this again? By asking this question, the interviewer is
trying to find out how seriously you’re taking the interview. Having some basic knowledge about the company
can really impress, especially in the ESL job market. Well I know that you follow a teaching methodology
very similar to the Reggio Emilia philosophy which actually, is something that made me
want to apply. I also know that you have several campuses
across China meaning that you’re a large and well established company. How well do you handle change?Yep, I can handle
change, change is no problem. Never had a problem with change, change is
great, love change! change is brilliant it’s great, yeah, definitely, I can handle change,
no problem. Of course we are all going to want to answer
this question with a big, yes, I can handle change. But simply saying so isn’t enough. Expand upon your answer by giving an example
where you have had to deal with a big change in either your personal or work life. Well I think change can be challenging for
everyone and its definitely your attitude towards that change that will make the difference. In my previous role we had a change of principal
and that brought about a lot of changes as she had some ideas of how he would like to
run things and some curriculum changes she wanted implemented into the classroom. Now during that period, my colleagues and
I had to come together and work out the most productive way to implement those changes
into the classroom without affecting our teaching. It was definitely a challenging period but
definitely something I grew from. Why did you leave your last job? Well to be quite honest they didn’t pay me
very much and I know that I can get more money by coming here. And my boss was a bit of a dick, he kept making
me teach stuff that I didn’t really want to teach… Maybe you had a bad experience with your previous
employer or maybe you genuinely just want a higher salary. Both are good reasons to look for another
job but are not good answers to this question. Make sure that when talking about your previously
employer you talk positively and don’t talk about any ill feeling you might have. Well, I really enjoyed working at my previous
role and I learned lots of new things there. However, right now I’m looking for a company
in which I can continue growing, building upon those skills set and improving my teaching
ability. What teaching experience do you have? Well, well, I don’t have any experience per
se, um, I’ve never actually taught before, so this will be the first time that I’m teaching. Lots of people are interviewing to be an ESL
teacher for the first time. And just because you don’t have any classroom
experience doesn’t mean that you don’t have skills or qualities that are relevant to the
role. Be honest, but highlight the qualities that
you think will carry into the role and try to let your passion and enthusiasm for the
job shine through. Well, although I don’t have much experience
in the classroom I believe I have the qualities it takes to be a good teacher. Such as patience, dedication and a genuine
love for teaching. I’ve completed my TEFL certificate and I’ve
been researching different teaching techniques online such as TPR and chants to help get
me ready for the first day in the classroom. I’m a fast learner and I have a genuine passion
for teaching so i’ve no doubt that I would be a great addition to your team. Qualities of a good teacher? erm…. erm…. erm… be good looking? Take some time to think about this question
before the interview because if you can’t answer it means that you’ve not taken the
time to think about what it really takes to be a teacher. Well teachers are role models and especially
if working with younger children we can have a huge impact on individual lives. Because of this teachers need to be patient,
compassionate, and instill confidence in their students. Well, yeah, if I had a student that was misbehaving
I just, I’d get the assistant teacher to come over and deal with it. We have assistant teachers right? Yeah, I’d get the assistant teacher to come
over and deal with it. By asking this question the interviewer wants
to know that you have strategies in place to handle misbehaviours. Highlight that you have several different
strategies in place and that you would be willing to follow school procedure. Well I think at first I would try and see
what changes I could make to my lesson to engage that student. Secondly I would try and understand where
the behaviour is coming from. Are they bored because the English level is
too high or too low, or are they just distracted by the person next to them? So depending on that I would use a variety
of different strategies to try and engage them back into the class. Such as changing seats with someone else,
having them sit next to me, or just involving them more in the games and activities. So why do you want to come to China? Well, you know, I hear that that the pay is
really good there and that it’s easier to get a job than somewhere like Japan. So yeah, definitely thought China is for me. Moving countries is a huge decision and by
asking this question the interviewer wants to be sure that you’ve really thought it through. Well I think that China is a really interesting
country with a fascinating history. I think in the west we have quite a lot of
misconception about China and so I’m quite excited to come over and really find out what
it’s like for myself. So thats it, thats the top ten ESL interview
questions. I hope that they have been useful and that
they will help you answer questions in your interview. If you’re not sure how to get an interview,
make sure you check out my video on how to find a teaching job in China. That’s it for this video guys, thanks so much
for watching. Let me know in the comments below. What would you like to know about teaching
and living in China. Don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up,
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    1) Tell me a bit about yourself?
    2) Your strengths?
    3) Your weaknesses?
    4) What do you know about the company?
    5) How well do you handle change?
    6) Why did you leave your last job?
    7) What teaching experience do you have?
    8) Qualities of a good teacher?
    9) How do you manage misbehavior?
    10) Why do you want to come to this country?

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  11. Hey, thank you for this video! Been wanting to apply for online teaching but has been afraid what and how to deal with the interview. This definitely helped me boost my confidence. More power!

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