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Games are ranked by play score, a standard rating that averages gamer reviews and critic reviews. Opening our list of top 25 free offline android games is Banana Kong Prepare for a dizzying bout of jungle hijinx with this addicting endless runner game. Like the classic Donkey Kong series, you’ll be tasked to help the game’s titular primate get his daily dose of bananas. get his daily dose of bananas. Glide over treetops, swing from vine to vine, and dash through the sea with the help of your friendly animal companions. and dash through the sea with the help of your friendly animal companions. But, make sure to avoid those pesky obstacles or you might end up with your face on the ground. It has a PlayScore of 8.52 Traffic Rider From endless running to endless racing. For Traffic Rider, speed is the name of the
game–well not literally, of course. Higher speeds will score you higher points
as you zip through the highway, doing wheelies and playing Chicken with other drivers. There are also up to twenty motorcycles to
choose from, each with its own personality. Traffic Rider aims for realism. With its vivid graphics, lifelike sounds,
and first person view, it has an almost zen-like atmosphere despite its fast-paced gameplay. It has a PlayScore of 8.53 Rodeo Stampede – Sky Zoo Safari From the makers of Crossy Road, Yodo1Games
combines the simplicity of their last success with the fierce excitement of the Savannah. Tame the beasts of the wild with death-defying leapfrogs, and become the owner of your very own zoo. Earn enough coins and you’ll be able to
buy new habitats and features. The game currently has over 50 animals to
collect so make sure you get the rarest and the most unique ones to impress your patrons. It has a PlayScore of 8.54 Time Surfer The fate of the Universe is on the line, and
the only hope is Time Surfer and his power to go back in time! This gorgeous indie game takes you to a scenic
road trip through the boundaries of time and space Collect gems, fight aliens, and…eat…cake? With its slew of pop culture references, this
game doesn’t really take itself too seriously, but that only adds character to this scifi
adventure. It has a PlayScore of 8.56 Duet Spinning two dots around a circle sounds easy
until you play this game. Don’t let its simplistic graphics deceive
you. Underneath this deceptive facade lies a game
that will challenge your dexterity and patience. Combine that with its futuristic and hypnotic score and you have yourself a nerve-wracking delight. Its latest Encore update comes packed with
30 more immersive stages. It has a PlayScore of 8.56 Bardbarian In BardBarian, you follow Brad, a bard barbarian,
he fights terrifying monsters with his axe guitar to his and your heart’s content. While he doesn’t really do any fighting,
Brad inspires his summoned allies to defeat the baddies destroying their town. Take enough loot and you’ll unlock stronger
allies and shinier upgrades. Bardbarian combines the best of RPG with the
silliness of tower defense. It has a PlayScore of 8.56 Jetpack Joyride Halfbrick Studios crashes into the Android
hemisphere with Jetpack Joyride. Join Barry Steakfries as he tries to escape
his mundane life on…you guessed it, a jetpack. Use your skills to escort him through rocket
missiles and laser beams. But, not only do you have jetpack, you’ll
also have a whole arsenal of occasionally crazy but consistently awesome vehicles to try on. This is definitely not your regular joyride. It has a PlayScore of 8.57 Super Awesome Quest Super Awesome Quest is a puzzle RPG game that
lives up to its Super Awesome name. Embark on token-flipping adventures as Greg the Paladin, Val the Valkyrie, or Mag the Mage. Get matching tiles to unleash powerful attacks
on enemy sprites. Like any traditional RPG, you may have to grind a few levels to defeat increasingly difficult foes. But, with no annoying energy bars to worry about, you’ll have a hard time putting your phone down. It has a PlayScore of 8.59 Asphalt 8: Airborne Take a look at this racing game from Gameloft. Just look at it. With its stunning graphics and collection
of over 140 cars from all your favorite brands, Asphalt 8 is definitely one of the best racing
games in the market. It’s also loaded with content: 5 unique
game modes, more than 400 career events, and a whopping 1,500 car mastery challenges. Phew! Just make sure you have 1.8 gigabytes to spare. It has a PlayScore of 8.6 Bushido Bear Aside from their award-winning Alphabear, SpryFox LLC also found success with the action-packed Bushido Bear. You might have to think twice about calling
this bear cute when you see him hack and slash his foes with ease. Defend the forest well with high scoring combos, and you’ll unlock more ninja bears with unique abilities. It has a PlayScore of 8.62 Badland Delve into the dark and mysterious world of
Badland. Its single player campaign will have you shrinking, multiplying, and expanding as you solve the puzzles sprinkled around the game’s over 100 levels. You can also edit worlds to your liking or
play with friends through the game’s multiplayer and coop modes. Overall, it’s a creative yet puzzling adventure
game that’s totally deserving of its accolades. It has a PlayScore of 8.64 Lost in Harmony Here is a game with an innovative premise. A runner-slash-rhythm game? Whoda thunk it? Help the two star-crossed lovers attain their happily ever after, or guide the robot M.I.R.A.I in his efforts to escape his dreadful destiny. All that against a backdrop of beautiful music makes Lost in Harmony a moving masterpiece that will surely pull on your heartstrings. It has a PlayScore of 8.65 Mekorama Sometimes the best games are those that are
delightfully simple. In Mekorama, all you have to do is guide a
tiny robot through a series of mechanical puzzles. Like many games, you can also make your own
puzzles and levels through its diorama maker. It’s fun and relaxing. Plus, you won’t have to worry about any
annoying ads. You’ll have the choice to pay whatever you
want. If anything, that only makes me wanna support
it more! It has a PlayScore of 8.66 Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time Fans of the zombie-fighting flora will love
the games sequel. Your favorite zombies will get a new look, with costumes from around the world and back in time. You’ll have 11 new worlds to save, and a host
of new plants to choose from. Defeat dinosaurs and disco dancing ghouls,
and be the greatest zombie killing gardener of all time It has a PlayScore of 8.67 SMILE Inc. The journey to the top of the corporate ladder
is filled with surprises — both awesome and terrifying. Smile Inc. is a fun, little mobile game published
under the brand of famed YouTuber Roman Atwood. Your mission is to survive, for as long as
you can, the climb to the top… in an office filled with traps, dangerous machines and a lot more surprises. It comes with more than 50 missions, with
new ones added every day. It receives a PlayScore of 8.72. In 10th place is Alto’s Adventure. This is an endless runner game. Well, you’re not really running. You’re snowboarding across a procedurally-generated
terrain of snow-capped hills, ancient ruins, woodlands, wilderness and more. Alto’s Adventure is an entertaining diversion. It’s easy to pick-up. The visuals are pleasing. And shredding the slope of its beautiful serene landscape can quench that gaming itch in the middle of the day. A PlayScore of 8.75. LONEWOLF (17+) I know you don’t always listen to age-restrictions,
but you might have to listen this time. LONEWOLF is not your ordinary shooting game. It has realistic shooting mechanics and a
totally captivating story. You will have to take on contracts that will
make you question your own moral code. There are 20 weapons to unlock and 5 hours
of Story Mode with 30 missions to complete. Can you handle the pressure? It receives a PlayScore of 8.77. Cytus. It’s rare to see a game that blends music
and robots seamlessly. Cytus is one such game. It’s set in a distant future where the last
of mankind’s memories are stored in robots’ memories And music is the key to keeping human emotions
from fading away. Pretty deep..huh? It comes with more than 400 variations of
songs from various composers. Controls are simple and difficulty progression is on point. What’s more to ask? Let the tapping begin. It gets a PlayScore of 8.77. Blades of Brim The world of Brim is in peril as the invading
Army of Goons marches in. Raise your sword and defeat as many invaders
as you can! This is one of the finest endless runner ever
released on mobile. Graphics are pretty and detailed…. And slashing my way through dozens of Goons
while collecting treasure boxes, golds and power ups is pure fun. It receives a PlayScore of 8.78. Sixth in the ranking Burrito Bison: Launcha
Libre Kongregate’s classic webgame launches into Android. Join Burrito Bison and his new friends, on
their quest to take back his cookbook. Take on the sky and the land beneath with
rockets, balloons, and a giant underground worm. Squish rainbow gummy bears on the way to reach farther ground, and earn coins to upgrade your arsenal. Arrrrriba! It receives a PlayScore of 8.79. Number 5 is Super Cat Bros. 6 cats, each with unique skills. They’re all you need to explore a mysterious island. Pick the best cat for the challenge ahead
and complete more than 50 levels! Enjoyable platforming, eye-candy visuals and
responsive tap controls. Whether you like cats or not, there’s more
to this game than just meow. It’s one purr-fect platformer. A PlayScore of 8.79. Dan the Man From HalfBrick studios comes another exciting
action platformer that takes on the arcade’s retro roots. Pick from three HalfBrick heroes, Barry Steakfries,
and Dan the Man and his girlfriend Josie. Like a combination of Mario and Punch Quest,
this brawler will have you handing out uppercuts and serving metal meals in pixel perfect lands. Relive your childhood with this modern classic! As it receives a PlayScore of 8.81. Blendoku 2 Test your skills in a game that combines the ever popular Sudoku with the complexities of color. Arrange them according to their tint, hue,
and shade in over 500 levels. Don’t know much about color? No problem! The games intuitive mechanics will help unleash
your inner color master. In this sequel, you will be able to zoom in
and out, play with your friends, and color like your favorite artist in the new Paint mode. It has a PlayScore of 8.84 Kingdom Rush Another web classic makes its way on the list. Among the hundreds of tower defence apps on Android, nothing quite beats the polish of Kingdom Rush. With years of experience, Ironhide Studio
shows off with smooth animations, and balanced game mechanics that will reveal the tactician in you. Fight over 50 unique enemies with the champion
of your choice. Don’t forget to upgrade your towers! Choose from 8 specialized upgrades, and 18
cool tower abilities. It has a PlayScore of 8.85 Cut the Rope: Magic ZeptoLab takes Om Nom on a magical adventure
in their latest entry to the Cut the Rope series This time, feeding Om nom will be as easy
as taking candy from an Evil Wizard. Not very easy. Om nom has 6 new transformations that will
help you solve over 160 new puzzles. Fly to greater heights, squeak into holes,
and plunge into water–all to get that precious candy! It has a PlayScore of 8.87.

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