Top 10 Scary Internet Theories

Hello everyone what is happening! I’m your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back
to another video here at most amazing top 10. Dont we all love conspiracy theories? I think the first one i ever watched long
videos about actually the illuminati. My friend told me he had been watching conspiracy
videos about it so i decided to look into it and i was like WOW. i felt like i was dumb
and the world as i knew it was not how it seemed. But anyway illuminati aside there are way
too many conspiracy theories circulating on the internet so lets dig our teeth into them. Before i start my spiel make sure to check
out top 10 hindi videos as well guys, for more me and more cool content. Subtitled dont you worry. But without further ado this is the Top 10
Scary Internet Conspiracy Theories. Starting us off with number 10 is Madeleine
McCann (mada-lin macan). And honestly i remember the day she disappeared
i was in year 6 at the time and she was all over the news. If you dont know the case Madeleine was a
3 year old British girl who was on holiday in Portugal with her siblings, their parents
Kate and Gerry, and a group of family friends and their children. She and her siblings were sleeping while the
parents were out for dinner and the parents checked back and found her missing at 10pm. Now the parents adamantly back the story that
a man had kidnapped her and a man had been seen carrying a child towards the beach that
night. Shes been missing for nearly 12 years now
and people have theorised that she was actually killed the night she disappeared by none other
than her parents. Eyewitnesses around the hotel at the time
claimed they saw a man walking away with a rolled up carpet but the description fit Gerry
McCann quite well. Kate and Gerry had even admitted that sometimes
they gave the kids sleeping pills so they could go out. If that was the case what if that night Madeleine
accidentally ODd and it just spiralled from there and they had to cover it up. The parents have been under media scrutiny
for this reason for years. And you know what they say, theres no smoke
without fire. Coming in at number 9 is the murder of Isaac
Hayes. Hayes was a singer songwriter, producer and
voice actor. He was in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and
was also behind the hit song Soul Man. He was also best known for voicing Jerome
‘Chef’ McElroy on the cartoon series South Park. But Hayes was also a scientologist and without
getting too into it, the church of scientology does not take kindly to people who have anything
bad to say about it. The episode Trapped in the Closet aired on
November 16th 2005 and Hayes was not in it as Chef because the episode made fun of Scientology
and Tom Cruise a fellow scientologist and probably the most well known one. He then left the show altogether probably
because the church forced him to and he claimed the series treated religion as satirical and
that those beliefs are sacred to a lot of people. Even though the series had bashed many religions
throughout its 9 seasons before that but Hayes drew the line at Scientology. The episode was the first time the origin
myth of Scientology was told on prime time television and so then it was theorised that
the church of Scientology labelled him a suppressive person and murdered him in his home. In scientology a suppressive person is someone
who the church perceives as an enemy and someone who would hinder other people in the religion. Hayes was found dead in his home in August
2008. His body was found next to a still running
treadmill and the causes of death was never confirmed. At number 8 we have Time as we know it. You thought it was 2019? Think again its apparently actually 1722. The Phantom Time Hypothesis was a historical
conspiracy theory which stated that the Holy Roman Emperor Otto III, Byzantine Emperor
Constantine VII and Pope Sylvester II all worked together to fabricate the Anno Domini
dating system in order to put themselves in power in the special year of 1000AD. They achieved this by forging and altering
documents and physical evidence and according to the theory the whole Carolingian (caro-linge-ian)
period wasnt real and a phantom time of 297 yrs was added to the Early Middle Ages. So were the early middle ages made up? I love how these leaders literally changed
the calendar just because they wanted to be in power in a certain year. Filling our number 7 slot is Denver Airport. The airport opened back at the start of 1955
a whole 16 months behind schedule and it also cost a whopping 4.8 billion dollars which
is over 2 billion more than originally budgeted and its 35000 acres big. Conspiracy theories have been surrounding
the airport since its creation. People think theres a post apocalyptic bunker
underneath it that the worlds elite can flock to if anything happens. The decor of the airport itself is unusual
you could say. Theres a 32 ft blue devil horse sculpture
outside, many violent murals inside which show apocalyptic warfare and a one world government
that will take over. Theres a sculpture of a devil coming out of
a suitcase, and templar markings in every terminal. The airports dedication stone contains masonic
imagery and New World Order references. Like it doesnt say the State of Denver funded
it it just says the New World Airport Commission. An ex construction worker of the project actually
said the reason construction was so behind was because at least 5 multistory buildings
were built and then mysteriously buried underneath the airport. Him and other employees all stated there is
a very complex network of tunnels underneath the establishment. So with all that being said…. Whats the tea people? Now at number 6 are Psychedelics. May it be shrooms, LSD etc. Now if you dont know or havent guessed from
the name, psychedelic drugs have the primary function of created psychedelic experiences
in your mind hence changing your audio and visual senses and just altering your state
of consciousness overall. Some studies have found that these drugs actually
help people who are addicted to nicotine or alcohol and that they actually 100% physiologically
safe and you do not lead to addiction. Most of these drugs are illegal worldwide
despite people still doing them all the time anyway. The conspiracy theory comes from user wellfuckme123
who thinks psychedelics arent illegal because the government cares about us and wants the
best for our wellbeing and for us to not trip out on drugs. No no quite the contrary. Theyre illegal because they change the culturally
laid down models of behaviour we have, they change the way we process information and
they dissolve our opinion structures. Psychedelics open people up to the possibility
that everything we know is wrong and that can really make us question the government. Which is exactly what they want to prevent. Coming in at number 5 is the Roswell Coverup. Most people will know that in 1947 an apparent
UFO crashed in Roswell New Mexico. But thats not the story that was released. What was released was that an air force hot
air balloon had simply crashed on a ranch in Roswell but many believe that that was
just a government coverup. Many ufologists began saying that it was an
alien spacecraft that crash landed and the extraterrestrials aboard were recovered by
the military and the whole thing was hidden. Newmanthagreat on reddit theorised that it
was hidden because they knew there would be widespread manic. In 1938 Orson Welles did a radio broadcast
of a booke called War of the Worlds in which aliens come to earth and screw everything
up and people believed this and there was a lot of havoc. So if there was that much freaking out over
a radio broadcast they didnt even want to imagine the horror if people started finding
out a flying disc had crashed into earth. However by the 1990s the US military asid
the object was a nuclear test balloon from Project Mogul. But even still people werent convinced. At number 4 is the Mandela Effect. Have you ever been so sure about an event
but when you talk to a friend they have a completely different recollection of that
event yet both of you believe what you know to be true? Welcome to the Mandela Effect. The effect was coined by paranormal enthusiast
Fiona Broome who believed Nelson Mandela had died in prison in the 80s. She created the term when she found out that
she was one amongst many others who also thought Mandela had died. And it wasnt just because oh they hadnt heard
about him in a while he probably died in prison. Fiona vividly remembered media coverage of
Mandelas funeral in 2010 and riots in the aftermath. She realised groups of people remember history
differently to others, like someone remembered the protestor that defied the tanks at the
Tiananmen Square massacre was run over by them and thats what they were taught in school
whereas footage shows the tank stopping. So according to this conspiracy theory these
memories are accounted for by time travellers who have changed history and thus have created
alternate realities. Some of us have moved between those realities
so we remember stuff that has been written out of our timeline. The biggest example is the childrens booked
The Berenstein Bears, half the people believe it was always spelt stein and others are adamant
it was always stein with an a. I mean was the spelling changed for whatever
reason in one timeline? Who knows. Filling our number 3 slot is JFKs assassination. Even before scripting this video i just new
some american president was gonna be on the list and here he is. People have been speculating for decades that
JFKs assassination was a planned conspiracy. According to a survey done in 2013 51% of
americans believe it was conspiracy. Thats more than half the public. Thats a high freakin number so lets find out
why. Many eyewitnesses of the assassination claim
they were intimated by the Warren Commission, Jean Hill said she was humiliated and discredited
and abused by secret service agents and received death threats. She said Warren Commission interviewers kept
cutting any comments that implied Lee Harvey Oswald hadnt acted alone when he shot JFK.
on top of that many witnesses mysteriously just died. 103 people died and all the deaths were groups
around investigations carried out by the Warren Commission. Peoples testimonies were ignored if they didnt
fit the original story and anyone who captured the assassination on camera had them confiscated. Author David Lifton even presented the thesis
that JFKs body had been tampered with between the hospital and the autopsy site. Evidence was fabricated, documents were withheld,
many people think Oswald was hired by the KGB or CIA to assassinate JFK. the real truth
is yet to be found. Now at number 2 is Hitler. Yes everybody hates the man for good reason
and we all know that. Everyone also knows that he committed suicide
along with his wife in 1945 and that his adjutant entered his study and found both bodies. That was the story that was what was believed. BUT deaths have been faked before and if theres
anything youve learnt from this video by now its that you shouldnt always believe the government. According to redditor mischief1989 and many
others, Hitler actually didnt die he escaped to Argentina. I mean Argentina isnt that random a lot of
nazis fled and relocated to Argentina and apparently there were many tunnels in his
house leading him directly to a get away airfield. All of Hitlers most precious possessions were
found hidden away in a family home in Argentina. The country also had a lot of towns that supported
him, there were even schools teaching Arian youth. And by the time he apparently committed suicide
the German military sitaution was basically on the verge of total collapse so he really
didnt have much to lose at that point. So if he had a chance of escaping and surviving
and being protected anywhere, it wouldve been Argentina. And finally at number 1 is The Titanic. Did your heart go on cause mine certainly
didnt after Rose snaked Jack and let him go. According to this theory it wasnt the Titanic
that sank on that ill fated day on the 15th of April 1912, it was actually the RMS Olympic. Lets backtrack. The White Star Line shipping company made
a trio of olympic class liners, the titanic, the olympic and the britannic. Now these 3 ships looked very similar, if
you see a picture of the titanic and the olympic side by side unless youre nit picking they
look identical. September 20th 1911 the Olympic collided with
another ship, and it had to be taken out of service and repaired. This meant the titanics journey had to be
delayed a month which is something White Star Line couldnt afford, they had bills to pay
and they also had to repair the olympic so they had to come up with some sort of plan
to claim the money they lost. They decided to switch the Titanic with the
Olympic and sink it to claim insurance compensation. No one knew about the switch except the employees
and the 4 men in charge, J Bruce Ismay, Lord Pirrie, JP MOrgan and Thomas Andrews. The Olympic underwent renovations to look
exactly like the titanic, carpeting was put on the floorboard so people wouldnt be suspicious
as to why a never before travelled ship had footprints and stains on its boards. However there was one notable difference. The portholes on the C deck. When the titanic was being made it had 14
evenly spaced portholes but when it set out on its journey it had 16 unevenly spaced ones. On top of that many employees have come out
and said they were told they couldnt tell anyone about the swap otherwise they would
be put in jail for 20 years and this would be the last job they ever did. If that doesnt convince you, maybe this will. The 4 owners were all magically unable to
take part in the journey. JP Morgan cancelled because he was sick but
was spotted 2 days later completely fine and he even took 7 of his bronze statues off the
ship before it left. J Bruce Ismay cancelled because his wife was
sick they were also spotted completely fine. Another ship the SS Californian had no passengers
on it when it left London it just had a bunch of blankets and warm clothes for the TItanic
passengers. But the captain forgot to get his wireless
chart hence it never got to the Titanic but it did set out to save people on the ship. Theres alot more to this theory but this is
the main meat of it. I didnt want to shorten it because i was like
no they need all the info. And guys thats it for todays video! I know this one was mega long, but thank you
if you stuck with me till the end! Let me know which conspiracy theories you
knew of before or which ones you disagree with and think nah thats complete nonsense. As always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill
see you next time! Byee.

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