Tips on buying a Plane ticket

Tips on buying a Plane ticket

hello and welcome to hindsight 101 when you’ll learn about things that will help you in everyday life now before you book a plane ticket here are 10 things that you need to know number one sign up for tsa pre with TSA pretty is it’s a background check that signs off on everything for you before you get to the airport to make things a lot quicker for you because when you get to the airport times can vary at what time you have to be there to get through security but if you have tsa pre the times are more consistent so you know how much time you need to get to the airport to get through security now tsa pretty will also make your travel that much more flexible especially with delays and cancellation for example say you just find out once you get to the airport your flight has been delayed well now the agent has more flexibility to put you on a different flight because all your information is in there and good to go so you won’t have to wait as long as maybe somebody else without tsa pretty now you can register for tsa pretty at any airport or you can initiate the process online to schedule in-person interview also with the in-person interview you’ll have a background check and fingerprinting and this is done it an enrollment center number two now the TSA pretty is out of the way let’s go to the airline website and sign up for one of their accounts the reason why you want to do this is because it will link your ticket to that account so if anything happens they can notify you a lot quicker because they already have your information in the system also if any changes or anything needs to be made all your information is there so it makes it a lot quicker for you to get things done number three now that you have your ticket make sure you go online at least 24 hours in advance and check in once you check in you can print your boarding pass at home or you can wait to get the airport and do it at one of their kiosk number for it might be small but it’s important make sure you select your seat while booking your ticket you never want the airport picking your seat for you because you never know who else it you next to or wedge in between you might get the most uncomfortable seat ever so at least you’ll have a little saying it number five you’re on your way to the airport and you’re going to need to check in and you may need to check a bag so make sure you get there at least 45 minutes in advance now this does vary between airports so make sure you know ahead of time what time you need to be there so have no issues now that we have all that out of the way let’s talk about packing and how that affects any connecting flights number six try to pack a small carry-on bag and a book bag or purse this will help because you won’t have to check any luggage and especially if you have to switch to a different flight you could just take your luggage with you instead of them having to transfer it to the new flight also little tip make sure you roll your clothes and set up folding them that’s how you can fit more into certain such a small space i learned that in the military the best thing about not having to check in luggage is you get to avoid fees you have to wait at the counter and you have to go to baggage claim side note if you end up checking luggage make sure you get a service that can track your luggage in case it’s lost for example my stuff lost-and-found com is a service you can use I’ve never used them so I’m not recommending them but as an example i’ll put the link down below and basically what they are they’ll give you a tag that has a website and all your information on it so if someone finds it they can go to that website enter their information in so you can call them email them or an address where they where you can find your luggage it’s a pretty good deal number seven check luggage will always make your flight easier one just you always have your stuff with you so you never have to know where anything is but also there’s a delay or cancellation it’s a lot easier for the agent to transfer just you and not have to transfer you and your luggage ok we’re almost done number eight this may seem a little odd but make sure you pack warm clothes especially in the summer it may be 90 degrees outside but sometimes on those planes it feels like it’s 40 below and you’re freezing so you want to make sure you have a long sleeve maybe some sweatpants a blanket a lot of times the airline’s won’t have a blanket available so this will just make sure you’re safe guarded and you stay warm number nine make sure you bring an empty water bottle because once you get past security you can feel that water bottle up and keep it with you while you’re on the plane and you have free water instead of pain the overprice water at the airport and lastly number 10 make sure you have a sleeping mass especially on a red-eye flight because a lot of those flights overnight and they have TV screens but people will leave on all night with that bright screen blaring your face or people like to read and they leave that light on and just not the most comfortable setting for you to go to sleep in so the mask will always help out a lot and you know noise-canceling headphones and earplugs may not be a bad idea either that’s it we covered all 10 and there’s anything i missed make sure you put it in the comments below and as always if you liked this video please give me a thumbs up if you didn’t give me a thumbs down and let me know why take care

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