TIME ATTACK Episode 1 – Phantasy Star Online

TIME ATTACK Episode 1 – Phantasy Star Online

(Radical music plays) Speedrunner. Yes sir? I’ve got a Hot Pocket in the oven, and I want a hot game in my oven What can we beat before the timer’s done? Phantasy Star Online is on your list. FANCY STAR that sounds expensive! Alright, let’s play! My mission is to find Red Ring Rico. We enter the Forest. Kill the dragon. Descend through the caves. Eliminate Dr. Osto’s experiment. Enter the Mines. And blow up the computer terminal to gain access to the Ancient Alien Ruins. Sir, I’m noticing irregular bandwidth fluctuations are you downloading anything? Of course not! Do you know what piracy does to the entertainment industry? I require a stable connection if I am to defeat the final boss. Yeah cool your CPU. I was just downloading something for a friend. How’s that? Oh this is nice. This is not nice. Ah! Well, the Ruins was actually a derelict alien space ship. Ahh, what a twist! And Red Ring Rico is totally dead. Rest In Pepperonis. Hold the pizza! You’re not done yet and neither is my Hot Pocket. Shall I beat Episode 2 sir? Yes quick! We only have 20 seconds until my Hot Pocket’s done! Gasp. (Awesome montage music) I’M READY. I have to beat these 3 islands to unlock the Seabed Lab so I can kill another experiment gone wrong. And that’s game. (Microwave beeps) Ah, a great game before a great meal! What game shall we speedrun next sir? Hmmmmmm, that is a good question Speedrunner, what game should we speedrun next?

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “TIME ATTACK Episode 1 – Phantasy Star Online

  1. Limewire? That's quite modern. I would have expected KaZaA or Bearshare… But I digress! Props on the 2 recent uploads. Top-shelf as always sir. 👌💯

  2. This looks fun and promising! what about the entire Donkey Kong Country trilogy? Speedrunner can dress up as three different Kongs!

  3. …I just realized that you have a robot playing as a Force. Which is impossible in the original Phantasy Star Online, though admittedly possible as of Phantasy Star Universe.

  4. amazing job! I love the live-action mixed with cartoons! You should try doing more of it! Also, the live action scene looked really cool, it reminds me of old "totally rad" game commercials!

  5. As a joke, play Phantasy Star Universe online: Load up the game and end immediately at the screen telling you the servers offline.

  6. This was good and I really want you to improve on this so I have to say, Speedrunner's voice should be a little clearer. I got lost a couple of times because I couldn't understand what he was saying.

  7. A little advice, the robots voice could get some impriovements. If the whole show is resting on his delivery, maybe try going with a less grindy, boring voice.

  8. For a second, i thought this was in the series hans van harken and el cid were doing a while back. I love it as is though. Love to see more. And in terms of another game…hmm, how about something snes-ish, maybe buster bustin' loose?

    Oh yeah, totes needs a behind the scenes on the set building and stuff.

  9. Nice video :Dnb : Hey ! I want to do an animated short-film , can you give me the name of your App's ? (wich do you use for do your animation , like Monster Hunter)

  10. No way you can Speedrun PSO with a Fomar. You'd have to travel back to town 100+ times to stock up on Monofluids, Difluids and Trifluids XD

  11. Shame on YouTube for not giving me a notification about when this new-ish series popped up. This is beautiful in all aspects from the production value, the beautiful artwork, and the computerized companion.

    Seriously glad to see there's been episodes and I hope more and more come soon.

  12. 1:28
    Okay, let's find all of the references.
    I can see Ness, Pikmin, and a Poptart at the bottom left. Bomberman, Mega Man and a Tetris block at the top. TF2 and Undertale characters to the right, and Banjo-Kazooie and Batman at the bottom right. There may have been some I missed.

  13. You own alot of games, nice power flowe, and is……No, you have the Virtual Boy? Wow, you must be a collector!

  14. hey iam abit late here, but as a pso fan. cmon you cant just drop my falz boys and skip the final forms!

  15. The HUcaseal using all her monomates, ah memories. De Rol Le is actually one of my favorite bosses from that game, mostly on account of that great battle theme.

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