Tim Staples: Open Forum – Catholic Answers Live – 04/09/19

Tim Staples: Open Forum – Catholic Answers Live – 04/09/19

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both hours Tim staples will be our guest Tim as director of apologetics and
evangelization here at Catholic Answers the author of behold your mother
biblical and historical defense of the Marian doctrines and this will be your
third hour in front of a microphone with me today Tim because we did some
recording earlier you gonna be all right yes I think I’m gonna make it and we’re
gonna go for four aren’t we yeah we’re gonna go for four yeah going for four
hours together and by the way folks you need to tune in on Good Friday because I
think the two hours we did today yeah that are gonna be aired on Good Friday
we’re really good psy was rockin it yeah well it’s I have the easy job of course
I just ask whatever occurs to me but you know we do the right ones and we did an
hour a couple hours one of them is on Mary in and her participation in the
Passion of the Lord yes I was impressed that you were so
prepared for that did you seem you seem to know a lot about this Mary character
a little bit I are number eight at eight three one eight excuse me eight at eight
three one eight seven eight eight four again Tim staples our guest and lots of
folks already on the line although I see two lines open if you want to dial
triple eight thirty one truth any question at all is welcome about the
Catholic faith whether it’s from from the from the very biblical roots of the
Catholic faith all the way up to any modern concerns you might have about the
faith whether you’re Catholic or not you’re welcome to call eight at eight
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Tim let’s do it Christopher and South Bend Indiana listening hey I’ve been
hearing about your mayor there in South Bend Indiana Christopher is listening on
the Catholic Answers live app thanks for downloading the app Christopher under
your phone your question for Tim and it looks like there’s something up with the
phones I apologize no that’s all right we’ll see if we can
Christopher are you there hello is this Christopher yes sorry I got hung up on
you guys oh man that’s a five dollar charge that’s okay just stay on the line
we’ll get your credit card number after your question for Tim what’s on your
mind it’s good to good to talk to you guys okay Tim is it okay for a Catholic
like myself to attend a non Catholic memorial service at a Catholic pavilion
does that make sense sure sure yeah there there’s no problem
what is the memorial service for it’s for a friend of mine who’s not Catholic
her mom passed she’s not Catholic yeah they’re gonna have the remains cremated
a Catholic friend of hers said that they could have a service of some kind of the
pavilion at a local Catholic Church it sounded kind of weird to me yeah well no
that’s okay there’s nothing wrong with attending a memorial service
even if it’s for non Catholics memorial service in in general you know that
that’s a time of mourning where people are getting together to remember the
someone’s life so that is certainly something that can be very good for you
to attend okay Christopher okay very good god bless you for supporting your
friend I said I heard of his mayor because the mayor of South Bend mayor
Pete they call him is one of the I don’t know 800 people running for the
Democratic nomination he’s getting some air time it’s it’s it’s funny though
because they all have to say something absolutely crazy to get recognized you
got there jumping up and down recognize me I’m crazier than that one you know
yeah welcome to modern America politics we got time before I have to go to a
break for another call let’s go to Ryan in Washington watching on YouTube live
Ryan your question for Tim staples hi Tim yes I know
asked a similar question about this in the past we don’t difficult I don’t
typically discuss any form of politics online on the air but just curious with
regards to my faith I have exercised some critical thinking and I’ve looked
at all the political parties and they do not fit and and none of them are really
suitable fully according to our Catholic tradition and faith so oftentimes
wondered to myself I’m a little confused here what should I do what would Jesus
do yeah well I I believe my friend we need
to form our consciences in accordance with Catholic teaching and I think toss
out an idea for you this guy Pope Saint John Paul the great he’s pretty good he
gives us some great principles for example in his encyclical the gospel of
life especially paragraph 73 he talks about the importance of the law of
course it’s the gospel of life that’s what he’s focusing on in that encyclical
letter but he tells us that not only do politicians have an obligation to vote
in accordance with the moral law law and most especially he’s zeroing in on the
life issues here but we as Catholics also especially being in a situation
where we have a principle of redress as you know in our country we can vote
politicians have an obligation to vote for life and we have an obligation to
vote for those who also vote for life I would also toss out Crysta Fidelis
alayhi G paragraph 38 where st. John Paul brings out a whole litany of Rights
that human beings possessed simply because of the fact that they’re human
beings our right to education the right to healthcare right to a roof over their
head food drink and and more and if you want it’s not an exhaustive list list
you can go to gaudium it’s PA’s paragraph 26 in the doctrines of vatican
tune it gives you more and that too is not an exhaustive list but john paul
then our use that if the life the right to life
is not defended to the utmost then all these other rights are mere illusions
and that’s something to consider as well and Ryan from what I read of Magisterial
teaching there is no issue more important than the life issue now we
have obviously in this day and age now I think the voting lines are becoming all
the more clear in that not only do you have candidates that are vocally
pro-abortion now but now they’re coming out in favor of infanticide what
everyone acknowledges I mean anybody that has a brain that’s working
acknowledges is infanticide all the way up to during birth and now we have some
examples of even after birth infanticide which I would have thought just you know
20 30 years ago that will never happen in our lifetime well welcome here we are
I mean this is something to leave the baby comfortable yeah until they kill it
right kill him or her and then you also have now euthanasia you have physician
assisted suicide now legalized in seven states and more
and more now politicians are having to take stands on these matters and so we
can look into their lives and see where do they stand here as well as well as
homosexual so-called marriage that is not marriage embryonic stem cell
research and now we have the transgender debacle and and more but my brother I do
not see how anyone can make the argument though that we could vote for someone
knowingly who who is knowingly an openly pro-abortion especially now at a time
where we have like I said the lines of demarcation I mean you look at I’ll use
President Trump as an example he happens to be our president now we’ve never had
such a pro-life president as we do right now
he’s put to very good Supreme Court justices on the bench we have a real
possibility as a result of that and if we get one or two more Supreme Court
justices overturning roe v wade and saving untold even though that would
send it back to the states the numbers of saved lives would be astronomical
when you consider 60 million babies have been slaughtered
I really believe my friend that we need to galvanize as Catholics as Christians
as men and women of goodwill around the life issues that are becoming so
galvanized it’s so now you know the the line of delineation or the lines are so
clear today we should be I believe in one voice challenging each other
challenging through the airwaves every way we can to do not forget the babies
in this next election because now we really have an opportunity to make a
difference by voting for pro-life candidates and that’s not just president
but we should at every level of government be looking into whether it’s
governorships the House of Representatives the Senate the local
level as well state levels we need to look because remember when you’re voting
for the local level I don’t care who it is if they’re pro-abortion I believe
Ryan that if someone I’m gonna quote my good friend father Frank Pavone here I
love this line from father Frank who says any politician who does not know
the difference between serving the public and killing the public yeah
should not be elected to anything I don’t care what it is
why because once you elect somebody even if it’s some low level position you say
is not related that can be the first rung on the ladder moving upward folks
if people can’t make this distinction they should not be in office period
that’s the bottom line and it’s time for Catholics and Christians to stand up for
this I believe that does that help at all Ryan yes it does that helps a lot
thank you all right god bless you thank you it’s funny I was up in San Francisco
last week and I talk to you from San Francisco we
did the show but there my host was a woman who I won’t name cuz I didn’t ask
her for permission to name her but she was talking about how all these people
that we see in California now are the big pro-abortion leaders of this state
she said that there were people pro-life people who said stop them at when they
were running for City Council all the way and people were like they’re never
gonna what’s the what does it matter at that level she and she named some
big-time names like I could have stopped him that’s a little we didn’t absolutely
let’s take a quick break we’ll be right back with more open forum with Tim
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forum today on Catholic Answers live Tim staples our guest both ours and Ron in
Birmingham Alabama watching on YouTube live you are up next
Ron your question for Tim hi Tim thank you guys for taking my question yes I
wanted to get him right now I’m having a debate with a Protestant on the validity
of the Apocrypha and there were several arguments that he came up with that were
really effective and I wanted to run them by Tim and see if he could help me
with them sure fire away yes there just a to the
first is he says that the Catholic Church is hypocritical because we accept
the Greek Septuagint but we reject three of the books third and fourth Ezra’s and
the prayer of Manasseh uh-huh and then the second objection was that the
Apocrypha written in a 400-year period where there is no divine revelation so
if you could answer those two questions that we really helpful Narayan sure I’ll
go with the latter first it’s interesting brother that that old line
of the 400 years when there was no revelation is nowhere to be found in
Scripture that is simply not true in fact what we find in the New Testament
is the prophets are clearly stated as being up until John right when we read
about their many great prophets up until John but never has there been a greater
than John right so the the age of the prophets goes all the way up to John the
Baptist who is the greatest and final prophet because he announces the coming
of the Lord so that whole argument of the four
hundred years is wrong on just on its face but then you also have the problem
of many scripture scholars acknowledge that second Chronicles does not end like
a lot of people argue at 400 BC but it actually goes into that age of the four
hundred years and so there you have inspired Scripture having been written
past that line of demarcation there are 400 BC so that’s a completely arbitrary
number that we don’t accept and it’s certainly not biblical now the first of
your questions I’ve forgotten what was that thing a wide um Catholic oh this up
to it’s been for that gotcha and the prayer of Manasa right and that’s a
great question now we do give a lot of weight as did many of the Church Fathers
to the Septuagint because of the fact that that is the closest thing you get
to a Canon remember there was no formal Canon in the Old Testament you know no
infallible Canon that would not happen for the Jewish people until long after
Christ and of course they had lost their authority by that time anyway and so you
generally had the Canon of the of the Pharisees you had the Canon of the
Sadducees which was only five books and some other individual sects who had
their their cannons however what we find in Scripture is the Septuagint was
clearly the sort of the Bible of the Old Testament I’ll get to your question in a
moment and the reason is of the 300 quotes roughly that you find quoted
quoting the Old Testament in the New Testament
over 250 of them come from the Septuagint and so a lot of weight is
given there however that doesn’t mean that we have to accept the entire
Septuagint as if it was the Canon because as I said
it was never canonized as such it gives you a good indication because as you
know the Septuagint was you know a gathering of Jewish scholars and it was
Trent translated over a period of roughly about a hundred and fifty years
I know there’s the tradition of there being 70 Jews and they all went away and
translated and they came back but that’s pretty much not accepted today as a real
happening it’s more of a sort of a legend of sorts but it was translated
over about a period of 250 BC roughly to 100 BC but that wasn’t the Canon so the
Canon would be determined after the time of Christ by the church that Jesus
Christ established and I think this is the key to understanding the Canon
everything revolves around Jesus Christ the Canon leading up yeah we have a
general sense of what the Canon was we have biblical text where the Canon or
biblical books are quoted as Scripture and we can hang our hats on those we
have books of the you you mentioned by the way Apocrypha we don’t call it
Apocrypha we call it the deuterocanonical books but you have
references like Jesus himself when he gave us a golden rule in Matthew chapter
7 verse 12 he’s quoting almost verbatim from the book of Tobit chapter 4 right
around verse 15 do unto others as you would not as you would have them do unto
you the only difference is he turns around makes that a positive in Tobit we
see do not unto others which you would not have them doing to you
there are numerous examples in the New Testament of referencing back to the
deuterocanonical books another one is is hebrews chapter 11 verse 35 which refers
back to second Maccabees and there are many more that I could cite here so we
we have evidence like that for both the the Canon that Protestants accept and
the canons that we accept but the key criteria or the key criterion in the
early church was how were these books used in the
liturgy in the early centuries by Christians was it accepted by the
bishops was it used liturgically and we find all over the world the
church is using these books that we hold to be canonical today and then over time
the bishops were ferreting out not just from the Old Testament
apocryphal now again apocryphal means questionable writings these are the ones
that would be ferreted out and then the deuterocanonical books were those books
that were accepted that is like and by the way deutero canon a lot of times
people have this negative connotation we had a dude Errol can we have do Toronto
call let’s try that again we have deuterocanonical books in the
New Testament as well books like Hebrews and 2nd Peter and 2nd 3rd John and
revelation these were not accepted by some of the church fathers so they would
become you know termed as deuterocanonical why because they were
recognized somewhat later not that they somehow became inspired they were
inspired from the time they were written but the church and recognizing them and
so you know then you also have the criteria of checking their orthodoxy
checking are they authentic are they written by whom they claim to be written
were they written by inspired persons and so the church took all of these
things into consideration the churches were using these books and then finally
it would be Pope Damasus in 382 ad that would kind of separate the wheat from
the chaff and held a local Senate when there was issues and issues began to
arise in the church in the 4th century we see Eusebius of Caesarea for example
in 350 AD he writes his famous ecclesiastical history and he calls into
question the book of Revelation 2nd 3rd John 2nd Peter I think James but I know
Hebrews the and so this gives you a sense of hey there were bishops in the
church who weren’t accepting these they were generally read in liturgies and
such but some bishops were not then you had some churches that were
accepting books like the Shepherd of hermas or Clements a letter to the
Corinthians and a few other books working considered to be inspired so a
large number were considered but our Holy Father Pope Damasus kind of put you
know even though he didn’t declare it infallibly because it was a local synod
there in Rome it pretty much settled the issue on the ordinary Magisterial letter
for level for a thousand years a thousand years later issues would arise
again and the church would deal with it at the councils of Florence and then
finally at Trent it would be hammered infallibly but ultimately everything
gets back to Jesus Christ and his authority he is the one who has the
authority we all acknowledge to declare what books are right to be considered
scriptural and what are not now Jesus didn’t give us a canon
he didn’t say these are the 27 books in the New Testament but we all acknowledge
he had the authority to do so well he gave authority to his church to do
exactly that in Matthew 18 15 through 18 Matthew 16
18 and 19 so many other verses we could look at but we’ll just look at the one
where Jesus said if your brother offense against thee go tell him his fault
between you and him alone if he hears you’ve gained your brother if he doesn’t
hear you take one or two with you the mouth of two or three witnesses every
word may be established if he will not even hear them now that’s exactly what
you do when you have an issue on the Canon which books are to be considered
canonical we had disagreements what do you do well you try to settle it on the
local level and a lot of times you had it local level the bishop here says this
is the canon this is what we’re allowing to be read in the liturgies and
everything’s fine but when you have other diocese in other parts of the
world that do something different eventually what happens now remember the
specific Canon of Scripture was not the end-all be-all as it is today in
Protestantism and this is what people say why did it take four hundred years
well because the church was moving along swimmingly without a Canon yeah because
we have the Magisterium we have the we have the sacraments we have the
liturgy we have the fullness of the truth we were dealing with issues like
the divinity of Christ and the Trinity those were the issues that were
threatening to tear the church apart in the church dealt with it but when the
Canon became an issue that’s when the church dealt with it and that’s when
Pope Damasus dealt with it as I said and then later we have the church dealing
with it infallibly so it all gets down to always Jesus Christ and the fact that
he gave his authority to the church and so to finish off that verse there in
Matthew 18 when when one bishop couldn’t settle it with another you take one or
two you even have some local sentence and such and we still can’t agree you
have Athanasius in 367 a powerful patriarch and his festal letters who
gives us a cannon but it wasn’t the right one yeah you know it’s not the
body that’s right it we still didn’t have so what do we do finally the issue
goes to Rome and the Pope settles it and again not infallibly but the church was
late and that’s another important point because when the Pope speaks on it it’s
basically oh okay that’s it yeah and for a thousand years it was taken care of
even though it wasn’t infallible I wish people would take note of that today
that that’s not just infallible teaching that we’re bound to believe and obey it
just with religious assent instead of defying faith but at any rate that
should get you started my brother I would recommend by the way Gary makuta
has a great book why are Catholic Bibles big rooms an
excellent book thank you very much Ron it is open forum on Catholic Answers
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on tomorrow’s take two with Jerry and Debbie now let’s get back to more of
Catholic Answers live welcome acts Cathy answers live open
forum Tim staples our guests both hours any question at all welcome about the
Catholic faith whether you’re Catholic or not whether you’re Christian or not
probably we will limit it to humans are you willing to take questions from
nonhumans likes a Bigfoot calls yeah we’ll take big foul right we’ll take
Bigfoot on Facebook I’ve been instructed to take the following question from
Facebook and I have to follow this instruction do you know why I think so
all right why is it a week well I guess I should probably say it’s because
valerie staples told me I have to do this question why is it okay for this
from Laura on Facebook why is it okay for a Saints body and bones to be
separated as is the case of Saint Catherine of Siena’s severed head I
think it’s telling oh she’s she gives to as this um the this is the Catechism
yeah so catechism 20 320 301 paragraphs right I think it’s telling us not to
separate the body can you explain this practice thank you well yeah great
question honey well actually the Catechism here says the bodies of the
dead must be treated with respect and charity and faith and hope of the
Resurrection it emphasizes the burial the Dead is a corporal work of mercy it
honors the children of God who are temples of the Holy Spirit and then it
also says that autopsies can be morally permitted for legal legal inquests or
scientific research the free gift of organs after death is legitimate and can
be meritorious the church also permits cremation provided that it does not
demonstrate a denial of faith in the resurrection of the body and I think
that’s the key is you’ll notice here that the church now permits cremation
whereas before we did not and why is that well because in the Middle Ages
there was and for the first thousand years well over a thousand years of
church history we had gnostic sects that disdained the body and cremated bodies
out of the you know the despising of the body and the bully
that the body is evil and that was infectious unfortunately and some
Catholics would fall into that and so the church for bad cremation in order to
ensure that her children understand the dignity of the body and that we are a
high/low morphic being right we are that means body soul composite the body is
constitutive of what a human person is it is beautiful and and such we don’t
have that problem any longer and so the church permits cremation even though
with the caveat if it’s being done out of disdain for the body then it’s not
allowed and so that’s the key isn’t it even when it comes to separating body
parts and such even though that’s not generally practice any longer certainly
in the early church in the early centuries the church you had it was
really out of a love for the body and for the Saints that these things were
done because people wanted to venerate the body there was such an ardent love
for the saints and miracles happen through these relics of the saints
that’s why you had them divided so there’s nothing intrinsically evil about
you know taking relics from bodies getting blood parts of bodies and such
but this is a matter that falls under the jurisdiction of the church so we
need to listen to the church and every generation that will tell us what we can
and cannot do in that generation and so today of course we’re governed by the
Magisterium the code of canon law and texts like we read here in in the
Catechism but don’t think there’s a contradiction because something was done
in the early church isn’t done any longer per se for the reasons stated
things change over time sometimes there’s a need to crack down on these
sorts of things because of abuses that are going on and sometimes there’s not
Laura thank you for very much for that question and Laura it came from Laura
and Valerie told me to answer oh okay and Valerie thank you for I was almost
certain my wife was named Valerie so I was really confused I thought I was not
gonna transfer Cassity in Barrie’s bay ontario that is
one of my favorite bays Berry’s Bay Ontario listening on the Catholic
Answers app you are up next your question for Tim staples hey yes I just
wanna say that I have returned to the faith after a few years being away and
there is God on the main corner yeah I find the main thing that I struggle with
right now though it was kind of just doubts and difficulties not necessarily
with particular things the Church teaches right but I’m just entire
framework as a whole and kind of just questions and and I don’t problems just
kind of like imagining what if you know I guess nothing actually means anything
and logic is an illusion and just kind of things like that and I heard answers
to all this stuff before but I get this kind of spiritual amnesia where I forget
the answers and I want to go through the whole process in my head again right and
I just find I just find it hard to kind of overcome those really large scale
doubts and yeah I just wondering you have any kind of ways to deal with that
and any advice for kind of scrupulous people that might be going through those
guys sure Cassady that is a very important question the first thing that
comes to my mind with you my brother is a spiritual director it would be I would
highly recommend a spiritual director if you can find a good holy priest in your
area that would be willing to you know maybe you can talk to him even if it’s
once a month you know or whatever the the priest can spare one of the best
things that I ever did I was so blessed when I first became Catholic I had it
actually it was he was my spiritual director even before I was Catholic his
name was father Ron Gillis he’s an Opus Dei priest he died a couple years ago
now but this man was just brilliant he had like a PhD and a doctorate in canon
law he was incredibly brilliant and also holy but I would go to him with all my
questions and you name it and he was so patient with me he’s one of the reasons
why I’m here right now in fact father Ron Gillis please pray for me and
I am praying for him – he’s not canonized yet but us for me my brother
spiritual direction changed my life because he was able to guide and direct
me and get me the books that I needed to read he would give me book after book
and I would read them and I would go to evenings of recollection by the way I
recommend Opus Dei priests in general they’re some of the most solid priests
you’re going to find all around the world but that’s number one number two
Cassady you need to frequent the sacraments confession regularly and
remember number three of course I don’t want to just gloss over that because
that’s so important that we stay in a state of grace so we’re strengthened in
the inner man by the power of God’s grace to keep us on the right track but
number three you need to do daily reading it both in Scripture as well as
good books like I’m thinking right now a still small voice by father Benedict
Groeschel would be great for you it’s discerning the voice of God in our
lives there you know you get a good spiritual director I’ll give you lots of
good books like that and then another point I think I’m up to number four now
Cassady I’m giving you a whole lot here but remember that doubts are going to
come that is normal for we human beings this side of the veil questions are
absolutely normal it who was it that said sigh a thousand questions do not
add up to one doubt I know it was when in doubt just say st. Agustin but it
might have been John Henry Newman said that that let me see maybe but you check
that out but the bottom line is Cassady a thousand questions don’t add up to one
doubt number one so all the questions you have are
actually healthy when you have questions as long as you know we have the place to
get the answers if there is an answer this side of the veil now we don’t have
answers every question but if there is an answer this side of the veil the
church has it and so be of good cheer right when you have thousand questions
that’s a good thing that’s a healthy thing
now doubt that gets into the area of trouble because now doubts can like I
said can and will come but when you have a doubt like of the veracity of the
Christ event you know I don’t believe in the residence to believe in the
resurrection or any infallible teaching of the church then that does become more
serious most likely though it’s in the area of more question than it is doubt
and doubts only become culpable doubts when you Harbor it it’s kind of like you
know getting yourself in the near occasion of sin you know if if you place
yourself in a near occasion of sin that itself is sinful doubts if you harbor
them and such say gee I know the truth here but you allow that to fester that
can become a problem and you need to deal with that in confession but most
often I find especially with folks like you Cassady that are just struggling
what we think of as doubts is really more of questions it’s not really a
doubt where you’re where you’re saying you know what I don’t believe in Jesus
anymore I don’t believe in the one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church not that
it can’t get there and it can and that does become serious because people do
fall away from the faith but just remember God loves you Jesus loves you
he died on the cross that is an historical fact my friend we’re about to
celebrate this Easter trudeau and right now this is a great time to get
reinforced forced in your faith because Jesus cry as the Catechism of the
Catholic Church says in paragraphs 643 the resurrection is an historical fact
Jesus Christ really did live really did die is raised from the dead he
established the church and he is present in all the Tabernacles of all the
Catholic churches all over in fact all the Apostolic Church
all around the world and he loves you and wants you to be with him for all
eternity so you’ve got God on your side cassadee get some other guys in your
corner like a good spiritual director and get some good books we really do
need to turn the television off sometimes get good books CDs DVDs listen
to the faith you know sometimes we have trouble with our faith Cassady and I’m
not saying this is the case with you because I don’t know you but sometimes
we have problems with our faith because we’re not feeding it mm-hmm
you know if you don’t feed your faith if you’re just watching stuff you shouldn’t
watch or looking at stuff you shouldn’t look look at and falling into sin all
the time and then oh boy why am i doubting the faith well it’s because
you’re not feeding the faith that’s a possibility as well and so you need to
regularly feed the faith just like if you want your body to grow you got to
give it protein you got to give it nourishment you’ve got to give your
faith nourishment as well and we’ve got tens of thousands of free pages for you
at Catholic comm check it out to feed your faith as well as a bookstore that
are that is filled with goodies Cassady thank you very very much for that call I
hope that was helpful to you it is open forum today on Catholic Answers live Tim
staples is our guest and here’s a free ebook you can have Cassidy or anybody
can have actually giving away a free ebook right now called cleansing fire
purgatory in scripture history and the church a little bit of reading as you
prepare for Easter a cleansing fire purgatory in scripture history and the
church that free ebook is available right now at our Catholic Answers
Facebook page and there’s an essay in there where is purgatory in the Bible
have you ever heard of that essay Tim State I think I had you have oh I know
you remember because you remember everything but every now and that I
remember something and it was John Henry Newman got it yep I was right I was
right do we get that on tape let’s play that every day sorry you know what that
is a great line though it is isn’t it yeah thousand questions because a lot of
fun sar tormented by questions thinking
their doubting right when in fact that’s a sign of help
look we’re rational beings we want answers that’s how we’re made we’re made
by God our intellects are ordered toward truth our wills toward the ultimate good
and so we’re always wanting more nodes so that’s a good thing
amen to that with that quick break be right back with more open forum with Tim
staples Catholic Answers live do you love praying for people have you ever
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find out how at street evangelization com
that’s Street evangelization com Morning Glory it’s Catholic from
coast-to-coast suffering is instead of seeing as a participation in Christ’s
passion in union with his redeeming sacrifice of the Cross we see it as all
we have to avoid pay left avoid suffering people need to think that it’s
not about avoiding something that we think is meaningless is about finding
meaning in the suffering that’s unavoidable
Morning Glory talking about everything important to today’s Catholic tomorrow
morning 7:00 Eastern on EWTN radio welcome back to campus lie
open forum Tim staples in the house every line full we better get back to
those lines amen Mike in Phoenix Arizona watching on YouTube you are up next Mike
your question for Tim staples hey Billy way Mike yeah Tim I was wondering what
do you personally do in times of indecision do you read the Bible do you
read the Catechism do you say a particular prayer what do you do yeah
Mike I pray and when I can I get in front of the Blessed Sacrament I mean I
can think of so many times you know I I used to do a holy hour from 2:00 a.m. to
3 a.m. and when I got to the count of I guess about 7 kids just couldn’t do it
anymore – too much craziness at the house I want to get back to that but I
can tell you brother that some of the best things happen to me in that sacred
hour of 2 to 3 a.m. but a lot of times with indecision I find to get as close
to Jesus as I can and of course receiving our Lord in the Eucharist
absolutely but there’s something about for me going and kneeling in the
presence of our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament Jesus speaks to me and he will
speak to you Mike so that’s number one yes reading good
books you know like I mentioned a still small voice by father Benedict Groeschel
or books like that our excellent I don’t do that though in times of indecision
that those kinds of books will equip you so that when you face those times you’re
able to deal with them better I find that all I want to do is pray when I am
in a time of indecision because I need help from above and and here Mike I will
guarantee you this you will get a yes and everybody listening I will give you
a prayer there are some prayers that we know God will answer in the affirmative
and here’s one of them pray for wisdom why to make the right decision that is
what is wisdom it’s the virtue that helps us to decide between goods not so
much well between good and evil sure those are usually the easy decisions
right good and evil yeah don’t kill your neighbor no no but but it’s choosing
between goods that requires the greatest discernment at times in our life and
wisdom helps us there and James chapter one verse five Mike says if any man lack
wisdom let him ask of God who gives willingly and upbraideth not that in
other words he will never say no he will say yes but what’s the next line sigh it
often comes with pain and suffering and overtime but we don’t like to emphasize
that part sometimes it does wisdom comes sometimes in ways we don’t necessarily
like but the bottom line is God will give us wisdom and help us remember you
know one thing we have to remember Mike is that God wants us to make the right
choice right God does now that doesn’t mean he’s gonna scream at us all the
time and say make this choice no because it’s the process sometimes that’s part
of the healing that we need and at times we’ll make the wrong choice and God
allows that for a purpose even our wrong choices are permitted by God and God
will as long as we continue to come back to him he’ll turn it around for good
Mike thank you very much for that call let us go now to David in Las Vegas
Nevada also watching on YouTube David your question for Tim staples so I was
listening to a debate between father Mitch Pacwa and a Protestant theologian
philosopher not remembering yeah but the Protestant made a and aside that
Augustine and Thomas Aquinas were sort of the pre runners to the Protestant
Reformation and I was wondering if you had any ideas on where they get that
idea from and any books that would kind of or resources I would kind of show me
where that’s you did sure either of their writing you know
that that is a great question I’m gonna give you a very maybe a book you would
not expect but a Calvinist by the name of Alice dr. Alister McGrath wrote a
book Chuck what is justification but it’s a great book and he is he’s a
Calvinist but he is really a he’s one of those he reminds me of our old friend
here that just passed away rabbi Rosenthal who we had come here to
Catholic Answers and give some seminars for our apologists and just a wonderful
man and so honest that’s Alister McGrath and
he acknowledges in the book unlike you know some guys like you mentioned there
who would claim that Thomas Aquinas was was a you know a Calvinist and that sort
of thing and I could name some names who say that but I won’t that that is just
it is simply not true but what they do is they just the same
way you take st. Paul out of context and make it well look there in Romans
chapter 8 verse 29 he says predestination so there you go he
believes in predestination right well yes but not double predestination right
so that’s the bottom lines you’ll find agustin taken terribly out of context I
mean I don’t know how my friend not only what I recommend McGrath but I would
recommend reading Augustine as well if you can read on grace and freewill right
by saying Agustin and then put that down and say gee he must be a precursor to
Calvin you’ve got problems all right and say Thomas he also is taken out of
context at times because when Thomas is talking about predestination and God
being the first cause of our every not just in our life of grace but of every
human action we are secondary causes you know in in Thomas’s thought and how that
God co-op you know working with our free will works all things according
to his will st. Thomas will talk about how God’s grace will work out in the the
man with whom he is working and infallibly so it will accomplish that
for which he purposes because they see it works in Fowley according with God’s
will therefore but that’s taking Thomas out of context that presupposes the free
will that Thomas teaches elsewhere presupposes the cooperation and the fact
that Thomas says and I wish I could remember exactly where this is in the
Summa where Thomas also says that grace that is effectual in our lives
it is effectual because God who gave it grace that’s ineffectual in our lives is
because we reject it right so st. Thomas will make statements like that that are
as plain as day that he’s not Calvinists he’s not denying free will and the
necessity of human cooperation so bottom line is David you have folks who will
cherry-pick big time when it comes to Augustine and Thomas Aquinas the bottom
line they were both Catholics ok David yep thank you so much brother
let us go to Patrick in Louisville Kentucky watching on YouTube Patrick
your question pretty quick for Tim so he can get you an answer
happy land brother ins happy lines I tend to be more conservative in my use
of language and my questions deal with the changing of the faith-based labels
would it be technically sound to say that Catholics are Jewish because we
followed the fulfillment of Jewish law I’m familiar with Hebrew Catholic but
would Catholic Jew also be acceptable right right well I I will say this we
have a deep respect for the Jewish people and their faith as did st. Paul
in in Romans chapter 3 you know verse 1 he talks about how you know is the law
good are the Jews blessed because they
received law absolutely and in every way st. Paul also has a great love for it so
much so a love for his brethren that he says I would that I myself were accursed
from God for the sake of my brothers and so and and I should add as well there is
that you know I believe it’s Romans chapter 11 and the the promise of God
that in the end a large portion of Jews will come back to the faith so the
Catholic Church has a deep respect for the Jews and as such we say you know
they have their faith and it is precious but at the same time we also acknowledge
that the Catholic Church is the fulfillment of Judaism Judaism is
fulfilled in Jesus Christ and so you know st. Paul says in Romans chapter 2
verses 27 and 28 he is not a true Jew who has received the circumcision of the
flesh but the true Jew is he who has received the circumcision of the Spirit
and what is that Paul tells us in Colossians 2:11 and 12 that baptism is
the circumcision of Christ so there is a sense in which we say and we can say for
example mother Miriam who used to be Rosalyn Moss used to work right here
will say she is a fulfilled Jew that I believe is beautiful because that’s
right along with what st. Paul is saying because remember when he says the true
Jew is the one who’s received circumcision some will go so far as to
say oh those are not Jews those are the Jews of the synagogue of satan’ and
they’ll kind of hijack our Lord’s words in the book of Revelation the synagogue
of satan’ be very very careful that he’s talking about people who knowingly and
purposely persecute the people of God so he’s not st. Paul respect
the Jews as his beloved brothers as well so it we always have to balance here
fulfilled Jew absolutely but don’t take that point to where you say all these
Jews including rabid they’re not real Jews and I read it’s
very very careful yeah one step too far there yes open forum today we got
another hour so if you’re on the line stay on the line if you haven’t called
yet eight eight eight three one eight seven eight eight four the number any
question is welcome about any aspect of the Catholic faith come back to Catholic Answers live on
cycle at your hosts and ten staples is our guest this hour as he was last Tim
as director of apologetics and evangelization here at Catholic Answers
and the author of many many things including nuts and bolts which I almost
never mentioned a practical how-to guide to evangelism my friend and I don’t know
about always I mentioned I behold your mother a biblical and historical defense
of the Marian doctrines well I appreciate that my brother yeah but I
should be mentioning the the wide variety of writings from Tim staples and
titles yeah right I never thought about this but have you’ve gotten to the age
yet where any of your children have read your books are they really that’s really
wild in fact our night reading right now is
nuts-and-bolts oh really we are reading through it yes before they get doused
with holy water and get sent off to bed I love that tradition eighty eight three
one eight seven eight eight four is the number here if you’ve got a question
about the Catholic faith about Catholic people Catholic practices Catholic
beliefs you are welcome to call whether you’re Catholic or not eight eight eight
three one eight seven eight eight four we start this hour with Xavier in Los
Angeles watching on Facebook live Xavier your question for Tim staples weekend doing great welcome my friend what’s on
your mind well I’m a surgical technologist for a hospital in Los
Angeles and they just announced that we were going to start doing now
transgender procedures starting on the 22nd as a practicing Catholic I feel
that I can’t be in a facility that does that so I went ahead and gave my two
week letter of resignation they offered me a higher pay and a
higher position but I declined it I just want to know if I’m doing the right
thing because I don’t have a back-up plan and I have
that to do at the end of next month right well Javier
Wow that is amazing that you would make a decision like that I would say that
certainly you cannot be involved in a surgery where a male would be mutilated
in what they call transgender surgeries however as far as not being involved in
a hospital because the hospital performs these things I don’t believe you’re
morally bound to that degree that would be something I would really recommend
you contact someone like the National bioethics Center in Philadelphia
Pennsylvania these are men i respect in fact i’ve
spoken there before i did a day of recollection for those guys a few years
ago they’re they’re incredible and they know a lot more about that situation all
but i would say that you’re just being at the hospital would be remote enough
material cooperation to where you would not have any culpability especially
because you Javier have already voiced your belief that this is immoral and so
that you would not be able to be involved in any of those surgeries you
know that would be my take I don’t know if any legislation from the church that
would contradict what I’m saying but again sigh you might want to give them
the the website there Javier the website for the National Catholic bioethics
Center is NCB center.org NCB center.org and before i let you respond to Tim I’ll
just let you know that Darren will put that on the on the the show page so for
each show we do there’s a little web page that’s formed for it so any any
materials that are mentioned during the hour will be there and he’ll have n
c.b.c excuse me n CB center.org Xavier did you want to
respond to Tim no I didn’t use some kind of answer because I’ve been really
stressing out on it and I’ve been turning to God that I get some kind of
answer and coincidentally I was on YouTube to try to look at you know some
of the video that you guys post and I noticed that you guys were alive so I
saw that as an answer to my prayers so thank you guys very much for that
hey please do me a favor and stay in touch because I’d loved to hear how
things go and consider this as well because we’re talking about remote
enough material cooperation that you would not have to quit your job as long
as you your bosses are clear that you cannot be involved in this sort of
mutilation you can be a witness in the middle of what is becoming an absolute
terror across our country when it comes to the medical profession killing babies
in the womb now mutilating human beings and euthanizing the elderly
it’s absolutely horrid when we consider what’s going on and I believe Javier we
need good Catholics to be in the middle of the fray so we will certainly pray
for you my brother and please stay in touch and do send an e-mail or something
to the National Catholic bioethics Center they will it does two things when
you do that one it makes them aware of what’s going on out there but two
they’ll get back to you and and and I’m sure they will be helpful to you yes
Javier thank you what a impressive witness a great privilege to talk with
you Kevin in Florida listening on the Catholic Answers live app is next Kevin
your question for Tim staples hey I hate them to provide them super fabric and I
just had to a question how do we approach Protestants or just general
literal interpretation about Mary being sinless with regards to Paul letters I’m
in Romans right now right hand in Romans 2 2 3 you know it says everybody is
you know you know has been basically yeah Romans 3:23 yes all have sinned and
fallen short of the glory of God well first of all Kevin we always take
scripture literally first that’s that’s kind of the foundation of all biblical
exegesis from a Catholic perspective we begin with the literal level but literal
doesn’t mean literal ism the literal sense of Scripture includes the language
spoken the literary genre to whom the particularly der or document is being
written within the the context of whatever covenant it’s in in the greater
context of the entirety of Scripture and the analogy of faith so all of that is
involved in the literal level now when we look at Romans 3:23 it’s very clear
the context on a literal level what’s being spoken of there we believe that
just as it’s written my friend in the literal sense all have sinned and fallen
short of the glory of God why because if you read the 12 verses for example
leading up to it if you go back to verse 10 st. Paul quotes Psalm 14 it’s also
some 53 but he quotes Psalm 14 there is none righteous no not one
all are gone astray the poison of snakes is on their lips right they always
contradict God that’s the context that leads up so what are we talking about
here we’re talking about personal sin this is not talking about original sin
in fact in Romans 5:12 we’ll get to original sin but here we’re talking
about personal sin so obviously Romans 3:23 on the literal level cannot mean
that everybody everywhere at all times has committed personal sins it can’t
mean that Kevin why because babies in the womb in fact in that same letter in
Romans chapter 9 right around verse 5 you’ll see when Jacob and Esau were in
the womb before they had either done good or evil right so the same st. Paul
in the same letter talks about Jacob and Esau being in the in the womb and they
haven’t done any good or in evil so obviously there are exceptions
to Romans 3:23 Jesus Christ is an exception Mary is an exception in fact
every baby in the womb all around the world children under the age of
accountability millions and millions and millions and millions of exceptions so
what we do as Catholics is we dissect first what is actually the literal
understanding and you’ll find the literal level is entirely Catholic does
that help Kevin yeah thanks so much all right thank you very much Kevin triple
eight thirty one truth and by the way for Kevin I hope you’re still listening
and anybody else my book behold your mother I go into great detail in the
section on the Immaculate Conception I take that verse apart as well as first
John chapter 1 verse 8 you know if any man says he has no sin II as a lion the
truth is not him in him in the context of the demonstration of Mary is
immaculately conceived Kevin again thanks very very much for that call Tim
we have a great big giant conference coming up last week of September I’m
kind of myself hoping this will be the biggest one ever
it’s hard because the faith in science one last year was oh really a home run
and great great speakers and I’ll and and also it’s just a hot topic it was
but the this year we’re gonna talk about the early church was the Catholic Church
yes and I feel like if you get that straight yeah a lot of a lot of other
stuff just straightens itself right out in apologetics there is no way to
overstate or let’s say it’s difficult to overstate the importance of the church
father I don’t know of a Catholic convert who does not attribute at least
part of his or her Odyssey to the writings of church fathers yeah and I
know with me it was huge when I read and I devoured I went after if you go to my
house sigh and you will we’re inviting you over to dinner oh thank you yeah we
can I can Christmas when the lights are up I really got to see that you will see
I have thirty-eight volumes of the church
fathers and the first couple of volume especially the first volume is literally
in pieces because I read through them so many times yeah and it’s like an
encyclopedic sighs thing but I just I I couldn’t I started devouring the
father’s when I was Protestant and I read them and I read them and I’m going
oh my gosh these guys are so Catholic I can’t believe this
yeah Jimmy Swaggart was wrong Catholicism versus Christianity came out
in 1986 yeah he says the the the Christians of the first 300 years of the
Christian era were not Catholic they were evangelical and Pentacostal
believers and of course I believe that because Jimmy said it and Wow he’s well
when I read the father’s it became obvious to me that mr. Swaggart never
read them because there is no way you can read what I’m reading right here
right you know let’s take Ignatius as letter to the smyrnaeans
they abstained from prayer and from the Eucharist because they deny that it is
the flesh of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the same flesh which suffered and
died for our sin that ain’t a communion service they’re not teaching that a
Bible College no nope and so this conference I say all that to say this
this conference is going to be awesome yeah really is I mean the speakers there
as you see we’ve got some wait till they hear Monsignor Eugene Morris yeah
that man is brilliant he is so articulate get ready folks but look at
myspace got to talk about the sacraments in the early church and I really want to
hear that one yeah father David Maconie will be there rod Bennett is gonna be
there Bishop Frank Caggiano and in addition to that all of the fellows that
you hear on the air here Tim staples our guest today will be there did you know
your music I am gonna be there God willing Jimmy akin and the quick Darla
Reinhard and a special early bird pricing right now all the way through
July 2nd so get your tickets soon seats are limited I checked that that is an
actual empirical fact seats are limited and they are going fast full conference
ticket includes the banquet dinner with the keynote address by the ship Caggiano
special roommate of a fifty-four bucks a night at the Hyatt
Regency La Jolla and in addition the last weekend of September is mm very
high probability to be one of the most beautiful weekend’s of the year oh my
god it is absolutely beautiful time of the year to be in San Diego can’t beat
it go to Catholic Answers conference comm and sign up we’d love to see you
there Catholic Answers conference dot-com you are listening to Catholic
Answers live Mother Angelica the blood of Jesus shed on the cross I can do what
I want I can commit any sin Jesus saved me you can’t be prisoners holy God
cannot allow you to sin or give you the right to sin by dying for you that
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has been a very productive day here we have Tim on tape saying psy was right
silence right that is going to be used many times I never said that I will be
use many times in the future open forum anybody can call if you’re not Catholic
we’d love to talk with you even if maybe you think what you’re gonna say is
channel a challenge and you might even use a challenging tone of voice that’s
fine you’re welcome if you’re Buddhist you’re welcome you’re Hindu you’re
welcome you’re Jewish you’re welcome you’re Pentecostal Christian you’re
welcome and even if you’re Catholic you’re welcome open forum eight eight
eight three one eight seven eight eight four bow in Oklahoma watching on YouTube
live you are up next bow your question for Tim staples we can
both Oklahoma thanks for taking my call quick question is uh well I’ll give you
a background I have a one that’s Pentecostal friend yes and we kind of go
back and forth every now and then but one of the verses that he says for for
him anyways is John 10:30 yes I and the father are one to kind of justify his
position right well I was calling this kind of get some context from you and
what that actually means yeah yeah well I think the the position of the
Pentecostal oneness is easier to debunk elsewhere John chapter 10 verse 30 if
you look at the context you go back to verse 27 you know the context is my
sheep hear my voice and they know me no one can snatch them out of my hand
right and then he says and the the father who is greater than all and no
one can snatch him out of his hand I and the father are one so the the idea here
of course is it’s the same hand right the the the father and the son now we
would argue he’s saying I and the father or one means they share the same nature
they are the same God but there’s nothing in that text that
indicates they are the same person that’s absurd
the Pentecostal oneness position is there’s only one person here so the fact
that he says I and the father indicates two persons and then are one you get a
strong hint here of the at least a duality and the Godhead there there are
two persons here with the same nature now I don’t find John tend to be the
best verb even though it’s there there’s no doubt you have a duality of persons
because you know you have the first-person personal pronoun I and the
father right are one so the father is in the third person he’s in the first
person you do have two persons but for me what I do I would say exactly that to
your Pentecostal one his friend and then I would move him along to a text like
John 17:5 for which there is no response from the Pentecostal oneness as you know
my brother he says beef you know if you back up here to John 17:3 he says this
is eternal life that they may know thee the true God and Jesus Christ whom thou
has sent and when did he send him right in the Incarnation but then we moved
back a step and look at verse five father he praise glorify thou me with
the glory I had with thee before the world existed that’s one of many verses
of Scripture there’s simply no answer because this is before there was a
creation according to the Sibel yin or the well they are civilian but according
to the oneness theology which comes you know I say Sibel Yin stuck in my head
there Sibelius was a third century heretic who was the originator of this
heresy that there’s one person in God three manifestations God first manifests
his father then he manifests his son and then he manifests his Holy Spirit it’s
also called modalism right there’s different names for it but the bottom
line is this says before there was creation glorify thou me with the glory
i had with thee so now we have the two persons before there was a creation so
we’re not talking about a manifestation as Father and then later a manifestation
as son no these are two persons that existed before the creation and again
they share the same nature and that is to be the one God so does that help at
all brother there’s a lot more we can do here however I do recommend highly my
friend we have a book by Mark McNeil that we just published here I am
he is a what is the title now and it just left me Mark McNeil hos all in the
name yes in the name mark is phenomenal because he was raised a oneness
Pentecostal he later would become Assembly of God and then of course
became Catholic I’ve known that man for many many years it’s an excellent book
but we’ll leave it there thanks very very much appreciate that let us go now
to Christine in Dallas Texas watching on YouTube live Christine your question for
Tim hey there sorry it’s Christian oh by the way Christian that is entirely me I
read it wrong now everybody on Facebook is gonna fire me I apologize
Christian your question for Joe yes that’s happened to me my whole life
and you know it comes with the territory I suppose okay
so what’s on your mind rather go my question and it’s kind of been stemming
for a long time I’ve got some very good friends that are Eastern Orthodox yeah
and have never had any problems with them personally but I was at a party at
their house the summer and I struck up a conversation with a person there who had
some very strong opinions in the Catholic Church and I found this
surprising because I’ve always been under the assumption and based on all my
research you know they were very similar but what I found surprising was there’s
my conversation he said that we broke away from the church and them breaking
away from arch um I guess his two main points of
contention with the church besides the papacy being the issue which
I’ve already understood was one Mary being the Immaculate Conception and to
the issue of priests not being able to get married
yeah with Mary being the Immaculate Conception you know he argued and I’ve
had Protestant friends argue it as well so I was very surprised to hear green
Orthodox sermon um that you know she was the Immaculate Conception she would have
needed a savior and then with the issue of priests being married he argued that
Peter was married therefore that’s what the president at least in the early
church and in the Catholic Church right yeah will broke against that program and
your first name again is Justin okay there’s Christian okay well Christian
the other I tell you it is amazing sometimes I’ve talked with many
different Orthodox people over the years priests at times and such and you get
lots of different responses from them but because of course they don’t have a
Magisterium and so there is a wide variety of theologies now when it comes
to the Immaculate Conception it is true they don’t accept the Immaculate
Conception however they do when you talk to theologians among the Orthodox they
they have a very profound understanding of the idea of panagia right pon Hagia
that is Mary as revealed is revealed of course in Scripture she revealed as such
but the ancient eastern father Saint Ephrem for example of Syria and others
will we’ll talk about Mary as all holy so a lot of Orthodox acknowledge even in
the womb of st. Anne Mary to have been perfectly and completely cleansed of all
sin now not all Orthodox will say that but many of them will so they
acknowledge that mary has a unique holiness among the people of God but
unfortunately some of them fall prey as you heard there
to a a simplistic sort of view of of Luke chapter 1 verse 47 when Mary says
my soul rejoices in God my Savior they will say with our Protestant friends
well see she had to be saved therefore she had to be conceived in sin even if
just for a few seconds in the womb she had to have sinned otherwise she
couldn’t have been saved and Christian the response is really simple from a
biblical perspective yes she is all holy in fact Scripture reveals her to be the
new Eve which by the way our Orthodox friends will acknowledge I’m to most the
overwhelming majority of them if they know their faith they will say yes she’s
the new well if she’s the new Eve she wasn’t just holy in the womb of Saint
Anne she had to be immaculate conceived why because if she’s not she would be
inferior to the first even that’s absurd because New Testament fulfillment our
Orthodox friends will agree with us according to verses like Hebrews 10:1
you know and many others we could look at the Old Testament types are mere
shadows of their New Covenant fulfillments Hebrews 10 once talking
about the temple and the sacrifice as being mere shadows next to Christ
Colossians 2:16 says the same of the Old Testament you know feast days and such
they’re mere shadows compared to the new total fulfillment well she’s the eve the
new Eve well then she would have had to have been immaculate conceived oh my god
so we already gonna take a break we’re gonna take a break my goodness you know
what Christian if you can hang on I’d like to put a bow on this and get to the
celibacy of priests after the break thanks Christian if you can we’ll get
back to you right after this it’s open forum on Catholic Answers live some
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college campuses we’re discussing the environment your children are exposed to
on tomorrow’s take two with Jerry and Debbie now let’s get back to more of
Catholic Answers live talking with christian in dallas texas
about defending and explaining imac to the Immaculate Conception and the
celibate celibacy of priests as it’s understood in the west to an orthodox
christian and tim yeah you said you want to put a bow on it yeah yeah and
christian the key to understand if you’re talking to an orthodox person to
use their own tradition it’s because we share the same tradition that the
tradition of the new eve is not a latin sort of thing it’s not a Catholic thing
this is something that all the Apostolic Church is share and so again when you
see that you know Mary is in fact the new Eve the Immaculate Conception
naturally follows it follows necessarily because as I mentioned before if Mary
would have been conceived and since she would be in fear to Eve who was created
without sin and that is unthinkable in New Testament theology that would be
like saying Jesus is inferior to Adam right right that’s absurd because Jesus
is 1st Corinthians 15 tells us the last Adam right or the new Adam and so of
course he’s superior so you know these are ways you can defend but then also
help them to see that they’re not understanding that salvation occurs in
our lives not just after we have fallen but there is a preservative aspect to
salvation scripture talks about you know how in in the book of Jude for example
now unto Him this is oh gosh near the end of the letter there I want to say
around verse 20 but it’s near the end there now unto him that is able to keep
you from falling and preserve you spotless at the coming of the Lord
alright that’s salvation right to preserve you from sin is salvation in
fact scripture talks about salvation in a past tense like Ephesians 2:8 and 9
for by grace you have been saved in a present tense as well like first
Corinthians 1:18 the preaching of the Cross is foolishness to those who are
perishing but to us who are being saved it is the power of God so we’re
also being we have been say but we’re being saved god only knows how many
times we are preserved by his grace from falling into sin right because the
promptings of grace keep us from making that left turn we should make a right
turn and we avoid something that would learn so salvation has that preservative
sense as well and again the Orthodox understand this in their theology
they’re just not applying it when it comes to the Blessed Virgin Mary and so
her salvation at the instant of her conception was preservative she was
prevented from falling as you probably know Christian the great metaphor given
to us by Duns Scotus the man who falls into the mud pit must be saved and
pulled out that’s salvation but the one who is prevented from falling in the
first place is still saved nonetheless so these are some of the concepts you’ve
got to communicate as far as the celibacy of the priests you know in
their in our dialogues with Anne in fact well I probably shouldn’t name his name
I was recently in a discussion with a very prominent Anglican fellow okay who
still has and he’s a Catholic fellow but was an Anglican who converted and he
still struggles with the idea of a certain things like for example that
celibacy is a more holy state than the married state oh and I had to gently
take him to not only first Corinthians 7 verses 34 and 35 word saint paul tells
us the one who marries does well the one who does not marry does better as well
as familiaris consortio paragraph 16 of Pope st. John Paul the great which says
it’s a more holy state it’s a more holy state because it gives up something that
is so holy but here the bottom line is when it comes to celibacy this is church
law this is not something that’s you know a matter of divine faith where we
have to place divine faith and so the church is very open to folks like my
friend who is now a Catholic who struggle with that because it is church
law it’s very much rooted in the tradition
absolutely I argue with and I don’t know if you’ve read it Christian but the
great book by Father Kochi nee the Jesuit the Apostolic origins of celibacy
is fantastic and it shows how actually celibacy does have apostolic origins
even though it is a matter of church law but here’s the point I like to make to
the Orthodox we can we can back and forth and over celibate priests and the
wisdom of that but one thing the Orthodox can’t disagree with us on is
when it comes to bishops because even among the Orthodox they do not permit a
married bishop and that just goes to show you how ancient this tradition
actually is you know it goes all the way back to the Apostles now as far as Peter
Peters mother-in-law in Matthew 8 verses 14 through 17 yeah it’s interesting
isn’t it I remember James Cardinal Gibbons makes this point in his book the
faith of our fathers he makes the point that Peters mother-in-law waits on them
when they go to Peter’s house which indicates to us Peter’s wife was not
there and there is an ancient tradition that says Peters wife had died and that
seems to make sense because though he was married you never see Peters wife no
he’s never mentioned you don’t see her in the book of Acts and you don’t see
her in the tradition either until much much later there was some apocryphal
sorts of writings claiming you know Peter had a wife but there’s no
historical evidence for it so the bottom line is that according to Scripture and
the ancient tradition of the church celibacy had a an ascendancy in the
church that would lead both east and west to say no when it comes to bishops
and we see over the centuries that celibacy you know contrary to popular
sentiment today because of you know the abuses and such going on people blame it
on celibacy I always like to point celibacy is not the problem celibacy is
part of the solution we live in a sexually crazed culture and
the reason why we have all kinds of sexual crimes being you know coming out
all over the world is because we have a sexually crazed culture and my friend
celibacy is the answer and as much as celibacy can help to bring us back to
our senses to understand that love is not sex and sex is not love love is
eternal sex dies when we do sex is beautiful it’s powerful it’s profound in
the context of holy matrimony but love is is forever not sex
and so celibacy is a great sign when you see a mother Teresa Pope Saint John Paul
the great and so many thousands of priests nobody talks about this all the
thousands of priests all around the world who love their priestly celibacy
and love their priesthood and our sources of vivifying life and love for
their communities you don’t hear about that all you hear about are the ones who
fall but the bottom line is celibacy is a sign for us it’s an eschatological
sign in those who live it they are who they are living for us the reality of
detached love a love that sigh and I were talking earlier on another recorded
radio show how that love ultimately wills the good of the other without
asking anything in return that’s God’s love God loves us not
because we can give him something but he simply loves us and that’s what celibacy
brings to the equation that we need in our culture today Christian thank you
very very much I hope that that was helpful and god bless you and your
continued conversations with your Orthodox friend those are conversations
we all should be having amen Tim in Bloomington Indiana listening on
the Catholic Answers live app you are next Tim your question for Tim hi how do
we know that God intervenes in our life yes and where do we kind of draw the
line between our own abilities and God intervening oh man that is a great
question Tim and always I think I say this perhaps to the
of boredom here but everything begins with Jesus and I’m joking emoji but
really Tim crucial point here how do we know God intercedes in our lives because
we look at a crucifix and we know God intercedes in our lives in fact he
interceded in the world for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten
Son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting
life as we’ve talked about today sigh that’s a historical fact Jesus really
did live early to die he’s resurrected from the dead he established a church
and I want you to notice I’m Elston we begin with Jesus and I think this is
important in our spiritual lives we always begin with the person of Jesus
Christ because he came to this earth lived died for us he revealed God is
Trinity he established a church he established
the sacraments gave to us everything that we need for the spiritual life so
we look to him first and foremost to know that this is God’s will incarnate
that God would be so intimately involved with us that he would become one of us
he would live this life he would heal he would do all the things they did fulfill
prophecy and then he would prophesy himself my friend and catch this part of
the prophecies or some of the prophecies Jesus would give were things like he
would establish a church that would be here until the end of time Matthew 28:18
through 20 Matthew 18 15 through 18 and that has come to pass
he also said my friend in mark 16:17 these signs shall follow them that
believe they will lay hands on the sick and they were recovered there they will
speak with new tongues miracles my friend have happened in every generation
I always joke with my Catholic listeners Tim that as Catholics we don’t chase
after miracles because that can be a sign of an unhealthy Christian a lack of
faith but you know what as Catholics miracles chase us you can’t get away
from miracles if you try as a Catholic because in every generation God performs
miracles these are visible signs Tim to show us
God is active in every generation and in every one of our lives in fact Jesus
tells us he’s concerned with the lowliest Sparrow the hairs on your head
are numbered Jesus is involved in every aspect of our
lives and so Tim in our lives we need to fortify ourselves with you know some of
this that I’m sharing with you but by reading Scripture and knowing that God
wills to transform our lives from the inside out he wills to take away our
sins when we go to confession we hear Jesus speak through the priest i absolve
you of your sins Jesus is involved everyday in our lives in that intimate
way then it becomes a matter of discernment what is God’s voice what is
my voice because a lot of times in our lives yes we once we get I’ll say the
macro-level here yes Jesus is real he’s in our lives every day wants to speak to
us then it becomes real time okay but how does that work its way out when my
baby is sick my son is sick I’m sick I don’t know what direction to take in
taking this job that’s when my friend a daily prayer life good reading and such
we can begin to discern because don’t you think sigh that becomes the key
people will say okay I get all that I don’t know if this is where you’re at
Tim I get all of that but how do I know God is intervening in my life right now
in this situation well everything that I’ve said assures us that he is it’s a
matter now of taking the time to pray and to listen and discern because a lot
of times my friend Tim it’s not my will but thy will be done we may want
something from God and God wants something else for us and sometimes that
can mean well God’s not hearing me because I’m not getting what I want when
in fact God says no for a reason because he’s drawing us closer to to himself in
other ways kind of like when st. Paul asked three times for the Lord to remove
the thorn in the flesh he had in first our second Corinthians chapter 12
beginning of verse 6 he I asked three times please Lord take
away this thorn in the flesh and Jesus said no no and no why st. Paul tells us
lest he be exalted to the abundance of revelations he had received God says no
and he says my grace is sufficient for thee for in your weakness I am made
strong and therefore st. Paul could say I will therefore rejoice in my
infirmities that the power of Christ may dwell in me so Tim I think often it’s a
matter of that discernment looking listening and then seeing how God is
actually working in your life Tim thank you very very much for that question it
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non-confrontational way visit our website www.weg.net Vic in Amarillo Texas listening on st.
Valentine radio you are up next on open forum with Tim staples on Catholic
Answers live your question Vic yeah good afternoon from Texas how important is
the Council of Trent in the Catholic Church and my second question as a late
person yeah should I really be studying it and reading it and learning about the
council itself yes Vic great question and it is extremely important as are all
21 of the ecumenical councils we have had over 2000 years the Council of Trent
is certainly one of the greatest of all time it was called as you know at a time
when the Protestant Reformation had wreaked havoc in the church in 1545 and
it would last for over 15 years and it dealt with all the major issues of
confusion that were going on as a result of the Reformation and remember Vic the
Reformation as as is the case with all of the split offs from the Catholic
Church it so quickly devolved into one confusing thing after another you know
I’ve read it said I’ve never documented this but I’ve read it anyway that that
there were roughly about 40 different church or denominations we wouldn’t call
them churches because they didn’t have valid orders but about 40 different
denominations before Luther he even died in his lifetime yeah no I mean it’s
incredible when you see today the level of confusion I mean I was just this past
weekend talking with a young man at the conference a wonderful conversation with
this young man who was an evangelical and and it and it never ceases to amaze
me you know whenever whether you’re in a
public debate or if you’re you know just talking with a fellow at the conference
that a friend of his set up to where we could get together and just talk and he
was a wonderful young men but you find you have to you
know discover what his theology is because today every Protestant you talk
to has a different theology yeah right right you know and when I’m talking to
him I would answer a particular point and he’d say yeah but I don’t believe
that and I said well your evangelical and that’s what yeah my pastor might
agree with you but I don’t agree and this is what and so you have I mean Vic
this was at such a time of confusion in the church that it was the Holy Spirit
you know through you know it would be Pope Paul the third there were numerous
Propst before the end of the of the council in Pais the fifth of course
would promulgate the documents and everything Pope st. Pius I mean this was
a phenomenal conference that dealt with all of these confusion it confusing
issues with a level of clarity and succinctness that it’s absolutely
extraordinary now that they deal with absolutely everything no of course not
but they dealt with the major issues so I would as far as the second point goes
I would strongly encourage all Catholics to read the canons as well as the
decrees of these councils one of the best books I think Matt Dula gave me and
my Odyssey to the church was a book it was under one binding that was the
canons and decrees of all the ecumenical councils Wow and yeah it’s really and
and I was devouring that and it made me made me go deeper in my faith so yes I’d
recommend reading all the ecumenical councils but the Council of Trent is
certainly one of the most important thanks very much Vic we will move now to
Charlene in Denver Colorado listening on 1060 am Charlene your question for Tim
staples hello yes hello I’m looking forward to your hats
okay Charlene I’m within a small sum group we’re talking about the passage
that says we eat his flesh drink his blood yes and there happen the ladies
there Sharleen we’re breaking up and we’re gonna lose a listeners I think if
we so I am going to read to you what the call screener says your question is and
you just say yes or no if that’s the question
because we’re not we’re having trouble making out you would like Tim to ex help
you explain to a lutheran that their eucharist is not the body blood soul and
divinity of christ and this Lutheran woman says if she believes it is then it
is do I have that correct Charlene right okay gotcha okay thanks so much for your
call Charlene first of all I think what you need to point out to her is that
Lutheran’s actually do not believe that the Eucharist is the body blood soul and
divinity of Christ now they have a theology now granted this was coined by
Catholics in response to Lutheran’s but I think it’s pretty much gets at the
sense of what you know a good Missouri Synod Lutheran believes or Wisconsin
Synod Lutheran believes that he believes in consubstantiation which means not
that the eucharist is the body votes on the venue the lord but that the body
vote stones of any of the lord is present alongside of the bread and wine
of course the truth of the matter is we believe that in transubstantiation when
jesus said this is my body as the great st. Cyril of Jerusalem said in the 4th
century the nature must give way to the Word of God so when Jesus says this is
my body that’s what it is right all right so they don’t believe that the
Eucharist is but that they believe that the body blood soul and divinity is
present alongside which is a very interesting sort of theology to say the
least but the bottom line is the reason why they don’t even have what they claim
to say that they have is because they don’t have valid orders they don’t have
a valid priesthood and I think what your friend needs to understand is that not
just any body can some bread and wine and say some prayers
and you have the Eucharist but Jesus specifically called 12 men he did not
give this power to everybody in fact he called he prayed all night before he
chose the twelve and it was to the twelve alone in Luke chapter 22 verse 19
for example after he in fact said the first mass and you know consecrated the
first Eucharist that he says to them do this in memory of me and you’ll notice
years later when Saint Paul writes about it in first Corinthians chapter 11 verse
23 and following he will say I deliver to you what I myself received so st.
Paul himself says you know I received this is why I am able to deliver this to
you and he gives the words of institution and such there in 1st
Corinthians 11 verses 23 through 29 and so what the the key here
Sharleen is to understand the doctrine of apostolic succession because it’s
only the Apostles and then those whom they ordain who have the power to
consecrate the Eucharist and it’s only the Apostles and those whom they
ordained the bishops that have the authority to ordain others and we see
for example in the New Testament in Acts chapter 1 verse 20 when you’ll remember
Judas died of course he committed suicide and they were choosing a success
or a replacement for Judas notice it’s Peter and the Apostles gather Peter
makes the rules and Peter then declares let another man
take his what bishopric episcopate so the Apostle in succession is called a
bishop and it’s the bishops then who have that power from Jesus Christ to
both ordained and to say the Holy Mass now they ordained priests that can say
the mass but that authority resides first and
foremost in the Apostles and their successors the bishops now when Luther
split away from the church in the sixteenth century
he was an Augustinian friar he was he was a priest he was not a bishop and
that is why he did not have the power now take the Orthodox Orthodox had valid
bishops when they split with the church and so they still have a very valid
Eucharist to this day but Lutheran’s do not because they did not have valid
bishops oh thank you very very much for that question charlie I’m sorry we
weren’t able to do a little more conversation with you there were we had
a little bit of a tough line Tim staples man one after another
– setting them up and knocking them down – well we give it our best shot and you
know what we’re so blessed I want to just say to everybody have a really
blessed holy week this is such a special time in the church love one another love
your families and enjoy the tree to them god bless you all
praise God thank you very much Tim now you need some family time or something
after four hours with me today I’m gonna need to cleanse the palate stop to speak
tomorrow we’ve got a great show for you and it just slipped my mind that’s all
right you know if it’s on me Darren Darren you know the sound on this show
was fantastic today I think the fact that Nick is out of town and Darren here
really improved thanks Murray Beck Zac thanks everybody
the tomorrow God willing John captain Hanson’s live

Danny Hutson

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  2. Many don't realize that the world as already become the darkness the souls of the wicked couldn't change the truth only how the people would understand it. The corruption of the gospel sayings of the prophets as caused an error of the minds of the people. Churches and teachers have become the blind leading the blind and Catholics be many by number but none understand they are of the darkness. Not that their of evil many have tried to understand to become fruitful but all their fruits are dry the sheep that knows no shepherd all may speak as if that they know saying Jesus this and Jesus that and still not one knows and understands the add ins to his sayings that was never spoke of him. Though those who have done the changes are cursed already the damage to the minds of the world is done this is why judgement will come soon all of the teachers who have come to the earth to correct the understanding where rejected or despised. Take heed that no man deceive you words never spoken of any of the prophets add ins of sayings of the gospel for control over the minds of the people than teach the minds of men the bible could never be corrupted WRONG WRONG the people of the earth are more important than any book yet they have been corrupted. The world and all its leaders the Churches and their teachers many of them be rich in the earth but they are the poor in wisdom. There is zero distance between one and God only in understanding and many of the world are far from understanding waiting for a saver that went away many believe he can make all the necessary changes in the earth and heel all lives in one day but there is only one God never anyone else who truly is the definition of power many have put trust and faith in one who came to the earth to teach that you may know the Father yet many have put faith in the teacher ears that don't hear Jesus spoke of the Spirit more than himself when you know the Spirit you will know God I will tell the dry fruits of the earth the Understanding that those who hear and believe will be standing in the last day. The Spirit is one and one alone that brought forth all that exist from is own being easier way put thank of the Spirit as an ocean all that exist can only exist inside of the ocean and all that is created and alive is formed by the ocean its self when the Spirit takes the form for its self in the likeness of an angel to be are Father Honor thy Father remember a saying of Jesus that he truly spoke I am in my Father and my Father is in me now you know the God of Jacob those who thank Michael was Jesus are right flesh is flesh soul is soul the mind is the link between the two all that comes from the soul into the mind is faith and belief to gain a new experience. Flesh names are of the world soul names are of God When your soul is pushed all the way into the mind more from the soul comes into the mind the vision of the dove was when the soul of Michael pushed into the mind of Jesus mine was a white horse

  3. This it's a great show. I love the Catholic Church because it has so many beautiful Treasures. You know, even though I enjoy hearing and watching Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyers speak and even fun to watch, but I can honestly say I only find Jesus in the Catholic Church. In the Eucharist I find love, peace, courage and the piece to go on. I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. What a wonderful faith this is and I am very much surprised that not everyone is Catholic. Praise God almighty.

  4. When the thief on the cross asked Jesus to save him,he had no good works,but Jesus saved him,believing Jesus saved him,not good works.

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