This Technology Turns Alcohol To Vapor

This Technology Turns Alcohol To Vapor

Today’s going to be an interesting one! I have (…) no idea what to expect. I often get emails… about new and emerging products many things I need to try out before you do so I can let you know if its legit. In this box right here is a machine called the “Vap Shot Mini” and what this thing claims to do is to take alcohol and turn it into a vapor form, alcohol that you inhale I don’t know. I’m no expert. Together maybe we will become experts, after we get it out of the box. Quick disclaimer… This thing is.. is a… brand new concept so I’m not necessarily vouching for it or anything like that. It’s a new and emerging… way to consume alcohol, so do your own research. They claim it’s safe. I guess you’ll find out depending on if I survive or not. Inside the box. Oh look at that, they’ve included straws, nozzles. Please note, we substituted the one liter serving bottles with our new two liter serving bottle. And has been pre-filled with Crown Apple Liquor. Sound scrumptious. Also there is a personalized discount code of $600 off the normal price. For Unbox Therapy viewers. The code is UNBOX001. Please note the higher the alcohol proof, the stronger the affect. 80 proof liquor is the minimum. You can also mix 70 and 80 proof liquor with a 190 proof grain alcohol. That is what we have done with the Crown Apple preloaded in your machine. You’re done bud. OOHH! Vap Shot Bomb. Looks like it belongs in a laboratory or something. This is how you get the vapor into the bottles. It’ll go there and you’ll… it will be a one way valve so it will be sealed inside of there until you open it. Take a look at that science right there. There’s like a pump in there, it’s a whole… it’s a whole deal Some straws, important. And we have a remote control? For the lighting? That’s exciting. Tom you’re doing the bomb. You’re doing the vape shot bomb Let’s plug this in. Oh man… So one thing before we… oh by the way, hi Tom. It’s Tom again. Breath in slowly and hold until you feel the vape shot What does that mean until you feel it? Press the button on the top of the injection gun and count to fifteen, now you have a vape shot. Oh look this is the booze. Look at that, that’s the alcohol Oooohhh baby. Alright. Now they said to prime it, let me see your hand Tom. What? Let me see your hand.
– What does that mean?
– Go out like this.
– Why don’t you do it on your hand? No no, cause I… You do that.
– No, I got to prime it real quick. Here. What does that mean? What the hell man? I guess it’s working They said what? Fifteen seconds?
– Yeah Is anybody counting? Okay, so the… it is inside the bottle now, and you can kind of like, the pressure of the bottle. When you open this, it is going to pop, it’s gonna (click). So why don’t you do the first one? No no no no Okay there you go. Smells good. Hey man. And? It’s good. What am I saying? It’s pretty good man. I guess it’s my turn Wow. The apple taste is a lot stronger than I expected.
– Mhmm. What are the benefits and drawbacks, to you, of this versus just traditional everyday alcohol? It’s quick. – Mmm.
– Uhh. No calories. I feel like it’s smoother than a shot too. – Drawbacks?
– I don’t know, there’s something about sitting down with like a drink, casually sipping it, which is kind of nice. This seems a little immature. Well I don’t know. We’re like sucking alcohol out of a bottle. Air, it’s not even like liquid. A drawback here is probably portability, like… you probably aren’t going to take this to a party with you. What would you consider the effect to be right now? Oh it is definitely stronger than just a single shot.
– Really?
– Yeah. – Yeah, there is a kind of euphoric feeling, but it’s a little different though.
– It is different. Maximum number of vape shots to be consumed per hour, is one each ten minutes for a total of six per hour. Do I have to keep doing a big one? Can it be like, I want it to try the effects of this one. – Ooo that’s a good one.
– Jesus
– Look at that. I felt the same thing. Wooh Alright I think I’m ready, I’m ready for the break down. It is, a subsitute for the traditional method of doing it. It is obviously far more elaborate. The flavor is certainly better. Than taking a shot of hard liquor. There is no calories involved. I suppose also the effects are kind of more… confined, feels like it would wear off a little bit faster. Seems reasonably safe. I mean I feel fine, this is still alcohol consumption, so if your not the legal age or you’re sensitive to alcohol, this is not an alternative it is the same thing just consumed in a different fashion. It would be easy to just inhale 10 of these.
– Oh yeah.
– Then all of a sudden you’re completely out of your mind and responsibility still plays a role whether it is this or a shot of booze, it doesn’t really matter. I have to say, I think the effect of it was more substantial than I expected. Vape shot does work, it not bullshit. Do I normally say bullshit? If you had this thing at your place and you were hosting a party and when people, people would be blown away you just poppin’ the thing, and the smoke, and it’s… it’s quite the show.
– It’s great Well apparently Tom’s having a better time than I am, so thank you for watching. It’s Jack’s turn. Jack get over here.

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “This Technology Turns Alcohol To Vapor

  1. This really isn’t safe. Drinking alcohol really isn’t safe in the first place.. so let just make it worse, good idea.

  2. Not for the stupid. Your body can't filter the alcohol this way and like everyone else in the comments is saying you can die a lot faster.

  3. You can do this with a bike pump with a cork attached then put it in a plastic bottle filled with alcohol. This thing is just a waste of money

  4. Creators claim you can get between 1000 and 2000 shots per bottle… So I'm not so sure it makes you drunk that fast

  5. Lol didn't a ton of people die from doing this with a empty 2 liter soda bottle and a bike pump like 10 years ago

  6. My favorite alc / whiskey = crown it's just godlike and that apple and maple taste like they belong in a candy store.
    I'm Scottish but sorry, fck scottish whiskey compared to that canadian crown

  7. Get your legal team ready. Many kids have died trying similar vapor alcohol. With no substance in the body, if you get too drunk your body has nothing to purge. Hence, leading to alcohol poisoning and potential death. Not a good move.

  8. get a ball pump
    get a wine cork
    fill vodka in bottle
    pump air in it
    open it and suck the air out
    here u go i safed you hella money

  9. this should be illegal lol inhaling alcohol can collect liquid in your lungs and the alcohol going straight to your system can kill you

  10. One of the biggest wastes of money. That’s literally an air compressor in a shiny box and some recycled 2 liter bottles. Wow the balls that company has lol. Just use a bike tire pump and a 2 liter bottle lol.

  11. I went to a hookah lounge one time with a buddy of mine, and the manager ended up kicking it in our booth and we were hitting his hookah only it wasn't tobacco and we were getting drunk almost instantaneously weirdest shit i ever done. Vaping alcohol.

  12. Absolutely Nobody: …

    This guy: Literally puts a solvent used for cellular destruction for sterilization in the machine to make it more energetic so you can put it directly in contact of some of the most delicate tissues in your body…

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