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it’s not often that I come into a video with this little preparation one of our writers read a tweet somewhere and Insisted that we check out the double-oh-seven Natural born player I am so certain that they do not have permission to use that logo right there Synergy allows you to share your mouse and keyboard Between multiple computers at once check it out now at the link in the video description natural-born player from Company oh This is why you wants to check it out So the new writers name is James, but I always refer to him as that donkey behind his back so the brand is James donkey and that the donkey bit that… So the double-oh-seven comes with this Schematic manual thing we’ll check that out in more depth later. it]comes with a Okay, so there’s enough English on this for me to understand that it is indeed a warranty card But not enough for me to have any idea what the rest of these instructions are, where your suppose to send it nothing, nothing like that? Do you get the impression they added like? This huge thing of cardboard here to make it seem like more premium than it is Packaging feels a lot cheaper now anyway, and then this this is the big stick with the double-oh-seven mouth it comes with swappable parts for the back right left and Even the bottom apparently look well, maybe we need the instructions So I guess this thing is kind of like the ikea of mice and that the instructions aren’t particularly descriptive I mean, they’re okay take the thing off and put the thing on got it and in that there is some assembly required got it, so it actually comes with a variety of different options for everything from the base Chassis of the mouse to the left-right and Buttock of the mouse so let’s start then by having a look at the base So you got two different ones this guy has plastic slippy pads, four of them and this guy? Oh there we go, has three metal ones I can’t imagine any reason that you would want metal pads on the bottom of your mouse And I also can’t imagine any reason that you would want a bunch of Fucking corrosion Wow, that is growty. What happened there? anyway, the piece is Snap-on as though by Can I do it can I do the base toss? Gaming mouse trick shot. This is the behind-the-scenes stuff that you never see in a dude perfect video. Yeah! Yeah, and then everyone celebrates everyone’s celebrating silently come on make some noise All right, so we’ve switched to the metal based or whatever let’s try the metal base now Let’s have a look at our other options, so for the left wing Like I was like hockey. We got the left wing the right wing and the Well, I think they call them defenseman in hockey but but the rear the rear okay, so three different lengths you’ve got the long rear you got the medium-sized rear and you got the tight rear I’m going to go with the tight rear because I think we can all tell that That’s that’s that’s what I’m into, so let’s go ahead and throw that on there then This is cool. So these all go on with magnets as well. You can pick between So and let me have a look here okay, neat so I see how this works, so you’ve got three different sizes of Kind of like your your thumb your thumb scoop here you see that so we got the baby bear we got the momma mbear and we got the papa Bear so I’m actually going to go with so mama bear because I like the idea of having a sniper button over here even if I don’t need like a massive thumb rest It should be noted though the Papa Bear actually also Has the sniper button in a different location if you prefer to press it here, but I find that quite a bit more awkward – Okay, our assembly is nearly complete. We’ve got the right wing and these ones have the coolest names this one right here is general then we’ve got oh Hook and finally see Finger Holder! You know what they say hold my finger wow, this is really confusing to configure four gear adjustable DPI among six hundred, one thousand, two thousand Thirty six hundred, eighty two hundred That’s five! then making Matters worse configuration light the quantity of the lights Represents six different modes is it four five or six I? Still haven’t figured out exactly how these buttons work, but I’ve done it at five hundred DPI that feels pretty good I have one more complaint and that is that this scale doesn’t make any sense it goes up to eighty two hundred sixty five hundred seven thousand Seventy five hundred but what seven seventy six hundred What is this? Maybe some gaming will make me feel better and of course the game is shut down now Yes! Why is it doing first time setup? We had this open before. You know the funny thing is these instructions actually looked okay at first glance But now I’m getting to some Really crappy stuff. I mean it’s healthy]to refer to the driver settings, but it doesn’t come with anything in the box I Can I even download these oh This is not a good sign James donkey dot com doesn’t have any english. Oh wait here. We go here. We go here we go English site oh Man, I mean that’s sort of English, deduce the fingertips of Walls What so we’ve got two straight product shots Three then we’ve got not English then we’ve got that okay. You know what that’s fine The mou Double-Oh-seven here we go. Oh Oh my God when you try and scroll down the page. It’s a slide show why? Who thought this is a good idea? On round switches though very nice 20 million click like I’m pretty sure they’re only talking about these two them Download driver and support more self-definition function. I needed more self definition in my life, so we got the software working We got the firmware updated and check this out wait what? That works a second Ok the contact there is not great ok I’m sort of figuring some things out There’s more cool stuff in here. I think So there’s a vibration switch There’s a vibration time and then there’s a boot time start vibration effect I Don’t know what that means ok We think we figured it out in order to get vibration working you have to give up your RGB lighting Because that’s why this one’s heavier There we go Alright that’s actually kind of uncomfortable, but you know hey, whatever you into you hear that [Vibrating Noise] if the idea was like, umm Recoil or something then I will tell you the experience falls a little flat It feels like a happy mouse Happy mouse in your hand. It’s actually kind of distracting and annoying Wait, it’s not working anymore There, I think it better to vibrate itself loose [Strange Linus Noises] Wow they’re awful, okay so we’ve got the software mostly figured out vibration only works with the vibrating bass, RGB lighting only works with the RGB lighting bass and the modes So I still can’t figure out how these configs work. You click on them It takes you back to the sign-in you go back to here, and it’s an endless loop. There’s no There’s no option to create configs, but that’s the difference between the modes and the DPI button the modes are onboard Programmable memory for all of this crap is at least my understanding I cannot validate that so now Let’s go ahead and try again Ed!? Oh Good Can I borrow you Why? This mouse has given me a horrible headache. I need you to tell me if it’s any good, Oh nope! Go go go go go ahead. Oh Okay, wait now. You’re now you’re into it, right? [Vibrating Noise] Hmm interesting And it like it’s not tied into the game that would be cool. If it was tied into the game Like if my shots were actually going Duh Duh Duh Duh Duh. Instead of just like pressing Thanks reading. Yeah, now it feels cheap this is like a terribly terribly cheap implementation for force-Feedback, but like Its kinda fun Alright. Thank you, okay, but Ed’s subjectivity aside Let’s find out if this thing is any good so the first thing we need to do is move ten centimetres Hey, so the DPI we set is correct, a thousand DPI then We can test to see what its maximum Max counter and Max speed are by basically Moving it as fast as you can oh [Linus moving a mouse around like a crazy person] I got like rug burn on my finger, its shiny Okay, so max speed is four meters per second and max counters 376 points with a polling rate of about 500 Hertz Okay resolution okay, speed excellent, so I think we’re ready for the overall conclusion at The regular price which is around 50 bucks for the light one. I think there’s better options out there from the likes of Logitech, you don’t get all of the sort of modular Doodads and vibration motors and stuff like that, but quite frankly most of it feels pretty Gimmicky however, if you’re willing to settle for one of the other color ones at like $25.00 in Terms of the raw performance of this thing It’s not bad if you don’t mind a mouse. That’s on the heavier side and that is also a little bit on the larger side, it’s too big for my hands but Given that mine are well below average. I suspect most of you will probably be fine Synergy is a software download that solves the ultimate first world problem of having too many Computers and having a desk that’s covered in keyboards and mice to control them it allows you to share one mouse and keyboard between two or more computers so you’ll never get confused which one is which and which one goes to what one they offer a Basic and Pro option with a one-time payment for lifetime access and features include things like clipboard sharing drag and dropping files between the computers the ability to set up hotkeys and More you can even use synergy cross-Platform between Windows Mac and even Linux So check out our link in the video description to get 50% off synergy today all right, so thanks for [watching] guys if you disliked this video then a hold on. [Vibrating noise] you Hehehe If you liked it though hit that like button get subscribed and even consider checking out where to buy the stuff we featured at the link in the video [description] Also down there is the link to our merch store where you can buy cool shirts Like this one as well as our community forum which you should totally join

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