This is What ASOS Looks Like in Real Life | Online, IRL | ELLE

This is What ASOS Looks Like in Real Life | Online, IRL | ELLE

Did you know that ASOS actually launched in 2000 under the name As Seen On Screen? My friends love it, family loves it. Influencers shop it all the time, tag it in their Instagram. So I thought, why not go online and grab a couple pieces and see what they look like in real life? In past videos, we’ve spent well under a couple of hundred dollars to get, eight, nine, ten pieces. This rack… almost a thousand dollars! Spring and summer mean two things: Festival season. Wedding season. When I chose what I wanted to put in the haul today, that’s what I kept in mind. In my mind, I said
“Why not give vegan leather a try?” I think it’s incredibly wonderful to
be able to find a leather jacket that looks like the real thing but, you know, no animals were hurt in the process. It’s also great, because frankly, it’s
easier on your wallet. I think the quality, if you look at it, is
great! It looks just like leather but… surprise! It’s not! This jacket is fantastic! I mean, look at it! You wouldn’t even know, first of all,
that it was vegan leather. I can do THIS, which means that it fits perfectly. And, what I like about this jacket,
is it has a little bit of give to it. So I could probably even layer something a little
heavier than this button-down under it. This piece works! So it looks like it’s staying in my closet forever. I think I must have blacked out
when I made this order, because I don’t know why I chose these! Why would I do this to myself? I mean, why? Are these shorts? Are these chaps? I will say, that the denim feels nice! Like, it’s great denim. It’s thick, It’s sturdy. I just know that I will look ridiculous so… Picture this! It is a hot, August night. You’re at the club and I walk in wearing these pants. What do you say to yourself? I would say: “Who’s that girl with sausage
casings on her legs?” But that’s just me! I don’t know. Everyone else in the room seems to think
that these aren’t that bad. So, maybe I’m being hard on myself. You tell me in the comments! What I will say is, it peeks out a little bit. So, I would probably go up and like one size. Just so it’s a little looser
around the cutout area. The material of these jeans is very comfortable! I will say that. And there is a lot of stretch in here. So, while I feel kind of ridiculous in these pants, I do also feel very comfortable. One of my co-workers knows I love polka dots,
so she chose this dress for me. Also, because this asymmetrical neckline
will look very flattering on my body. Not to mention this scuba material and this flare hem gives it a little cha-cha vibe. I love my surprise dress! Look how cute this is! This ruffle, I think, is everything, right?! It’s nice! It could easily have been
like a normal strapless dress, it’s fine. But I think adding this ruffle
takes it to the next level. And also, I think for evening wear,
a lot of people always rely on solids. This is an example of how you can do a
really cute print for evening, and still feel chic and put together,
but also a little festive! Not gonna lie. These jeans were a purchase
that were inspired by the Kardashians. I swear every time I read an interview
with one of those sisters, They talk about how much they
love their bermuda shorts. So I said to myself, “You know what, Nikki?
Just give it a try already!” I don’t have high hopes for these. I’m not sure that they will look
that great on my body, but we’ll see! As you guys can see, I have pulled my shirt out
and that’s because, spoiler alert: These don’t fit! That is probably my fault. These denim shorts are 100% cotton, which means there is no
stretch in them whatsoever! So I should have gone up probably
one to two sizes larger. I will say though, That I’m not mad at this length! And with this heel, I completely understand why the Kardashians are always talking about how this is a very flattering fit on their body. Maybe I will ship these off to Kourtney! I saw this dress on ASOS and I immediately
wanted to give it a shot. I think this color,
A) is so gorgeous, but also let’s get into this neckline! Super sexy, but also very classy…
Me. You may think that with this scuba or neoprene material that you’re gonna be sweating the entire night, but actually it’s quite opposite! I feel very cool, because I don’t have to layer uncomfortable Spanx underneath. The dress basically functions, or I hope it’ll function, like one giant Spanx for my body. So I’m very excited to see
what this looks like on. I’m officially sold on ASOS formal wear! This dress reads far more expensive than
you actually think it is, and you spend your entire night at a wedding, or a birthday party, taking pictures. and so, you often want to have
a bunch of different things to wear! This is a solution: go to ASOS,
spend under $100 to get a great dress… and you’re golden! Maybe a TMI, but I’m not wearing a bra
and I’m not wearing underwear, because you will see seams. So keep that in mind; either get a
seamless bra and seamless underwear or prepare to just go without! I went with this dress because
it has a nice flared hemline. So if I’m eating a lot at a wedding, or if I’ve had one too many drinks
and I’m feeling a little bloated… We’ve all been there! Then this is a dress that’ll look so
beautiful anyway! I also love, LOVE this neckline! Like guys…this looks so good, I can’t wait! Guys, I’m killing it! I’m just saying… I’m killing this haul. I’ve done a really great job, I’m very proud of myself! This dress is $103 but it looks far
more expensive than it actually is, which is always the goal, right? And I would wear this to a black-tie wedding, and feel very happy to run into my ex,
so he could see what I looked like now! This could be a bridesmaid’s dress! Why search around the world, go to you know a bunch of different shops trying to find something? You can go to ASOS and get this dress that not everyone will have, and it will only cost you a hundred bucks! This piece was inspired by a
blogger that I follow very closely, and she always seems to find the
best jumpsuits on ASOS. So why not get something that
combines everything I love? Stripes, cut-outs, bows, culotte leg, and then I can pair it with heels and flats, and wear it all summer long! This is 93% cotton, which means it will breathe! You won’t have pit stains! So, I’m super psyched. I love this jumpsuit! Do not be surprised if you see me wear it
for every formal event, moving forward, for the rest of my life! I mean, look at it! The stripes are so flattering on my body. I love that it is a jumpsuit, so I can
walk around easily in it. I can pair it with heels, but also pair it with flats, so I
can like run around town in it. And also, it doesn’t quite break the bank! So, if I have to go to like a wedding, and I totally forgot to get an outfit, I can buy this, and not feel bad about it. I’ve been told by a bunch of people,
that ASOS makes amazing swim. So I wanted to try this like, cute new, high-cut, high waist trend. This material feels great for $26! If you look at my hand, you’ll
see, that hopefully it won’t show A huge outline of, you know,
my nips or anything, because it seems double lined. So that means that I won’t be exposing
myself unwillingly on the beach! It’s me! I’m on Baywatch, that’s why I’m wearing
this bathing suit that is so high cut! But actually kind of sexy, and I don’t really feel that
bad about myself in it! This red is SO, so flattering. This little band detail is also super flattering. It’s a cheeky cut, so you guys can use your imagination,
cause I won’t be turning around. But I will tell you that I really like
that it goes kind of up this high as well. It’s sexy, but I also don’t feel
like I’m showing off a ton of my body! So, I think it’s a success! What I really loved about shopping for swimwear on ASOS, is that they sell separates. Which means that my larger cup size, and my medium size bottom will be fit well. But, I also found that they have a fuller bust
size range that goes up to a size “I”! Which if anyone has ever had to shop for a bathing suit, y’all know how discouraging it can be, when brands don’t have your sizes! But the fact that they go up to an “I” is absolutely amazing! I am so happy! I typed in 32DD, that’s my bra size. 6 bottom, and I have nothing else to say! ASOS, you did such a good job in sizing, made the experience so pleasant, so easy. I’m sold! This is remarkably more coverage than
other swimwear that I have tried on in this video, but you know that’s great! I love being able to go to a retailer and there are a bunch of options. I can have a sexy swimsuit for Miami, I can have this suit for the Hamptons. I can have both for whatever trips I’m taking, It’s just nice to have a bunch of different
options at a lower price point, so I can buy even more!

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  12. At 0:51 you spoke about buying vegan leather, kudos to you for wanting to buy ethical products, but there are a few things to consider when buying vegan leather! 🙂
    Vegan leather is plastic (PU), which is not biodegradable. Once it's dumped by someone, it will go into landfill and exist hundreds to thousands of years. They not only severely burden the environment, some pieces might break off and get ingested by animals, or choke them to death in their airway.
    Rather than buying the so-called "vegan" leather (because in the end, it's not vegan if it harms the environment in such a irreversible way), buy real & degradable leather, but from ethical sources. These sources may be local brands with easily traceable production line so you can enquire about the sourcing of their leather, or it may be vintage/second-hand/pre-loved shops (best value for money), or it may even be commercial brands that you've researched on and trust (in which case you may choose to check the particular item's production country/factory or the brand's production process).
    If ethical consumerism is what you want, please make sure you don't fall into the trap of false beliefs.
    Here is a video by French fashion designer and activist Justin Leconte on ethical fashion alternatives, please check it out, any good deeds, no matter how small they are, will bring some positive changes in the end!

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