This Is A Real Chicken?!

This Is A Real Chicken?!

Vsauce! The Silkie is a breed of chicken whose
bones, flesh, and skin are a dark blueish grey or black. While considered unusual in
European and American cuisines it’s a gourmet food in several Asian cuisines, including
silkie soup…. which is black chicken soup. Huitlacoche or Corn Smut is a fungus that
grows on the above ground parts of the corn species that is often used in Mexican cuisine
like quesadillas and other tortilla based foods.  The word huitlacoche has been translated
as Raven’s Excrement and Corn Excrement. Canard a la Rouennaise also known as Duck
in Blood Sauce is a traditional French dish where a duck is partially roasted and put
into a specially designed press where the blood and other juices are extracted and used
as a sauce – and it’s considered the height of elegance. Alright now there’s a food called Balut which
may be disturbing for some people so if you really want to see it pause the video right
now and google it. So yeah… let’s move on. TUNA EYEBALLS! Akutaq is Eskimo Ice Cream made out of whipped
animal fat, often seal fat, fish, and berries that has been made for thousands of years
and it started as a special traveling food for survival -and can also be made with Moose
meat. Urechi unicinctus is a marine spoon worm eaten
raw with salt and sesame oil in Korea and is referred to the fat innkeeper worm or…….
the penis fish. Hasma is made from fried fatty tissue found
near the fallopian tubes of true frogs and is a common dessert ingredient in China and
Central Asia. And it’s sometimes referred to as toad oil. Bird’s Nest Soup is made out of chicken broth
and the nests of the swiftlet, a bird found throughout SE Asia that makes its nests out
of it’s own gummy saliva that hardens when exposed to air. Harvesting the nests is dangerous
and makes the soup a delicacy. A kilogram of white nest can cost up to $2,000 and a
kilogram of red nest can cost up to $10,000. Pig’s Blood Cake is a popular dessert in Japan
where pig’s blood is combined with sticky rice and rolled in peanuts and cilantro….
and then served on a stick where you then dip them in different chili sauces. Escamole are the eggs of the Liometopum ant
and are often called “insect caviar.” It has a cottage cheese-like consistency and it’s
commonly eaten with guacamole and in tacos. But harvesting the eggs can be unpleasant
as the ants are venomous and don’t like humans. Finally after all those mouth watering foods
wash it down with some rice wine, full of baby mice. Which is considered a health tonic
and supposedly tastes like gasoline. While I was researching this episode i came
across a youtube show called Why Would You Eat That on the channel Tasted. So check that
out if you’re interested in more of these foods – stay tuned for more food focused videos
in the future right here on Vsauce2 and as always – thanks for watching.

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “This Is A Real Chicken?!

  1. I have never had Balut but I would very much like to try it. It seems very interesting and mildly gross to my American upbringing. Like insects! I would love to eat insects but in America we are taught that bugs are about as nasty as a piece of toilet paper you wiped your butt with, so they're not widely available. It's not safe to eat just any old backyard bugs though. At least not in bulk, like for a meal. Anyone know where I might be able to get some Balut in America?

  2. Now that I think about huitlacoche, it IS weird… Being Mexican makes you accept a lot of things as normal I guess…

  3. In my country black chicken and balut is like a treasure. A balut id like a formed chicken inside an egg and oh my they are really good especially the skull emmm! now im hungry

  4. My mother-in-law (Taiwanese) brings over like 5 frozen silkies every times she visits. We make soup from it. It's good, but it's still just chicken. Supposed to be healthier than regular chicken.

  5. People in other countries will eat anything on there plate just give these guys some pizza and pizza parlors will make millions

  6. These sound disgusting but probably aren't that bad, considering that some of them arent that different than eg blood sausage, and blood sausage is good.

  7. The story behind Bird's nest soup is actually really cruel. The bird uses it's saliva to make nests just before giving birth to it's young. When the Chinese harvest these nest the birds no longer have a home, so the birds start to tear into it's own flesh near the throat to try and secrete saliva and blood to remake it's nest. That is why there are red saliva nests. The birds eventually dies due to the loss of blood and torn throat while rebuilding its home.

  8. Silkie is good. Balut is good with beer. Akutaq is basically icecream but better. Swiftlet soup is really good. Pigs blood cake is good, but I own a pig and no longer eat it.

  9. Could we please take the ayam cemani and svart hona into consideration? Both are significantly larger than a silkie and they have feathers and not hair!? I know my chickens?

  10. googles Balut cries hysterically vows on veganism sees a hamburger eats it joyfully feels guilty lather, rinse, repeat

  11. How is balut any more disturbing than blood, insects, eyeballs, worms, etc.. Just seems weird that balut was considered "to gross or controversial" to be on the list with the rest of these unusual foods.

  12. Eaten balut for my 16th birthday cuz I’m Filipino and I was so lucky not to get that hard white piece that’s in the egg

  13. The black chicken ISNT called a Silkie. Silkies are their own breed! They a known for blue ears, five toes, and fur like feathers.
    The chicken breed you’re looking for is called a Ayam Cemani. These bird are extremely expensive (up to 2,000 + dollars)

  14. Being a Chinese, except these insects and wriggling worms, all these foods in the video are our daily life…

  15. That black chicken is kadaknath chicken…..From central India. This chicken has exceptional medicinal n nutritional values, it's also immune to disease. Its egg r used to make medicine for kidney. It has 30% less cholesterol.

  16. So black is rare basically nd thats y they value most. But yeah how did a donkey know the value of a gold…

  17. mandela effect, this chicken didn't exist until a few months ago. the comments and vids being years old are a merger into this reality.

  18. Balut is a Philippine food which is an egg with the not so developed duck embryo inside. It actually tastes good.

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