ThinkPad X1 Carbon (5th and 6th Generation) Laptop – Wireless LAN Card Replacement

ThinkPad X1 Carbon (5th and 6th Generation) Laptop – Wireless LAN Card Replacement

Hello everyone. I’m Brandon with Lenovo, and I’m here today with the fifth generation ThinkPad X1 Carbon. Today we are going to be replacing the base cover assembly. This process will take about five minutes and it should be easy enough for anyone to do. The only tools required will be a phillips screwdriver and a non-metallic pry tool. Before we continue we need to make sure that we That we are protected against electrostatic discharge or ESD. Make sure to shut down the computer and disconnect all cables and accessories from the system. For further information watch our “Understanding Electrostatic Discharge” video by clicking the link in the description Now that we’re ready, let’s get started. The first thing we need to do is disable the internal battery. To do this we just need to unplug the power adapter power on the computer and tap F1 repeatedly to enter the BIOS. Once we’re in the BIOS we can use the arrow keys to navigate to the “config” menu and then to the power sub-menu and press ENTER Then navigate to “disable built-in battery” and press ENTER Then we want to assure that “yes” is highlighted and press ENTER one last time. Now the internal battery is disabled and we can begin working on the computer. To remove the base cover assembly we must first loosen five captive screws. Then, using a non-metallic pry tool we’re going to loosen the clips along the edge of the cover. Lift the cover from the system. Now we’re going to remove the wireless LAN card. We’re just going to disconnect the antenna cables from the terminals remove a single retaining screw and remove the card from the slot. Now we’re going to place the card into the socket install a single retaining screw connect the gray antennae to the main terminal and connect the black antenna to the auxiliary terminal. Now we’re going to place the cover onto the system and press down around the edges to lock the clips into place. then we need to tighten five captive screws. To enable the internal battery all we need to do is plug in the power adapter.

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