The World’s FASTEST USB Drive Has a Problem…..

The World’s FASTEST USB Drive Has a Problem…..

so this is the Western Digital p50 game
drive now you might be thinking to yourselves Eber what’s so special about
this drive well it’s one of the first external SSDs to incorporate USB 3.2 gen
2×2 and I know that might confuse a lot of people but it’s simply the
fastest USB interface that’s available in the market
right now but before you go out and get one of these new drives there are a few
things that you need to know about because since it is using a new
interface we did run into a few issues that are certainly a bit concerning so
let’s talk about those and of course talk about the drive itself right after
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the Death Adder down below alright so let’s talk about
that USB 3.2 gen 2×2 interface at 20 gigabits per second I repeat 20 gigabits
per second it’s double the speed compared to a standard USB 3.0 gen 2
which is rated at 10 gigabits per second now naturally with every new USB
interface is geared to be backwards compatible so if you are running a
system with a 10 K bits per second port or a 5 gamers per second port this Drive
should work just fine right now there are a few AMD TX 40 motherboards that
support USB 3.0 gen 2×2 interface as well as a few x29 a motherboards but
unfortunately notebooks are completely are the equations so if your main
primary machine is a laptop well you are most likely not gonna have a 2×2 port
because it’s it’s such a brand-new interface
gigabyte has also announced an add-in card so from a speed perspective why
would you want something like a 3.2 gen 2×2 at 20 gigabits per second instead of
Thunderbolt 3 which gives twice as much as bandwidth first of all Thunderbolt is
owned by Intel so what do you know AMD boards certainly take a lot longer
to get certified with Thunderbolt 3 which is why we only have a few Indy
motherboards floating in the market with that certification also Thunderball
three drives are just ridiculously expensive I mean it just it’s not even
funny compared to a standard USB external drive so with that out of the
way let’s quickly talk about the Western Digital p50 so from the outside it looks
amazing I mean I love this matte black finish but unfortunately it does show
fingerprints I also really like the font choice engraved at the top it really
suits the design it’s also super durable as it comes with the shock resistance
certification all in all this is one of the best if not the best looking
external drives that I’ve ever seen what do you guys think Western Digital is
targeting the p50 and gamers and that makes sense because with modern titles
like Red Dead Redemption 2 it can easily eat up a hundred and twenty gigabytes on
your local disk so it’s better to have something like that on an external
storage solution because you can use it on multiple computers and ideally this
is exactly what we were looking for especially here in the office because
when we’re doing benchmarking it’s easier for us to have our game libraries
on an external drive without having to redownload all the files again for
console gamers the p50 is both Xbox one and ps4 certified but all of this does
come at a cost as you can see compared to some of the other gentle drives
available market you are paying a little bit more but it’s nor closer to the
accountable three tax that’s involved in some of the other drives that are
available in the market alright so I think it’s time to talk about some of
the issues that we encountered on the p50 game drive from Western Digital we
encountered some of these problems as we were using it on a regular basis so I’m
gonna invite Mike over to talk about some of these issues in three two one
this you oh yes you you clap – that afraid you gotta move I got a more
dammit no you’re taking over the frame alright so what are some of the issues
that we experienced with the p50 what’s yeah so for me this is probably one of
my most frustrating experiences benchmarking a long long time the main
reason for that is the problems that we found were so randomized but they only
came up when we were using it in its native 20 gigabits per second well
that’s true yeah now one of the things that I noticed was that there was
transfer errors on random files for example some video files transferred
totally okay while others they went almost to
100% and then we started airing out on the drive another thing that we noticed
is the steam library folder that we wanted to transfer to the drive it never
got past like 10% it kept on airing out at the same time every single time but
when we finally got that steam library to transfer over the 10 gigabit per
second port mind you some games just refused to load so sieve and Warhammer
they just aired out completely steam crashed its steam crash on the other
hand grand theft auto and absolutely no problems with that game none at all on
the blizzard side modern warfare went off without a hitch as well so we have
no idea there’s no rhyme or reason to any of these problems it’s so weird
another thing we noticed was drive speed inconsistencies so the first time you
plug it in it runs at its full speed then the next time you plug it in it
runs at a completely different speed that’s lower and then we had two replug
it in yeah and I mean I know what you guys are typing on your keyboard right
now it is not due to our test system because we had an insanely fast raid
array that was feeding this so it’s not I mean that would have been a bottle a
we’re just gonna post a screenshot of crystal diss mark on that raid array it
is insanely fast exactly so another thing that we did is first of all we
reach out to Western Digital we reached out to other all the motherboard vendors
and they said look there’s all these things that you can try and that’s
exactly what what we did so we tried changing motherboards we try changing
platforms cables we even have two of these drives we picked up another one it
was the same thing over and over over again I’m talking about fresh Windows
install old windows installed different BIOS is absolutely everything we’ve been
testing this thing for better part of two weeks now yeah the other thing that
we want to point out is that we’re not pointing the finger here at Western
Digital the one commonality between all of this is the as media three-two
four-two controller that everybody is using right now to power everything from
the next $2.99 system to the external cards to the TRX 40 platform so again we
don’t want to point fingers at either as media or Western Digital but that is the
one commonality between all this so hopefully as time goes on they’re gonna
figure out these issues there’s probably some platform incompatible
so on Western Digital sparked and then everybody else is it’s very very hard to
diagnose this because it’s so random I mean heck we’re ant crystal disk info
after this thing aired out and it didn’t pick up any errors and that’s about the
first time that I seen a drive air out and crystal disk info not pick up the
information so with that I think we’re gonna sort of move on to the benchmarks
starting off with synthetics it’s pretty obvious that when the Western Digital black P50
isn’t having any problems it’s ridiculously fast
it’s almost fast to a point where it almost matches our go to Thunderbolt 3
Drive honestly we’ve seen a lot of external USB drives over these years and
this is by far the fastest one by a long shot
even if you don’t have a 28 bits per second port it’s just as fast as the
SanDisk pro xstream SSD moving on to our transfer tests here’s where things start
to go wrong a full steam library transfer as I mentioned earlier failed
every single time sure it transferred over that 10
gigabits per second port but that’s not what I really wanted to test as for
gaming well it was pretty interesting modern warfare shader loading usually
takes forever but there really wasn’t much difference between the external
drives the only true winner was that corsair and GME SSD the same thing goes
for Warhammer 2 other than the fact that the p50 couldn’t actually load the game
when it was in gen 2×2 mode what about SIF well the WD P50 is fast as an
external drive but it could have been so much better if the game would actually
load at that full speed finally there was one game that performed without any
problems and that was Grand Theft Auto 5 we were finally able to see what this
thing could offer and it was pretty amazing shaving off almost 10 seconds of
the same game loading time alright so you’ve seen the numbers this drive is
fast when it’s fast it’s fast guys exactly but I want to know I’m gonna end
this conclusion with a quick question would you buy the P 50 right now no
because to me I actually prefer using that rog ariane drive because that
enclosure itself is like $60 and it can populate that with a traditional nvme
SSD which i’m sure you can find on sale maybe Friday or anything and like you’ve
got yourself a really fast portable and mrs. Dean not only that you can upgrade
it down the line so if you pick up a one terabyte and eme drive you can swap it
out and bring it 4 terabyte drive if you want to so user upgrade ability is
certainly there and that’s what I love about that rog ariane drive or just any
other external enclosure I’m gonna show you I’m gonna say that I would buy it so
there’s only a certain amount of time in my belief until the issues are ironed
out either on as media side or the motherboard vendor side and at that
point in time you’re gonna have an ultra-fast drive at the same time you
can pick it up right now and it would still operate in that 10 gigabits per
second mode yeah and it’s still one of the fastest drives on the market right
now for the USB 3.2 interface on the flip side I wouldn’t need the proof that
the issues have been fixed that’s true you’re basically paying for a future
tech that’s built in that necessarily isn’t working but you’re hoping that
will get solved in the future so that’s what I’m gonna draw the line thank you
so much for watching let us know what you think about the Western Digital p50
we have two of these I have two of these I don’t know what you want to do with
with them but thank you so much for watching
I’m Heber I’m Mike and I’ve been frustrated at this thing for two weeks
but I’d still buy it we’ll see you in the next one guys

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “The World’s FASTEST USB Drive Has a Problem…..

  1. Weird question but is there a USB cable standard that can handle it? Reminds me of charging a phone and quick charge isn't working with a cheap cord.

  2. The best USB drive available right now is just to get a m.2 ssd and stick it in an enclosure that has either type c or usb 3.1 (10gbps) male port. My enclosure has both. With this, you get fast speeds (faster than sata), for relatively cheap (I spent about $100) with high capacity (I have 500gb). Because it's an ssd, the random writes and reads are fast enough that you can run an OS off of it too, and boot from anywhere. Unlike an external drive, it's also slim enough to fit in your pocket and not much bigger than a USB stick. I recommend b key over m key, because you won't be able to saturate m key on 10gbps and the random reads and writes are the same (and its cheaper). Though I do use m key because I upgraded the m.2 in my PC for more capacity and reliability and began using the old one as a flash drive.

  3. Asmedia you say, more like ASSmedia!!!
    When USB 3.0 was new many laptops and Motherboards had asmedia controllers since the intel chipsets of the time didn't have USB 3.0. I use to get all kinds of the exact transfer issues with many of our clients systems as well as my own. Files that wouldn't transfer correctly (corrupted files) or just failed transfers, randomly terrible speeds, some days it would be fast other days slower then 2.0. Many would eventually stop working entirely (dead usb port) Even till recently, we ended up getting a bunch of pcie 4port usb 3.0 cards with asmedia controllers two years ago and nothing but trouble, over half of them failed or never worked right. We even had one that would randomly kill USB keys. These assholes have been the bane of my existence for almost a decade.

  4. I bet the errors in copying are from a Windows issue. Are you copying the files using a program such as fast copy or teracopy?

  5. Not surprised by your results. All new tech needs the drivers to be hashed out. USB3, had its issues as well when it was released. I didn't feel it was reliable till the Z77 platform made it standard on the chipset itself. TB 1/2/3, also had some issues in Windows and Custom Mac computers. Now that Intel is including it on the chipset. It'll be a lot more reliable. (: Especially for Custom Mac users.

  6. And Linus just did a video on how people can't tell the difference between SATA SSD's NVMe or PCIe 4.0, so this external fast drive is completely pointless, at least for gaming.

  7. Whats the point of having a 40gbps drive when your USB/SATA ports just started pushing 1/8 of that?

    I'm happy with my M.2s until then….

  8. I've been having similar issues with USB 3 since my Z68 motherboard from 2011 with an Etron controller. I've had problems with 2.5" drive enclosures from several companies and 3.5" external RAID drive bays as well. For the latter, I've resorted to using eSATA instead of USB to avoid this kind of problem. It has to be some form of compatibility issue with the two different controllers communicating to each other, from drive enclosure to motherboard. But this problem has been around since USB 3 was a thing. That's like more than 10 years ago. Why has it not been addressed? I never had this problem with USB 2… ever.

  9. I wouldn't buy it, it's a faulty product, it should not be on sale, end-consumers should not be beta-testers unless they are getting paid for it…

  10. Why even continuing the review with all those problems? It's completely useless right now, regardless of the root of the problem.

  11. Asmedia controllers are bad even for the normal 10Gb usb. Noticeable and measurable worse performance across the board even with sata external drives. I prefer pluging my drive (Samsung SSD T5) to a native 5Gb port if I a native 10gb is not available.

  12. Thank you for prepping your sweater.. There are so many cc's that have flipped up t-shirt cuffs, uneven strings, and so on and it drives me insane. 15 seconds of sorting yourself out and it makes you look like you care.

  13. For my desktop I got an 860 EVO 4 TB for $829 so when you showed me $700ish for 2 TB i kind of barfed regardless of the speed. The SLC buffer on it is so large it is functionally always maxing out SATA III so it’s still good enough in terms of speed. In addition I have that three layer MLC longevity and it helps me sleep at night even with a nightly back up to a HDD. My upgrade path can skip NVME entirely and jump straight into Optane if I so choose so the SATA III is not going to be a serious problem for a long time into the future.

  14. I feel like answering the question of 'would you buy it right now?' by saying that you would because the issues will be fixed soon sort of negates the point of the question lol. The state it is in RIGHT NOW is that it has potential, but is basically useless because of all the fails a user will encounter. Of course it becomes a better prospect when these issues are fixed!

  15. Probably firmware or drive problems on this unit.
    While if was a matter of electronics, in absence of internal bottleneck, usually heat problem are the cause.

  16. wonder how it compares to the samsung x5 ,nvme external drives (you can get the 2tb samsung 970 drives separately and put them in the x5 encloser and it's like half the price)

  17. Oh! There's the ONE huge problem, it's that USELESS PIECE OF S**T ASSmedia controller.
    I ditched my Z97 motherboard for a Z390 mainly because I did not want to deal with that controller.

    eF ASSmedia, they make the most horrible controller.

  18. A commonly over looked part of a usb drive is the format used. A lot of usb drive ship with FAT32 for compatibility between many OS's. The problem is that FAT32 only supports file sizes up to 4gig. The steam library you were copying over and games you were playing may have had files over 4gig. If you reformat the drive to NTFS or exfat the issues may disappear. Edit: Now that i watched the video again, the files that you were having errors with were both over 4gigs.

  19. 5:10 Blizzard has made it a point to demand modular design in their games. World of Warcraft for instance has been able to just sync up and play on external devices for years and years where other games need to be installed on the machine they are being played on and cannot be transferred over.

  20. Fast & Unreliable <<< Mundane & Reliable. Please update the story when they (whoever "they" may be) fix the issues, and this drive perhaps justifies itself.

  21. Last night. I bought a p10 because I needed a decently sized 2.5" drive quickly, and it was the best option. They are false marketing the p10, the wd black line of mechanical drives are all 7200rpm from what I've found, and they advertise that on them. The p10 is just a 5400rpm drive, and they purposely do not list the speed of of anywhere online or on the box. Its not a wd black drive in the case either, its a wd blue drive crammed in the case and marketed as a black.

  22. It's probably file corruption. You should create file hashes of the known good files and verify your files after you copy. Use rsync (rsync –stats –progress -rvzh /Path/ToUpload/ /Path/ToUploaded/) instead of Windows file copy to help avoid in file copy corruption.

  23. 'Shadow Banned': I posted this earlier with its link but it's not visible when I'm logged out of YouTube. Here it is again sans link.

    ASMedia USB 3.x chips have long had problems going back to the ASM1042A (do a search) commonly found on many 2012-era motherboards. Here's some insight into why that is:

    "… In general, USB3 host controllers based on ASMedia chipsets are known to be problematic, due to ASMedia hardware or firmware bugs causing errant DMA accesses to invalid regions of host memory. …"

    POWER9 Hardware Compatibility List/PCIe Devices – RCS Wiki

  24. Pay premium price for a piece tech that have a bunch of problems just so that you can "wait it out" until all the issues have been fix. By that time a better version is release at a probably cheaper price lol. Good decision making =D

  25. Sort of related: i have the WD 3.5 HDD 8TB, i love it, but it likes to forget i downloaded games. I just reinstall what i already have previously installed and it magically remembers(minus the first time it did this with 2500 gigs of games downloaded lol) I found it a little funny that a different version of this drive is seeing samey problems that I've been having. Hasn't done it since, as long as i tell it. Maybe my HDD has dementia??🤔 maybe i need to show my HDD past videos of it being assembled at the factory so it remembers what it is….😒😕

  26. Ironic that this is coming from the same company that refuses to evolve their external drives past micro-USB. (Them and Seagate)

  27. By the time USB compatibility is solved, there will have been an upgraded P60. That’s why I always wait for second, more refined iteration for new technology.

  28. Not worth it. Obviously the asmedia controller is terribly unreliable, the protocol allows for corrupted transfers and the cables are not ready for the speed. Thunderbolt 3 is a way better option and many laptops have Thunderbolt 3. You don’t want to take any risks while transferring your important data. Manufactures will soon figure a software fix is not possible and drop support.

  29. Making your own thunderbolt 3 ssd enclosure is much faster and about the same price as this, without the problems. I threw in a Sabrent 2TB gen4 nvme ssd into a thunderbolt 3 enclosure I got on amazon for like $120 bucks and I am getting around 2400 MB/s sustained read/write, with none of the headaches. Assuming you do have thunderbolt available to you.

  30. I got an ROG Arion enclosure a few weeks back and put a spare Samsung 256GB 970 EVO in it for use for uni work with VMs. Makes things so much more convenient

  31. Intel just handed over Thunderbolt to the USB foundation so hopefully that means more thunderbolt availability on amd boards and hopefully laptops too

  32. That error is usually from not getting enough power(no i don't care what the 3.2×2 says, the drive likely needs more power).

  33. @HardwareCanucks – Do you have a thermal scope to see what component temperatures are during failures inside the drive??? You know what I'm talking about so I won't elaborate. Surprised it wasn't covered is all. Especially if the first transfer run was flawless.

  34. buy it now at full price while it doesnt work or buy it later at a reduced price after being on the market a while after they fix it… hmmm.. tough choice..

  35. So wait until computers can properly handle it then? Hopefully the release of the USB 3.2 Gen2x2 (the hell…?) brings down the cost of the USB 3.2 Gen 2s. Right now the latter is more than enough, so if their prices are bumped down because of this, I'll take it 🙂

  36. @HardwareCanucks Can you please state what drives are used on the array/raid in the Asus Rog DIMM.2 raiser card? And how its set up (raid 0)?

  37. Why use a USB 3.2 gen 2×2 3.1 gen 2 drive when you can use an optane thunderbolt 3 Firewire 800 Serial ATA PCI Express gen 4 drive?

  38. These issues can be because of overheating controller on the motherboard or inside the drive itself by opening it you can pinpoint the cause and fix it and then seeing the improvements

  39. you should check out linus and his multi nvme raid system . should explane whats happening to you lads 😛 . it WILL happen every time . the drives are not optermised for desktop use atm .

  40. i dont want a software fix. i want a hardware fix. i want a different controller before i fork out that much money

  41. You need to ask yourself one very practical question. Do your video games really need 1410 Megabytes per second transfer speeds? I would argue no. Just get a Sandisk Extreme Pro. It's plenty sufficient for the most part, and much more cost effective. Let this bullshit iron out. Don't be an early product tester. Let the idiots/rich people figure this shit out, you'll thank me you did.

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