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  1. The greatest mind of his generation, I'm glad I know about him now. I've read some of his webpages where he details things mathematically and honestly, it's made me hate math less. I'm more ready to do Calculus now.

  2. I must have missed a portion of the story. Can anyone tell me how he managed to design a game with absolutely no money spending limit for it??? Is his family wealthy or did he inherit money?

  3. Wow this dude is really smart, I haven’t finished watching the video yet but I hope he got into an amazing university and done something with his creativity. Sad that people were such dicks to him back then. The internet has come a long way, sure it’ll never be innocent there will always be assholes and cyber bullies here and there, but I do feel like that sort of thing was more prominent back in the 2000’s compared to now. Now days if you go after anyone on the internet expect to get shit on, seems that way at least, and I’m not complaining I think it’s come a long way.

  4. Definitely interested in reading his books… As an autistic person myself I had grown obsessed with trying to explain things as clearly as possible to other people because I've had to deal with so few people understanding me throughout my life. It's been incredibly frustrating. I tried to thoroughly understand other people always so I couldn't comprehend why some people just don't actually care enough to listen or aren't emotionally mature enough to say things bluntly when they need to. As I grow older I start to understand that I don't have the emotional energy to deal with difficult to understand people much anymore, and in that I've also come to the conclusion that many people just don't want to understand others or be understood. Even if that brings me peace to accept finally, I still think it's really sad that people are like that. It brings me a great amount of comfort to see writing like Nick's. It makes me happy to see someone so passionate about things and I'm glad that people don't get him down. I've been shamed for my autistic traits so much that I've eliminated them from my personality but I feel so empty and unfulfilled not having something to truly care about again.

  5. You know it's brilliant somehow he thought to put hex values for colors in a novel… I'm very into telegraphy and telephony and meteorology as well seems that's a common autist set of interests… Well made video.

  6. he is truly inspiring. What a unique mind and awesome guy. I had similar coping mechanisms getting bullied, but I'm not even remotely as clever, talented and interesting as he is. Wishing him all the best. Conquering blue water. Wow. Now this is a true role model.

  7. This guy is a legend and someone we can all draw some inspiration from. Don't be afraid to be yourself, don't allow yourself to build up fears of nothing and be loving!

  8. So he's autistic and got negative attention for being high functioning in a society that doesn't understand the intricacies of the different manner in which his brain works through problems we either can't find simple solutions to (which he can) as they're too complex for the average person to handle on their own, or those which we view as mundane tasks.

  9. I love how in 15:20 hes typing with something over his keyboard for dust protection but at 15:24 hes bathed in mud. I wonder if the keyboard-cover thing was not related to sanitization but to testing himself?

  10. i was kinda expecting him to tell us the pms color for the blue water, along with dark and light percentage variations.

  11. I just learned of his existence from this video. What an incredibly interesting, multifaceted and beautiful human being, inside and out. My husband and daughter both have high functioning autism spectrum disorder and, while everyone is individual, parts of Nicks personality that shines through here reminds me so much of them, the two loves of my life. As a neurotypical living in an autistic household we sometimes don’t see eye to eye, but I see it as different ways of thinking, and there’s no telling who’s right or wrong. I truly don’t consider autism a disability, I see it as almost a superpower. Again, each case is individual but my mind is blown every day by the amazing abilities of my husband and daughter.

  12. What is it with these "unique" individuals and their diets consisting largely of cheese pizza…..its like their life-force.

  13. There youtube. I WATCHED IT! Now leave me alone.

    Yes, it was beautiful. Thank you for the suggestion.
    Now leave me alone!

  14. Damn. Never heard about this guy, but I'm super impressed. We need more higher-thought people like this in the world. He can teach us all a thing or two I believe.

  15. what a fascinating guy id love to meet him. and i just found your channel and sure glad i did you have such a different types of topics for videos i love them your style of video creation is also great thanks from BC CANADA

  16. Y'know, I felt nothing but love for the guy, but as soon as the narrator said his favorite game was Bubsy 3D I drew a line in the sand.

  17. Rumor has it he was a victim in a sting operation of a large de-greasing ring up in Minot, North Dakota somewhere… but that’s just what I’ve heard.

  18. This is the sort of person that, had the universe given him a slightly different dice roll, would have been a genius. All of the qualities are there to create a really exceptional person, he just has a few extra qualities that unfortunately held him back.

  19. I just wanted to say I find your work truely amazeing. So well researched and so sensible about how you present your material! Thank you for your dedication and respect for the people mentioned in your stories.
    Much love to you!

  20. Omg i dont know who this dude is but this was on my recommended and it warms my heart seeing him swimming after hearing he was afraid of water!!

  21. Sounds like an awesome guy. Hope he does finish that game, I'd love to check it out. And hope to hear plenty from him. Nice documentary.

  22. I feel like the forum goers that tried ridiculing and mocking him at first forgot that Nick had said he developed defense against it to the point where it didn't bother him.

    Uli seems like a really cool guy and cool person to meet in real life. It's cool he's found ways to conquer some of his fears.


    Ulillillia: The chances of my life improving are approximately 36.29 to 67.93. I will beat those odds in 739 FPS.

  24. Lot of cry hards in these comments. Dude's cool but don't elevate him to some ridiculous status. He is, afterall, just another man. Inspirational, creative, endearing, but just a man.

    In other words, stop riding his dick

  25. I remember reading about Ulillillia back in the day but over time I forgot all about him. For some reason I kept expecting a dark turn, half expected to hear he'd gone and killed someone or something like that. Glad to find out this wasn't one of those videos.

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  27. Dunno if im bummed or glad that someone was able to levelfy their life more like im jealous i want to interpret my life viewing my levels

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