The Red Sea Diving Resort | Official Trailer | Netflix

– Just for the record, there’s
not one person in this group that I would have chosen
for this type of mission. They’re all too reckless. (dramatic music) (somber music) – The government has killed
hundreds of families. (woman screaming) Many more will die if
something is not done. – What do you know about
what’s happening in Ethiopia? – It’s another bloody genocide and nobody gives a shit
because it’s in Africa. – Well, your prime minister
decided to give a shit. (beating music) The Red Sea Diving Resort. It’s a hotel we could use
to smuggle the refugees through Sudan to Israel. (airplane engine roaring) – So, let’s be very clear. (beating music) If this goes wrong, you’ll
all be hanging from cranes. (beating music) – [Man] Mesu? – Best cover we could ask for. (dramatic music) – Ace is on the way home. – There are still hundreds
crossing the border every week. (somber music) – It’s gonna all right. – [Soldier] We are watching you. (car engine revving) – If you ask me, this entire
country is a tinderbox. – The mission isn’t
over for us, I promise. – This is not a mission for me. This is my life. (gun cocking) – They’re executing
dissidents, it’s revolution. – We must leave now. (dramatic music) – They’re dying. And they’re sick, and they’re starving. (dramatic music) – [Man] Is it a roadblock? – Full speed ahead. – You are crazy. – You’re a lucky guy. But when the luck runs
out, you gotta have a plan and you never have one. (dramatic music) – We will leave no one behind. (dramatic music) (man yelling) – [Woman] We’re all
just refugees aren’t we? (dramatic music) (somber music)

Danny Hutson

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