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100 thoughts on “The REAL Solution to the NOTCH – Vivo NEX Dual Display

  1. I think dual screens are just too gimmicky. Its more of a 'look what we can do' exercise. It doesnt have much of a use in the grand scheme of things. Plus you have to bare in mind, there will be very little protection when it comes to cases. I saw a few a people comment saying to create a mirror on the back of the phone. Probably be better than having an unwarranted second display.

    Unless you have an under display camera or start looking again at what LG did with their G5 with modules, there is very little else that can be done.

  2. Why don't you just put the camera IN the screen? Therefore preventing any further "Abominations" from being made. (Under the screen)

  3. Who's watching this boring thing after oppo and Xiaomi announced their under display camera phone… ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. You should make a video about the new phone with the "Invisible Camera". Link is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbXvheN9c1Y."

  5. Honestly these phone companies are getting ridiculous now the very small bezels on the galaxy S8 & S9 are honestly perfect they weren't in the way at all and you still have tons of screen and you don't have a stupid annoying notch in the way

  6. Hey Linus, seems I came to the party a bit late, but if you read this I'd like to complement you on bringing up the issue that phone manufacturers are obsessing about things that sometimes don't matter and on the process actually going backwards. Where is the competition for battery endurance and serviceability? Until last week I had a Note 4 which had in its time outlasted 3 batteries. In looking for a new phone I had to accept buying a phone that you literally have to tear apart to change a battery. Love to see a video on that topic and I think there is a market for a simple, robust, serviceable phone.

  7. My thoughts on this issue..

    Firstly, what is the problem that phone manufacturers are actually trying to solve with edge to edge displays in all four directions? Yes, we all want as much screen real estate as possible (I do too). And there is a limit to what will fit in your hand/pocket because of width. However, this isn't as much of a problem when it comes to height.. The manufacturers realised this and started bringing out taller phones with higher and higher aspect ratios. Ok, fine. But what I'm going to observe is that for every modern high aspect ratio phone that has almost no top or bottom bezel, there is another slightly taller phone (with exactly the same specs) which does have more of a bezel. If you like symmetry, then add the same bezel to the bottom. As I said, having a slightly taller phone is not going to be a problem. Its still possible to make a pretty phone with small top and bottom bezels. If you like, decorate them. Or do like the LG phone and just add a few useful icons. I actually happen to like the notification led on my old Note 4 and I don't see why you can't replace that with a patch of OLED. Heck you could have an "always on" display that sits in the top or bottom bezel, right?

    Another thing I don't get is that long ago phone manufacturers came up with the camera bump. Just a way of cheating on overall dimensions in order to fit the camera. Why can't you do that to the top edge of the phone and simply have a bump that accommodates a selfie camera (or two). Yes, it will stick out a few mm but it will be protected by a solid frame and in any case, its not that hard to design a decent protective case around this. You can also fold the optics of the camera (yes, a mirror) so that the lens can get closer to the edge.

    As far as under-screen cameras go. Well, they have two basic flaws. The first is you get less light, thus a bigger camera and I'm not entirely sure you can ever solve the clarity issue given the complexity of the structure you're looking through. It may catch on. It may not. I think it has a better chance than folding phones which will always be fundamentally fragile. The other issue is that yep, you can see through the screen to the camera. Only way I can think of to fix this is a physical (yep motorised) shutter. I'd much rather a slightly bigger phone/bezel or a camera bump or some other hooliganism with mirrors and if necessary digital processing.

    Now, if you really need a pop up then you don't actually have to pop out the camera itself. It is possible to pop out out what basically amounts to a periscope. Now that has all sorts of possibilities.

  8. Front rear screens, cameras under screen in center or the all screen is also camera sensor, no fisical buttons or holes, full lateral sensors to identify hand holding position and for changing display directions…. full customisable screen sensor for customised extra buttons and so on, a lot is to be made yet… maybe in 20 years…

  9. The slide is simple yet effective and nostalgic too
    Nokia had flip/slide phones… they normally never used to break in everyday use
    i dropped my n95 with the flip open

  10. I have not taken selfies for years since the rear camera is just 100 times better than front facing cameras 6:15

  11. I have been saying for years that bezels are necessary for a handheld touch screen. I hate most of the things manufacturers have been doing with phones since 2012. the last phone that wasnt a huge disappointment was the galaxy s 3

  12. making a case for a slider phone is not a problem. my first 2 phones had slide out keyboards and I had cases for both of them. the case is in two parts and just slides out with it. I still have my first phone and still use it as an mp3 player. its a Motorola Droid 2, I've been using it for 9 years so durability isn't a problem either.

  13. Lg g3 had a very amazing design. Perfect screen to body ratio, nice bezels no notches and little chin for the palm to rest.

  14. I never was the type of customer who wanted all this crazy no bezel scenarios. Ofcourse less bezzles look dope but big flat ugly notches are horrible no matter what. Phones like S9 are perfect. No moving part, no compromise everything perfect.

  15. Best solution. Leave little bezels but use them creatively like stereo speakers that fire sound perfectly and don't muffle. 2 front cameras I don't know whatever but don't do this to smartphones. They have processors and so if you know gpus too!

  16. I think a good solution would probably be put a front camera in the box that's easy to attach but without it the phone with just have no front facing camera

  17. Give small screen. As small as 2 inch which consumes less battery also good durability and cost effective. Yes dual screen is the only best possible solution for no notch full screens.

  18. Alright no more bezels phone, when your phone drops itโ€™s shatters all around its edges and cost more .. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  19. I rarely get these accidental touches and i have had my s8 for 2 years. Holding the phone is not an issue tbh. I think it has to do with the size of the phone and not the display. The s8 is a small phone with a big display.

  20. Using fordable screen tech, to make a screen that can peel away from the glass to reveal a camera. There are various ways to do it, but it would be more reliable that any motorized camera, as folding the screen back, would be contained inside the phone, away from dust, debris, liquid, etc.

  21. I have OCD and I'm not bothered by the punch hole on my S10. Videos and most apps don't cover that part anyways cuz of the ratio. And if it does bother you, then you can just press a button in the settings that will shorten the screen height, and again, you won't notice a difference cuz of the ratio. Honestly, people are getting way to fixated on small things.

  22. Real??? Bro you can't even plug yo debrand sponsors since this cannot have a skin or a case on it i am calling bullshit on this one

  23. I have been using the Xperia Xa2 and I am loving the bezels. No idea why people are turned off by bezels. I feel like it also helps with the phone rigidity as well depending on the phone. And lastly… if you get really good with using your phone… you can take selfies with the rear camera. That's why I love the Xa2 it has a dedicated camera button which you can use to take selfies using the rear camera. Sony until I die!!

  24. "What do you think is the best solution currently on the market" – The Galaxy Note 9; it has small bezels on top and bottom giving the space required for the sensors and some space for me to hold the phone for watching movies. These all screen displays are stupid and serve only to make operating the devices harder than required..

  25. I just realised how toxic apple is for the phone industry

    They bringed the no headphone jack

    They made popular (NOT INVENT) the notch
    So i say….


  26. I liked the short history on different attempts on screens by different manufacturers. It was more informative than just a straightforward review.

    Don't know about the best option right now, but was thinking it would be great if you could hold it in one hand and use it like the Axon M, but have it fold inwards like the Galaxy Fold did. I didn't like the design of the Fold since there was no one-handed use option. What if there was an implementation of a lower quality screen, and then when you opened up, you would have two higher quality ones? We've seen this is possible already with this phone… so maybe it should be three screens instead of just two?

  27. The flip up camera is a cool concept but you can't use that with an Ottorbox or similar case. You drop that phone and it cracks, you pretty much gotta get a new phone.

  28. The Note 9 will do me good for now. It has no notch or pill or dot in the way of the screen ahahah. I got one as a replacement for my not charging s7 ๐Ÿ˜น

  29. Watching on my v10. 3 years of usage and the phone is still doing its job ๐Ÿ™‚ also, pop up selfie camera is a great option, for privacy purposes as well. Sensors are good nowadays, software is what makes a good picture :), just install gcam and you will get great selfies ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. i know. let's move the camera cut out around every year and claim it's a revolutionary improvement and charge $1000 every time.

  31. You're really going to complain about thickness, Linus? Devices are far too thin, nowadays, as it is! It would be nice if phones went slightly thicker so they can have significantly bigger batteries.

  32. This is actually what I meant when I said that I still prefer bezels over hole punch cutouts and notches that looks as ugly as a unibrow compare to a bezel which provides a room to hold your phone properly. All what they need to do is to utilise the top bezel by adding a good and useful functionality and features such as 3D face unlock just like the upcoming Pixel 4 & 4XL and just minimize/completely remove the lower bezels down. And Vivo isn't do original with this concept because ZTE had done this with this Nubia smartphone.

  33. Honestly, all these popups and dual displays and such are hilarious. I honestly firmly believer a notch/punch-through/similar stuff is the best yet. Obviously through-screen camera/sensors would be the most optimal but yeah, some more time to go.. Till then.. I'd rather have a little notch/punch-through than having another useless display for which I need to keep turning the phone or a phyiscally popping up turning rotating piece of shit compromising overall integrity.

  34. Make the back of the phone a mirror/reflective. This means you can take selfies with the back camera and other people can see the frame of the picture. Simple

  35. Damn, you're right.

    I like that they're all available though. Solving the Notch problem with a simple software black bar is something I've always found acceptable anyways. Nothing lost, nothing gained.

  36. motorized rotating camera is best solution with dedicated sd card slot like in asus zenfone 6 but there should be Amoled display

  37. I say just stick to having small bezels, having a full screen display would have too many compromises that may be a huge deal. I'd prefer just small bezels or a small forehead like the note 9 or s9.

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