The Real Reason Shroud Is Leaving Twitch

The Real Reason Shroud Is Leaving Twitch

Remember all the hullabaloo following Ninja’s
switch from Twitch to Mixer? At the time, we wondered if we’d see a mass
exodus to the new streaming platform. That’s not really what happened, but today
we found out that another big name streamer will be departing Twitch in favor of Microsoft’s
new platform. Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, a master of multiplayer
shooters, has announced that his new home is on Mixer. Today, in a very cinematic video on Twitter,
Shroud announced his move to the upstart streaming platform, writing: “Same Shroud. New home.” “Hey Mike.” “Yeah?” “Whatcha doing?” “I’m making moves.” “Benji misses you.” “Aw, hi Benji!” Almost instantly, Mixer started trending on
Twitter alongside this surprising announcement. Fan reactions seem to be a mix of shock and
cynicism, with many Twitter users theorizing about how much money Microsoft forked over
in order to get Shroud to exclusively stream on its platform. It’s no secret that Ninja got a big paycheck
in exchange for his switch, so it’s very likely Shroud is making a healthy chunk of change,
too. Shroud has the third highest subscriber count
on Twitch, if the numbers are to be believed. And it seems Mixer is trying to make it easy
for the streamer’s fans to follow him over, as the platform is offering users a free month-long
subscription to Shroud if they create a Mixer account. Mixer’s strategy of poaching some of the biggest
streamers out there is likely to work out in terms of increasing engagement on the platform. When Ninja came on board, the number of hours
watched on Mixer increased exponentially. Perhaps having Shroud on Mixer will provide
the service with the same kind of boost. That’s likely what Microsoft is counting on. Why would someone making more than many of
us see in a year take a chance on a far less popular platform? As we mentioned before, we’re betting that
it has something to do with money. Ninja switched as part of a deal from Microsoft,
earning an undisclosed amount of cash in exchange for his loyalty to the platform. There’s no official word yet if Shroud signed
a similar contract to Ninja, but fans are guessing that there were some big checks and
legal work involved because originally, Shroud saw Ninja’s absence on Twitch as a chance
for him to grow his channel. When the news broke out in August, Shroud
said jokingly… “Hey man, Ninja’s gone. It’s all me, baby. Gotta take advantage.” And yet, one of the reasons Ninja abandoned
Twitch was for the chance to grow even more. Perhaps Shroud also saw the opportunity to
get bigger than ever via Mixer, too. Mixer doesn’t quite have the user base that
Twitch enjoys, but it does have a lot of features that enhance interactivity between streamers
and their viewers. That’s the whole idea behind Mixer, in fact. Mixer prides itself on it’s Faster Than Light
protocol, which means that viewers get to see what their favorite streamer is doing
as they do it. Unlike other platforms that have 10 to 20
second delays, Mixer aims to have a sub-second delay. That’s fast. Thanks to this almost real time speed, Mixer
is able to host features that allow for viewers to really get involved in streams. The audience can play minigames of their own
and make wagers using a special Mixer-specific currency. Not only that, streamers can create customized
polls and let viewers vote on their actions in real time. Shroud made a name for himself through his
incredible skills in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, eventually earning himself a place
on one of the most popular esports teams out there, Cloud 9. His professional gaming career was short,
but he seemed to find his true calling streaming on Twitch. Shroud made a pretty penny playing CS: GO
professionally, but as we’ve learned, streaming can mean insane payouts on the daily. Subscriptions, donations, and those Twitch
bits can really add up. At one time, it’s estimated that Shroud’s
Twitch subscriptions alone were earning him approximately $85,000 a month. We’ll let that sink in for a minute. What does Shroud’s departure mean for Twitch? Will life go on for the video game streaming
website? Is the platform dying? Probably not as far as the latter is concerned,
but Twitch has certainly experienced growing pains over the years that Mixer has yet to
suffer from. Twitch’s reputation has been marred over time
by various scandals, no-good streamers, and misuse of the platform. Mixer’s biggest sin so far might be the way
it’s stealing streamers, and that’s just business. Fans are already flocking to Shroud’s Mixer
channel and spamming the chat with excitement. We’ll let you know if anything else happens
in this brave new chapter of this pro gamer’s career. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more SVG videos about your favorite
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33 thoughts on “The Real Reason Shroud Is Leaving Twitch

  1. The problem is shroud is the best fps player on twitch so if there's a new fps game they will look for shroud. plus the guy is very likeable

  2. I'm really glad that shroud move to mixer because twitch is just some feminist streaming platform


  3. Saying that a streaming platform like mixer’s delay speed is almost non existent isn’t a plus the reason most streamers have a delay is because they don’t want other people trying to get in on their matches and try to ruin them and before i get a comment saying “but a lot of the times it’s funny” yes sometimes it is funny but for a streamer MUCH like shroud who likes to put up top notch gameplay it can be infuriating

  4. Shroud just wants a new and better atmosphere, why the fuck are people making a big deal out of this??? I know you are running out of ideas for new videos so you see this as an opportunity to make new content but this is lame.

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