what’s good fam my name is krisppykim and
welcome back to my channel in today’s video what I have for you is the fastest
money farm in Grand Theft Auto 5 online okay so as you can see right now I do
have a lot of card duplicate right here in front of you and this sells for 1.5
million each and every time okay so you guys can use any card that you guys want
but I do recommend that you guys use the arena more vehicle or the Bennie’s
vehicle okay so if you guys are new in a channel consider yourself subscribing by
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future and with all that being said let’s jump straight into the video so
this is a two player money glitch however don’t worry but this is a very
simple glitch as soon as you hit this you will continue farming a lot of money
so right now I’m gonna demonstrate to you what your friend needs to do if you
don’t have any friend to do this glitch with comment down your gamertag below
and make my comments section and matchmaking threat for all of you so
again very important this is your friends part alright first step of the
friends point of view he needs to make its way into story mode and change his
targeting mode interfering after that make his way online and make sure that
this publication is set into apartment to the custom apartment it’s very
important that he said his spawn location to the apartment or else it
will not work and after that for save the game by changing your clothes and
that way we will be able to force save the game and save it to the last
occasion now tell your friend to simply press pause and find new session and he
will be able and he must spawn into the apartment tell him to open up his phone
go to play quick job and go to heist and join Lobby tyreq while in the background
looking for a job open up the interaction menu and go to apartment
style and preview the apartment style hover over it and soon as it takes you
up in the sky simply press exit at and simply join someone in a different
targeting mode while you’re in a center screen of a job okay except the First
Alert declined a second and you will free-falling like this it’s either you
will freefall or you will spawn inside the glitch apartment without your
mini-map okay now from here simply press pause and start a job whichever location
that you want to do this glitch when you can do this to nightclub casino or arena
so in my case I’m gonna do this in the casino so I’m gonna start a job the blue
marker job near the casino so simply start it up be in a setting scream
accept the First Alert of the someone that is playing in the different
targeting mode and decline the second and you will teleport right in front of
your casino nightclub or arena whichever location that you will use this that you
will do the glitch win okay so again this is still your friends step
okay tell your friend to make his way inside of the casino and then inside the
casino he doesn’t have a map still make its way and approach the front desk
press right on the d-pad and go to valet service and order any car soon as he
press that he will be an infinite loading black screen and this is the
moment that you will come into the picture start a tighten up a job send
your invitation to your friend okay now ask your friend if he gets the black
alert no soon as your friend tells you that hey I’m in the black alert then
simply quit the job completely okay you need to quit the shop completely and
tell your friends okay I’m already quit the job I’m on foot right now in the
session now tell your friend to accept this alert okay
so simply accept all of the alert that he will receive he will get two alerts
okay and he will fall back down to the ground okay very simple and he will fall
back straight to the casino to the glitched out casino without mini-map
tell your friend to pull up his phone go to Internet then press boss and they’ll
go to map and teleport back or start a job in front of the casino okay there
you go start a job in front of the casino
and then and it will take him up in the sky and when he comes back down he will
be invisible now this is the moment that you will
come into the picture again you as a duper you will just simply start a
tighten up a job once again send him an invite through the party then simply ask
him if you received a black alert now when he confirms to you when he confirms
to you that he got the black alert you will completely back out of the sighting
screen of a tight end of a job and you just let him know that you’re already on
foot so he can accept all of the alerts that he will receive after accepting all
of the alerts he will spawn back down to the ground not from here his part is
done okay now here all he’s already glitched out then you can do as many car
as you want I do recommend that you duplicate the arena where vehicles or
Benny’s vehicle enable for you to earn the maximum profit okay now from here
simply order your mobile Operations Center with a personal vehicle storage
and simply drive out any car from your garage now tell your friend to drive
that car away from you and open up your interaction menu and register yourself
as a motorcycle club president okay make sure that the car is away from you so
you will be able to request a fag you okay it’s very important that you have a
lot of faggio in your garage and able for you to replace it with 1.8 million
dollar car now from here as soon as you order the faggio fabio will not appear
in the map okay now simply make your way into the casino
and your garage casino garage or a nightclub or arena whichever garage that
you will do this glitch with okay and just pick up any car that you want to
duplicate and again I would like to mention arena war vehicles nightmare
easy sells for the most money so I do recommend for you guys to use deny very
easy the one that I have right now now as soon as you drive it out from your
garage tell your friend to approach you back here near you and soon as he
approach you near you as you can see right now in the game play any moment
now okay he just need to simply get out of the
and the car will disappear so there you go the car is approaching right now okay
so there you go your friend will bring in the car near you it’s gonna see step
out of the car the car will disappear and you just need to simply drive this
car into the back of your MOC you simply press right and just accept whichever
alert that you will get okay if you get one now from here you just need to
simply drive it out and drive it back in the casino garage
and that’s the duplicator right there okay so I’m gonna show you how to rinse
and repeat the glitch okay and then from here you will just simply store this car
this duplicate car inside of your garage and this sells for 1.8 million dollars
now simply get on another car any car will do ok and then tell your friend to
drive it ok tell her to go ahead and drive it for me
and then from here order another faggio okay well while she’s driving away from
you and then soon as you got the faggio it will not appear in the map again once
again and just simply go inside of your casino garage and get the car that you
want to duplicate and then simply drive it out tell your friend to come near you
once again and then just tell her to get out of the car and the car should
disappear in front of her ok now after that soon as you see that the car
disappear and when she gets out of the car just simply go back into the back of
your MOC to store the car and accept whatever alert that you will get and
that’s it that’s how you reinterpreted this clutch this is the fastest money
form in the game right now so do you recommend that you guys make the most
out of this take advantage of this and if you have any questions let me know
down in the comment section thank you so much for watching I’ll see you the next
one bye bye

Danny Hutson


  1. What’s good Fam?! Its 4 in the morning where i’m at and I’m just about to sleep 😴 sooo tired lol. I just put this video up before i sleep. Lmk of questions that you guys have and I’ll answer them when i wake up😘💕

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