The only USB Cable you need 🔥

The only USB Cable you need 🔥

Hey, what’s up guys? So, this is Jay Kapoor here and in this video I’m going to show you a USB cable that will simplify your life. SO, LET’S GET STARTED! So, let’s start with the unboxing first. So in the box, you will get the USB cable and a USB manual. THAT’S IT! So, let me show you 3 cool features of this USB cable That you will not find in any other USB cable out there. So, the first one is you can charge your Android phone by connecting it to another Android phone by using this cable. So, this is possible because this cable has 2 micro USB ports. So, pull off the other micro USB port like this and connect it to your friend’s Android phone and connect the other end to your Android phone. And your phone will start charging. How cool is that! The second feature of this USB cable is this USB cable has 2 ports. The first one is the micro USB port that you can use to charge your Android phone or transfer data. The second one is a “Lightning port” that you can use to charge your iPhone or iPad. The third feature and my personal favorite feature of this USB cable is you can share photos from your iPhone to your Android phone. OR from your Android phone to another Android phone. So, connect both the phones and you will get something called “Camera importer” So, just tap on it and import photos. So, this feature is very useful specially if you have a 16 GB iPhone and an Android phone with a memory card slot. You know what I’m trying to say, right? Looks like i forgot to mention that this cable is strong and tangle free as well. So, that’s it for this video. You can find the direct link to buy this cable in the description below. Make sure to click the red “Subscribe” button for more cool videos. Like and share this video with your frineds. And I will see you in the next one.

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66 thoughts on “The only USB Cable you need 🔥

  1. Awesome video broda but when you want to charge one phone from another and you connect the cable how will you come to know which phone will charge or both will charge ?

  2. hey Jay !! i needed to ask that i wish to download all the EPISODES+MOVIES of POKEMON/BEYBLADE series (atleast 480p) (hindi /english with subtitles) suggest any link or site which will fulfill my demand..i hope you would help!!

  3. one question : can i also import the photos from my friend's phone to my phones, which is password protected through some sort app. if yes.then this cable is a must 😛

  4. jay…can u suggest a PC build under 50k for editing?(inclusive of dell s2216h monitor and os) 8 GB ram wud be awesome! pls help me bro! and do a setup video if possible!

  5. to all those wanting to avail free jio sim: go and watch kingsmen the secret service…you will know not to trust a person who gives free sims and net! 😉

  6. how do v connect pendrive to this cable ? or the data transfer is possible only between the mobiles through this cable

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