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100 thoughts on “The Most Profound Moment in Gaming History

  1. I’m proud to have been involved with such an iconic and thought provoking entity. Kojima-san, I hold you in the highest regard. Brilliant, then. Brilliant, now. Well done, Max!

  2. MGS2 is easily the most deep and complex and thought provoking game out there, that was many years ahead of time.
    I was equally fascinated and ever since I first played it, it left a deep impression on me. I was around 14 at the time, when I played it through the first two times, I still did not fully understand what the game was really about, but it never let me go since, and as time past, I saw and understood more and more what MGS2 foretold and its meaning behind it. To this day, I am still amazed to see that this games message is still relevant since its release. This is Kojima's Ultimate Masterpiece by far, as he realized that the plot was so complex that the average player did not truly understand it and thus his later games became more simplistic in comparison.

  3. The future is more terrifying than these ones warn you about. They do not tell the whole truth to help aid you to The way. The truth is written in the King James Bible, spoken by the one whom made the truth.

  4. The most profound moment in gaming history was in GTA IV.

    Niko Bellic: I've always wanted to be a lawyer.

    Francis McReary: You can be whatever you like, it's the land of opportunity. Any fool can BECOME PRESIDENT.

  5. I wish that there were some way to make people see this more. If only there were an AI that could profoundly suggest this video into people's reccomendations. Hmmmmm….

  6. 2002, I was ten years old and this game fucked my mind. After the end of the Game, i feeled so confused. Great memories! 😀

  7. Excellent analysis. MGS stands in a row with many good 60's science fiction books whose dystopian ideas unfortunately came true too often.

  8. I wonder why an AI that comes to these conclusions still wants to preserve humans at all costs and doesn't instead view itself as the next step in evolution. Sometimes I think humans are just not capable of managing such a gigantic, complicated and fast evolving world. I mean the human brain has not changed very much (if at all) in the last ten thousand years, but the problems it is expected to solve (and endure) today are on a completely different scale.

    Of course there are enough books, movies and games that deal with this.

  9. Almost 20 years later and this game seems more relevant now than ever. I wonder if we'll be looking back at Death Stranding in 2040 in a similar way.

  10. What if the AI took 'Creating context' too literally and starts bringing
    the fake news to reality?
    I dont want my friends and family to be murdered(infact any living person) just
    because a fake news about their demise poped up on the internet!!
    really im happy with the current weak versions of AI that are only
    capable of performing basic human task …..do not want some super
    powerfull AI who holds power to eradicate entire earth. Atleast keep one
    kill switch which cuts the power to AI and entire world if
    necessary…will stay without electricity for a day but delete that
    monster from this world if necessary.

  11. I played this when I was a kid and it is genuinely the most scared I've ever been playing a game and I played Alot of survival horror. By the time I reached this point I had been playing for about 6 hours straight and then this fucker started telling me I was "playing the game for far too long, don't you have anything better to do with your time? ". This fucking game was talking to me and I literally switched it off and never played it again for weeks 😂 looking back on this whole dialogue still creeps me out. Because Alot of it has come to pass….. Unbelievable

  12. Did you know that GTA IV predicted Donald Trump?

    Niko Bellic: I've always wanted to be a lawyer.

    Francis McReary: You can be whatever you like, it's the land of opportunity. Any fool can BECOME PRESIDENT.

  13. I used to play this game when I was really young. Even to this day I remember how uncomftorable I was whenever they broke the fourth wall even if they were just explaining how to play the game. The thing that got me the most was when colonel started giving little hints to raiden but raiden would flat out ignore them. There was also that iconic line: Raiden, turn thr g4m3 con5ole off r1ght now. And raiden was just confused while I was shaking out of fear. But its so scary that after this game almost nothing is mentioned about this codec call in the later games at least im pretty sure. And we probably wont ever get to see the conclusion of whoever these A I are now that hideo is gone…

  14. Multinational tech companies are aiders and abetters in censorship starting with Google. Anti trust should have handled Google long ago.

  15. Welp. If an Orwellian super AI ends up being the solution to the abuses of free speech, I mean, so be it. I'm aware this comment is likely going to have downvotes, but hey that's what this codec seems to be getting at. If you cant exercise your speech nicely, why should others suffer from your abuse? Best to put a cap on it then. Fair enough right?

  16. The video was God damn fantastic. Amazing analysis of the rhetoric. But one request, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE focus on talking more!!!! The sibilance and tongue splashing are horendous!!! Like a chalk board in the form of saliva!!!

  17. Actually the writers of MGS2 didn't ''predict'' the future of the internet in the western hemisphere, they were more likely satirizing the reality of then present day japanese internet culture. Remember, in the late 90s japanese the web was more advanced than the rest of the world,the infamous website 2channel debuted in 1999.

  18. Metal Gear Solid always, ultimately, went over my head. It's my favorite franchise for it's unique gameplay, characters and surface premise… The story can be looked at simply, you are always the protagonist vs antagonist; but there always seems to be something that calls you to be more actively engaged or aware. Playing through most of the series as a kid, I thought switching my controller to Port 2 was revolutionary (so did my brother who argues Splinter Cell > MGS)… I just need one of the home console releases brought to the switch lawd

  19. Have you ever played Planescape: Torment? if not then …. ehhh metal gear solid is a brilliant game but planescape has a story, characters and plot twist that beat metal gear solid on your head greetings

  20. I remember playing MGS2 for the first time in 2014 when political correctness was still in infancy in comparison of what it is today. I was shocked at how genius Kojima is and the feeling has grown since then.

  21. There can be no disinterested group or individual. "Objectivity" is more being able to see something in many perspectives rather than the "correct" one.

  22. We have lost the way, and no longer know ourselves. If one confronts himself, and invests energy into finding the way again and get a clear mind, one will be able to make the right choices. But like Max said, people push away what confronts them. A saying by Alan Watts: ''If you don't love yourself, you will destroy yourself.'' means that if you are living with a blindfold on, you will be afraid and hit yourself in confusion. It should be so logical that before you can do anything, you need to take the blindfold off. But many people live on with their lives, and never even dared to question what this whole life thing is about. If you don't understand this, and you don't dare to ask yourself the big questions, you will be forever blinded. And this is why we don't live in the moment, right here and now. We live inside our heads, engulfed by our concepts and ideas that we have learned from others who were blindfolded. Occasionally absorbing an idea that is in line with the way. But the reality is most of us are too busy living in either the past or the future that we are not in contact with reality and ourselves. Then the outcome is the destruction of yourself. If you are reading this and do want to find the way, I recommend listening to philosophers like Alan Watts and look into Taoism and buddhism. Both are practices for realignment with yourself, and are not like a western religion.

  23. This video popped up as soon as I started watching to Jordan B Peterson lectures. In a sense: isn't YouTube algorithms making the bias & differences among people much larger? As it is feeding people with information they want to listen to, not what they should to get a clearer worldview.

  24. So, basically this boils down to "Think".

    Like so: "Just, stop and think for a second before you do a thing or take someone's advice, whatever it may be."

  25. 15:03 THIS is exactly how trump got elected. I cant tell you how many people I know who voted for trump out of hatred for Hillary.

  26. This is one of the greatest if not the greatest video on youtube. I have tried to tell people for so long that this game basically called out Facebook (2004) and Google for their data collection to be used in a GW like system. There are Bots commenting on shit creating context on everything political on social media nowdays. In 2007 I remember telling my at the time GF "in 2017 our country is going to be at war politically… it's going to be really weird". She didn't believe me.. nobody ever fucking believed me. Here we are 2019 and I'm rewatching this and have watched this happen over the last 10 years and I'm speechless. I don't know how to warn anyone anymore… if you are a man in the USA you had better start losing your belly fat and doing cardio, you'd better learn how to grow food, hunt, and learn how to barter. If you're an introvert you'd better shake that shit or you're going to be "another worthless mouth to feed"

  27. OMG guys I have a theory in metal gear solid v ground zeroes : extra ops one of those missions are you playing as raiden and clearing some non human creatures of the xof camp . Maybe those are the non human creatures

  28. The thing is things like these have been a problem sense being able to document information. The internet just makes that more apparent, because it is so easy to manipulate..

  29. Did you play Planescape: Torment? Literaly the whole game have a huge sense of philosophy, questions and topics about nature and the reality of the beings etc. I still think that the phrase "What can change the nature of a man?" gives us an idea of what the game can tell us to the players, and the way that the game tell us that the thoughts, faith and believements have more power than we think.

  30. Everything this video proclaims make sense! From the power to predict the future it may seem…to describing our way of life in 2019. But its all wrote up on humans an human related problems….this is where we fall short about life and humans itself. You cannot solve human problems with human answers. We create all this shit to understand what we can't logically,not the true truth,but a truth we as a life form made up🙏😢

  31. Kojima is a time traveler or a psychic.
    Or maybe, humans are more predictable than we want to admit. Even if we make new eras and change the course of the future (and thus history), we cannot change the human psyche nor natural trends if it opposes the natural law

  32. They say games make people violent! They say gamers are murderers!
    I say games make people aware! I say gamers are thinkers!

  33. I love the factual analysis of that moment, great analysis. Your analysis of culture as it is today fails to take into account things like capitalism and it's effect on things like call out culture, "political correctness" and other things people claim society has created out of fear of the other side (when in actuality I believe it has a lot more to do with monied interests). But that's more of a disagreement of the source of the problem and not the problem itself. Thanks for your work, your SH videos have always been very interesting and helpful in understanding psychological history in terms of Freud/Jung and others and their context and influence today as I studied psychology in undergraduate.

  34. Life did not originate in the ancient soup and apparantly you never played Deus Ex 1 which is dimensions better that what you present here… Even Westworld has a better Story.
    PS: Solutions for this are in development Today: Data Mining, Filter Algorhythms etc.

  35. I am severely shocked and fascinated at the same time. This is one of the best videos I've seen on youtue and I will remember it for years. Your execution with these videos is truly masterful.

  36. Soooo, pro-A.I.? Problem with A.I. though is it's unlikely to be benevolent. It will carry the biases (or special interests) of whoever programs it (or feeds it machine learning data). Pick your poison.

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