The Magic of Technology

The Magic of Technology

MAN: Hi, darling. Hi, Grandpa. – Are you ready?
This is a story about magic. ‘A green rolling hill,
and a giant…’ BOTH: ‘..named Bill.’ But magic isn’t real, right? It’s a story we tell our kids,
a story we all leave behind. In adulthood, we change our mind
’cause magic’s way too hard to find. And to that fact,
we’re all resigned. But maybe it’s all around us. Maybe it’s magic
of a different kind. What if I told you I could put you
in two towns at once? Then would you believe in magic? Or what if I said I could
breathe life into machines? Then would you believe? What if I could ease your mind? What if I could make you smile
when you don’t want to? What if I could take you high up,
push you farther? What if I could promise you
the world? Then would you believe in magic? Or what if I said
I could help you save a life? Then would you believe? See? We live in a magical world. We never have to wake
from our dreams, our restless minds now free
to wonder at the wonder of technology,
at the magic we’ve created. Possibilities are like stars now – infinite constellations
fuelled by pure imagination leading to one destination –
to you, to thrive.

Danny Hutson

8 thoughts on “The Magic of Technology

  1. Oh god no ,song claire de lune by flight facilitys.

    Edit:seen about 129 different telstra ads with this song.

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