– If you don’t repost
this really fake story five times, you’re gonna die in one minute! – (Ian) SHUT UP!!! Okay, what does it mean
when someone says, We’re their OTP? Oh, heh heh, yeah, that means
that we’re their one true pair. Okay, why don’t they just say that then? Dude, they’re just typing online. Imagine how dumb it’d be
if everything we did online we did in real life. THE INTERNET IN REAL LIFE CAPTCHAS (club music) Stop right there! Read this out loud, please. I need to know if you’re bots or not. I wanna lick Harry Style’s nipple. (groans) What the hell was that?! You didn’t capitalize the W. Now go home with your little bot friend
before I punch you again. Go! (whimpering) SPAM I have a pill that will give you
a 15 inch rock hard erection that’ll last you 13 days. Okay, that’s definitely
the fakest thing I’ve ever heard. Do you really think that anybody
would ever fall for that? What? INTERNET TROLLS (Anthony) Your hair looks stupid.
Your hair looks hecka gay and fat. Hair fail! Okay, Anthony, I know
that’s you behind the mask. Can you just stop?
It’s hurting my feelings. It obviously wasn’t me.
You couldn’t see me saying it, and I sounded exactly
like Morgan Freeman, so it was Morgan Freeman. Yes, I’d say I agree with that!
That was Morgan Freeman. PS, please subscribe to my channel! CLICKBAIT WEBSITES Come see three incredible secrets
that’ll make you live longer. You won’t believe number two! No way! I love life secrets!
Show ’em. (fanfare) Number one: Eat food. (wind whistles) Wha-?
Is that it? You have to go to the other rooms
to get more information. Why? Because we get 1/100th
of a penny for every single view, okay? That’s just how it works. Well, I got nothing better to do. (skater) I’m gonna share it
with all my family and friends and bug the sh*t out of ’em. Great. LOOKING AT PORN (moaning) Yeah, I thought this would be hot,
but it’s just really awkward. Let’s just get outta here. Yeah. – (groaning, moaning)
– Yeah, put it in my ear! IDENTITY THEFT (laughter) Hey! Hey, hey, hey!
What the hell is this sh*t?! He knew your social security number,
so I thought it was you. We don’t even look anything alike. Pssht! Man, you know
that’s racist, right? (scoffs) Oh, oh. Uh…(nervous chuckle).
Just go, whatever, yeah. I’m not racist.
Have fun. (giggling) FACEBOOK COMMENTING Check her, bitches. (laughter) Guys, my grandpa just died. Oh no. (somber music) Like. Dude! What? Hold on, you’re not supposed
to like these kinds of posts? FORCED MEMES Guy Eating Cereal Brian! Lonely Loser Girl Sitting
on a Rock, Read a Book on the Side of the Street
with Hair and Glasses Girl! What? (groans) Guy Who Doesn’t Like–(groans) When People Make Memes– (groans) Out of Everything–(groans)–Guy! (groans) Yeah, thank God
all that internet stuff doesn’t happen in real life, right? Yeah, now if you’ll excuse me,
I have something much bigger to deal with now. Oh God!
God, dude, seriously man!? Why do I always trust
hot girls with pills?! (groans) Stupid! LOL! GAL! SMHWSMDOAT. Okay, the only thing I understood
out of that was LOL. Yeah, okay so he said,
“Laugh out loud.” Right. – She said, “Get a life.”
– Okay. He said, “Shake my head
while slapping my d*ck on a table.” Okay, so that one’s like ROFL,
where they’re not actually – rolling on the floor laughing.
– (thumping noises) – He’s not actually try–
– (thumping noises) (thumping) Ew! (Ian) Hey, guys, thank you
so much for watching the video. If you haven’t yet subscribed,
click that huge ass subscribe button on the screen right now. (Anthony) And click that box
on the left to see a deleted scene for retweeting, and a bunch of bloopers. That movie was pretty good. Yeah! Anthony said
that movie was pretty good! (Ian) And if you want to see
another video of us making fun of internet stuff, click
the video on the right. (Anthony) Hey, Google Images,
I’d like to see a picture – of a toaster.
– Certainly! Here’s a naked girl with a toaster! (steamy music)

Danny Hutson


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