The Internet DECIDED Between QUALITY vs QUANTITY | DailyVee 575

The Internet DECIDED Between QUALITY vs QUANTITY | DailyVee 575

– There is no debate. I will continue to say
what I said a year ago especially ’cause a lot
of you weren’t here. This is what actually works
creatively on the internet, and the internet really matters. – [Together] Hey! – You’ve got more perspective. (cheering) I just wanna be happy, don’t you wanna be happy? (easy music with driving beat) One of the best parts of being CEO of this company in the last four months, is way more one-on-one
meetings have happened, and I can’t tell you how much as a macro that makes me feel better ’cause it’s not only the hundred people I’ve seen the last 120 days, it’s also the two to three that they’ve affected by the meetings I’ve had internally and I think it’s been collectively good and I’d like to triple
down on more of that. Hey everybody, um, was really
looking forward to this so I’m excited to be here. I just couldn’t encourage
a more collaborative culture of asking questions. I’m trying to create the permission for somebody who’s on their first week to reach out to the most senior creative and ask her or him, you know, hey, what was this about, or how did you get there? So I think that’s how we take this meeting and take it from a moment in time and make it actually living and breathing which is disproportionately
the most important thing that we can accomplish as a company. So please heed that. Let’s talk about VBM. Volume model was very
important to me to establish about a year ago for a lot of reasons, but if you play all the chess moves it’s because when I hear that term I don’t think that that’s
a thing in the way that I, and we have positioned it. I think it really means best in class digital creative work which unless you’re
not living in the world I’m sure you realize the internet is real and the dynamics on that platform continue to inform us in our thinking and our behavior and I wanted, and we continue need to
be the best in the world as communicators on that platform. From the horses mouth with no hyperbole, or in my normal disproportionately
optimistic kind of DNA, we are wildly ahead of pace
with volume model interject in this company. For us to be going from
a place of, you know, 11 months ago standing in front
of the company and saying, here’s this thing and
let there be no confusion for the ones in here that
don’t know me as well. It was not well-received,
meaning mentally, like everybody thought this is cute, but I’m gonna do my own shit, right? Or this is theoretical,
but this isn’t real, or most of all which is the
great mistake of companies, my customer’s not gonna like this. You know we talk a lot about our job as strategy creative account people is to say the right things, move our clients in the right place, but the reality is it’s a very tough job. I have enormous empathy for account people in their day-to-day interactions where you’re punched in the face verbally by account, the clients
and things of that nature and, you know, and so I am so excited about how far along we are, most of all internally. To go from 90% of the
organization not being bought in to 50 is a lot of
advancement in 11 months. It just means half the company still doesn’t know what it is, believe in it, or things of that nature, which means we have a lot of work to do because we have not shot with
the clients, or the world, unless we internally understand. There is no debate. I will continue to say
what I said a year ago, especially ’cause a lot
of you weren’t here. This is what actually works
creatively on the internet and the internet really matters. Love you guys. (clapping) (upbeat music) That’s the brilliance of
a volume-creative model. The reason I’m smart and
have all these insights is ’cause I’ve created a content machine that led to me listening. It looks like I’m talking, it
led to me listening, right? – [Man] That’s good. – It is crazy, it’s a good one. I made sure Dustin caught it, you know. (laughing) All the talking has led
to a level of listening that gives me such
profound consumer insights. I will push everybody to podcasts like you would no believe,
even more than video, ’cause I think videos a bigger mental and infrastructural jump for many. I love podcasts because of the following. You do a podcast, you film the podcast
which gives you video, you get the guest’s audience,
when they’re a guest, because they’re gonna promote it bringing you awareness. The first person can be the
fucking third generational guy who’s 58 who owns the boat company in town that’s been crushing for years. And when you email him on
LinkedIn, or his email, and say, hey John, you
wanna be the first guest on the BOCA Business
Podcast, the answer’s, yes, ’cause John’s not being asked by anybody to be on a podcast, got it? And then literally the
content’s a piece of cake. So John, tell us about
how you got started? So John, what’s happening now? How’s BOCA changed in the last, like, you’re fucking 40 minutes done before you even started. Asking four questions and going to sleep. For the first eight years of my career I didn’t have a team. So the way I would’ve done it is like, I would’ve had my iPhone on
the table and recorded it and then literally posted the
raw fucking video on LinkedIn. So like, you know, people again, being the messenger of a lot of these, a lot of these things,
right out scares me, because I have a level of
notoriety now, leverage, infrastructure, but I got here by doing what I’m telling you to do. – That’s really nice.
– Thank you bud, thank you. You’re welcome, thanks guys. – All right folks welcome to the G.R.I.T. Leadership Podcast where we try and build
better leaders and teammates through gratitude, relationships, innovation and team work. What is it that helps y’all
focus on that and, you know, get back to center, or
find that gratitude, you know, every day? – I actually go with gratitude,
guilt, and scaring myself. So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my mindset and like
today I came back to the office after being away for two weeks which is very unusual for me, which means I had an enormous amount of headaches on my plate. And no matter how bad anything is I always go to a place of well,
what if my mom got killed. What if right now I got a phone call from a hysterical sister saying, mom’s dead, she was murdered, right? And for some reason I
do that 55 times a year. Sometimes it’s my mom,
sometimes it’s my kids and my wife driving and getting hit by, but this unbelievable
ability to actually feel enormous life-changing deep painful pain that just in seconds puts everything in such basic perspective
that I don’t know, there’s nothing else. You know what I love, by the way, ’cause I’m just bouncing. (laughing) You know what’s awesome
about New York City? (voice covers voice)
When I walk in New York City this always runs through my mind. It’s a grid and I have 800,000, like I always feel like I’m funny, like I don’t walk the same way ever. Like if I have to go somewhere I’m always doing different shit, like going three avenues
and then two streets. Like I don’t know why it’s probably my entrepreneurial chaotic way where as like my dad walks the same way exact way every time. And I, every time I do it, if I run into a stranger,
a friend, or something, I’m always like that’s so cool, it’s so fucking cool that I
could’ve went one more avenue and then took the, and
like, basically I think we’re completely not
in control of anything which kind of weirdly makes me feel in control of everything. – That’s right on. (laughing)

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100 thoughts on “The Internet DECIDED Between QUALITY vs QUANTITY | DailyVee 575

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  22. KEY takeaway –

    – ""Leaning into quantity …. should 100% be prioritized over quality which is subjective by nature.""

    bottom line – GOOOOOO!

    He's talking to people that are HESITATING, that are 'overly focused' on 'quality'…


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  25. The internet has changed the world and the world will never be as before so garyvee you are realy a model and inspiration so come on and follow my progress i want to be also like you i will post my next video in 6 hours

  26. I 100% try to prioritize quality over quantity, but in a competitive environment like YouTube, you gotta find a balance sometimes

    Another thing is that practice makes perfect! Right now I'm working on growing my channel (business-related) and I'd really appreciate it if anyone took the time to check it out and leave some feedback 🙂

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  32. Hey Gary I'm a full time university student from Jamaica and a certified personal trainer I will be completing my degree this december. I would love to train you for free with Jordan. I am willing to help in whatever way i can with your current trainer if it means assisting him with his job for free. thanks for inspiring me

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