The Full Dustin and Suzie NeverEnding Story Scene | Stranger Things S3

The Full Dustin and Suzie NeverEnding Story Scene | Stranger Things S3

This is Suzie. I copy. -Suzie!
-Dusty-bun? “Dusty-bun”? Where have you been? I’m so, so sorry.
I– I’ve been really busy… uh, trying to save the world
from Russians and monsters. [chuckles] Of course you have. Get the goddamn number already! Who was that? [stammers] It was… Uh, I don’t know, actually.
I think it was just some interference. So, why don’t we, uh, change frequency to 14.158? Copy that, shifting frequency. Standby. [radio whines] [panting] -[Suzie] Dusty-bun, you copy?
-[Dustin] I copy, Suzie-poo. It sounds much better now, thanks. -[both] Suzie.
-Okay, so, listen, do you know Planck’s constant? Do you know the Earth orbits the sun? [snickers] Okay, so I know it starts
with two sixes, and then a… W-What is it? Okay, let me just be clear on this.
I haven’t heard from you in a week, and now you want a mathematical equation
that you should know so you can… save the world? Suzie-poo, I promise, I will make it up to you
as soon as possible. You can make it up to me now. -What?
-I want to hear it. -Not right now.
-Yes, now, Dusty-bun. Suzie-poo, this is urgent. Yes, yes, you’re saving the world,
I heard you the first time, but Ged is also saving Earthsea
and he’s about to confront the shadow, so this is Suzie, signing off. Wait, wait, wait! Okay. Okay. Okay. Shit. [sighs] ♪ Turn around ♪ ♪ Look at what you see ♪ ♪ In her face ♪ -♪ The mirror of your dreams ♪
-[synth music playing] [Suzie and Dustin harmonize]
♪ Make believe I’m everywhere ♪ ♪ Given in the light ♪ ♪ Written on the pages is ♪ ♪ The answer to ♪ ♪ A never-ending story ♪ [Suzie and Dustin vocalizing] ♪ Reach the stars ♪ ♪ Fly a fantasy ♪ [singing sounds on radio]
♪ Dream a dream ♪ ♪ And what you see will be ♪ ♪ Rhymes that keep their secrets will ♪ ♪ Unfold behind the clouds ♪ ♪ And there upon a rainbow is ♪ ♪ The answer to a never-ending story ♪ [Suzie and Dustin vocalizing] ♪ Story ♪ [Suzie and Dustin vocalizing] [chuckles] Planck’s constant is 6.62607004. [panting] [keypad beeps] You just saved the world. [sighs] Gosh, I miss you, Dusty-bun. And I miss you more, Suzie-poo. I miss you more,
multiplied by all the stars in our galaxy. [Dustin] No, I miss you– Enough. [static hissing] [ominous synth music playing]

Danny Hutson

37 thoughts on “The Full Dustin and Suzie NeverEnding Story Scene | Stranger Things S3

  1. Hopper went to the upside down and then the Russians opened the gate again and found Hopper so then that means that hopper is the AMERICAN

  2. Things that cause Joyce’s breakdown; Will gone missing, Will is not healing, and teenagers serenade over the radio.

  3. great scene, great song, great way to introduce unexpected in a dramatic scene, hove ever, not sure it would work on their what it looks like one way radios. And I think that planks constant is something like 6,6 times 10 to the power of minus 34 but who cares

  4. listen netflix, instead of making these well packed, pointless and cringy scenes whose only purpose is to be shared all over the internet until i puke them night and day, try to think less of money and more of quality contents. the whole 3rd season was unwatchable, it was way too predictable and full of cliché, it was like watching a 00' american/college dumb comedy movie. bye.
    i'm surprised of how many people fall for this shit, really. how is that now nobody takes risk and goes to the opposite direction of what an army of dumb teenagers wants a serie to be.

  5. I just finished season 3? I'm the kind of fan who always wait for the day of the release but this season I wasn't able to because I had to study for my licensure exam so stranger things has been really one of my motivations to study because I said i will only watch it if I pass… and I passed!

  6. i'll give you a never ending story dusty bun "it was a dark and stormy night. pete and repeat we're sitting on the top bunk. pete fell off. who was left? repeat." lmao i'm so clever

  7. The best scene in the season.. Beautiful song.. Took me right back to my childhood.. Damn.. I miss the 80's and 90's..

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