The First Flat Earth Conference Was Packed With People From Around The Globe

[Robbie Davidson] This is a day that’s gonna be etched in history: the quest for truth. And it can seem crazy but all of us laughed at this topic, including myself. This is probably the most ridiculous thing I ever thought that I’d be doing, and here I am organizing the Flat Earth International Conference, but I’m not laughing anymore. [men] One, two, three… [crowd] We’re not crazy! [crowd cheers] [man] Some of us are just nuts! [David Weiss] There’s a lot of people that have different ideas on what the Flat Earth is. But one thing we all agree on is that we don’t live on a spinning ball flying through infinite space. [Robert Foertsch] Do you feel yourself spinning? Wobbling? Gyrating? No, I’m pretty rock solid. [David Weiss] We always say, “Don’t believe us; do your own research.” But unless you know there’s a question, you’re not gonna do the research. [Robert Foertsch] Toilet water’s not flying out on people in Australia because of gravity. Well, hello! It doesn’t fly out of the toilet because water seeks its level. [Mark Sargent] The flat earth would be a circular, flat area surrounded by a field that is known as Antarctica. [Patricia Steere] This white rim around the outside, a lot of people refer to it as the Ice Wall. [Mark Sargent] And then the dome is over the top. Now how high it is is also in question. [Watsun Atkinsun] I believe that it’s some kind of star field firmament that’s about 6,000 miles above us. It appears to be a cymatic light field, electromagnetic energy, not gravity at all. Gravity is a deception. The Sun, the Moon are these transcendental, cymatic luminaries. [Chris Hilton] [indistinct rapping] ♪ I don’t need you to believe me. ♫ ♪ I’m just here to plant the seed. ♫ ♪ That the grand global conspiracy is that the Earth’s flat. ♫ [Cathy Dunson] The best part of being at a conference like this is I can talk to somebody that will listen to you. My mother, if I tried to talk to her about any of these things, she doesn’t believe me. I just can’t take that rejection, so coming here, you’re going to talk to people who have done the same journey, and they’ve come to the same conclusions, and they don’t want to live a lie. [Nathan Thompson] I’ve done about a dozen experiments. I was actually looking to debunk Flat Earth. I’m not like, “Diehard Flat Earther; I wanna be a Flat Earther.” I want to believe the government. I want to believe what we’ve been told our whole life. There’s nothing worse than being like, “Oh, the people that we pay taxes to are lying to us with our money.” [Robert Foertsch] They’re lyin’; I ain’t buyin’. [reporter] So, who’s “they”? [Robert Foertsch] Well basically, Satan… [Mark Sargent] I don’t necessarily want to get into naming, whether it’s the Illuminati or the Bilderbergs… [Nathan Thompson] …the Jesuits, the Freemasons… [Mark Sargent] …or the trilateral commission, or the Vatican… [Nathan Thompson] …the Zionists, NASA, of course. [woman] These are amazing. [man] Are you selling? [Chris Pontius] Yes. As far as I know, I’m the first guy in the whole world to make a working, physical model of the Flat Earth. All these are for sale, except this one, and that one got sold already. This one, I had on the website for $575. So, I named this one “Hidden Lands Beyond” because some of us think that there’s other lands that they’re hiding from us. And that could be very well that they discovered these other lands, and they just don’t want us to know about it. I mean, you know, we might want to go there, repopulate it. [Robbie Davidson] This is the beginning. This will be put in the history books. Today; mark that date. Because whether it’s the next generation, or the generation after, they will remember this date. People are taking notice; something’s going on. This has got to a point now where it’s becoming real.

Danny Hutson

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