The Final Fantasy House | Down the Rabbit Hole

The Final Fantasy House | Down the Rabbit Hole

Of the early internet stories, there are few as infamous as the Final Fantasy House. Though the details are unclear to most who remember it, its reputation is still sometimes invoked on forums in reference to terrible housemates or the eccentric potential from online communities, especially fandoms. What’s more, it was one of the main channels through which internet users were introduced to the “otherkin” phenomenon. So what was the Final Fantasy House? On April 18th, 2005, a LiveJournal user under the handle of “genkicrack” made a long, scattered post detailing an experience with specific fans of Final Fantasy VII, a popular and influential story-driven game from Japan. He introduced it by writing, “These people are dangerous. This is not a joke. This is my experience with them.” He began by explaining his place within the fandom, quote, “Most people watching the journal now probably don’t know this, but back in the day, I ran a pretty popular website devoted to the characters Cloud and the very minor character, Zack from Final Fantasy VII. It was really the only comprehensive one out there about the two, which was why it got such notice. I was used to receiving fan mail or other people’s fan art, which I’d put up on the website,” unquote. At the time of his alleged experience, he explained that he was a college freshman and a heavy drinker. In 2002, he was contacted by a person calling herself Hojo, referencing the mad scientist villain from the game, and the two began conversing with each other occasionally over AOL Instant Messenger Hojo had her own fan site, dedicated to her namesake, and following the same pattern, she began calling the writer Zack, after his site. At the time, he thought nothing of this. Sometime after, he was introduced to Hojo’s wife who went by Jenova or Jen, after an ancient evil and alien creature from the game. The writer describes their first encounter online. Quote: “Then came a good old bombshell. I was asked if I had any memories of past lives. I do believe in past lives, I think it’s a pretty valid cycle given how many cultures believe in it. So I told her no, I didn’t, but I did believe in it. I should never, ever have said that. It was like inviting the vampire into my house. Jen’s attack was swift and sure. She began in a flurry explaining things to me, how there are alternate universes. (Do you grant me that? Sure, there could be.) And in those universes, maybe, just maybe, video games actually happened. I thought it could be plausible, ’cause I like imagining anything’s possible. Through all this and all this flurry, she tells me that she thinks in a past life I was Zack from Final Fantasy VII. ‘Think about it,’ she said, ‘you’re both country-grown, you both have that instinct of dragging off friends who could be left behind, you’d take a bullet for someone, right? You say you don’t believe in magic or any of that, and he wanted to be a mercenary For all of his five or six lines, you have a similar speech pattern. You even live in a basement like he was locked in one, and you hate it.’ Addle your brain with freshman idiocy and vodka, and this will suddenly make sense. Sure, ‘maybe I’m not him now,’ I said, but it was possible.” Unquote. The writer agreed to meet them in the town of State College, Pennsylvania that winter to stay at their apartment a week before Christmas. He was met at the bus stop by Hojo, wearing a lab coat, who escorted him back to where they were living. Quote, “When we arrived at the apartment Jen (who insisted I call her Jenova and would often refer to herself as Jenny-nova) came storming up to Hojo and I, screaming in Hojo’s face. I have no idea what it was about. She was wearing a purple skirt pulled up around her breasts. It looked like she had just got out of bed and I was, to say the very least, intimidated. About three seconds later, she whirled around in a quick-change, suddenly the nicest person ever. Whatever she was mad about was out the window. About this time, I started to realize, though, Jen wasn’t role-playing when she talked about her ‘children’ and ‘other selves’. Jen is what the internet calls a ‘soulbonder’ or in other words ‘batshit loony’. She believes she has a lot of people living in her head talking, (Medically known as Multiple Personality Disorder) and when she wants to take on a personality the best fits a situation for her personal gain, she acts one out. I.e. if she wanted to get sympathy, she would raise the pitch of her voice and pretend to be an innocent child”, unquote. Despite these occurrences, the writers overall experience was positive and he would frequently return for visits each time paying $300 for a bus ticket with every visit he would meet someone new many of them sold bonders themselves Jen would frequently ask for money to buy food and the writer would relent feeling a sense of obligation She would also attempt to help the writer and others grow more attached to whatever final fantasy character. She had assigned to them This was achieved through various means including pantomimed magical battles and a past life regression Involving laying on the floor and listening to music from the game in one instance on a trip to the college She and Hojo locked the writer in a soundproof room past the point of panic to help him quote ‘Remember being Zack?’ Another time when meeting someone’s soul bonded to the character heiress Jen attempted to coax them into sleeping together to this end She announced that she was going to lace their food with aphrodisiacs but whether she actually did so or not her demands were not realized. As strange as these instances were, however, they were not enough to dissuade the writer when Jen and Hojo proposed that he move in with them The writer moved into the State College apartment in the summer of 2003 with plans to only stay for the season. Within three days, He found a part-time job at a supermarket to help pay for food and rent and he quit drinking as well But his experience quickly degraded quote, “I can’t even say what came first chicken or egg, but let’s just say that after one week, I was getting sick of it I was the workhorse. I guess because I was Zack I was therefore the manly man as opposed to Jen ‘The Cetra Queen’ or Hojo ‘The frail scientist.’ Jen quit her babysitting job and refused to look for another one I was the one who had to carry groceries to and from the house. The one who made the money to feed everyone. The one who had to fix or move furniture when it needed to be fixed or moved my computer could rarely get online because Jen was on almost 24/7 the rest of the time she would watch me as I typed so I could never make a journal entry that read something along The lines of it ‘Jen is abusing me help me god’ I’m tired and I want out of here” unquote. Jen’s pattern of surveillance worsened quickly. She would always be listening in on calls, reading his online interactions, and demanding to know wherever he was going to keep track of him. She would frequently wake him up in the middle of the night for sundry magical errands depriving him of sleep. She demanded he spend his meager paycheck on $10 steaks for dinner Which made him sick and when those would only last one night she and Hojo had him asked for unsold food at the supermarket Nobody in the apartment would take out the garbage or clean besides the writer who only washed the dishes and so the stink festered in the apartment in the hot Pennsylvania summer. Jen only wore a single dress and refused to bathe, opting instead to use scented oil the writer described the smell in the apartment as “Rotting flesh and a miasma of filth with sparkles sunshine fairy artificial sugar scent sprayed over it” What’s more Jen and Hojo would beat each other loudly and with increasing frequency Behind their bedroom door as the summer continued each time followed by noisy sex This pattern of starvation, sleep deprivation, surveillance and social isolation Eroded the writers will and he began supporting them blindly. For example while the writer was staying there Aerys grew tired of Jen and the two had a falling out The writer described the aftermath quote. “Apparently Aerys called one evening when Hojo and I were at the used bookstore stealing books, yes, that poor, and said she wanted some of her things back that she had left at the apartment. Jen exploded. She called Hojo’s cell phone in tears screaming. She was going to kill herself. I believed it. Hojo called Syd and demanded he go over Hojo called Aris and screamed at her. I told her off too. We rented a taxi with money we didn’t have and raced home Jen, who had been screaming, She had slit her wrists was sitting in the middle of the floor. Syd was dripping damp cloths on her wrists. I woke up for a second and knew this was bullshit I had a problem with self-injury so I knew very well the sight of a deep cut and the sight of a light cut. I know well knife wounds, Jen had scratched herself. Horizontally on the wrists. Maybe it had been with a safety pin or a butter knife. It was not any kind of suicide attempt, at the most it would sting But I was still mad at Aris because I was supposed to be. I wrote her nasty emails I joined them in bashing her I ignored her when she came to pick up her stuff, even though she obviously wanted to still be friends with me I regret that now because we never reconciled then. Maybe if I had got a clue and tried to get out with her things would have turned out different” unquote. Soon, He was left with no money to leave and no confidence to ask for help. Even when he attempted to talk to his father at a pay phone Jen would go hunting for him then when the filth and the apartment grew unbearable Jen and Hojo asked their landlord if they could move to a smaller single room apartment further increasing their proximity The writer was the one to move the boxes soon after the move the supermarket cut the writers job to one hour a week But even so Hojo took all of them out to buy new things for the apartment Implying that she had been hiding money away in order to make the writer pay for things here as they did many other times They fought publicly however there was one person from the circle of friends in town who had Consistently helped to stabilize the writers mental state a person who went by Syd Also a name from Final Fantasy though the author describes him as having quote one foot in reality He wrote Syd Occasionally would come over when he did I was glad because it was someone else but he was and still does have his dickish moments Jen would make these the be-all-end-all and Rene would back her up I began to think he was like that all the time and didn’t want to hang out with him when he was gone Once he came back they had to restart the process of brainwashing me all over again Unquote it was after one of these visits that the writer finally gathered the will to leave inspired after someone had stolen his shoes He left everything behind in the apartment and walked the streets. Barefoot by the end He had spent a total of two months living with Jen and Hojo after being homeless for a few days Syd helped him gather his things and returned to his mother’s home in Brooklyn Besides his own account the writers spoke of a few others involved with Jen’s specifically one account was about someone he referred to as Captain McCool a Sensitive person with whom they sought to fill the vacant spot that the writer had left when they asked him to move in with them He was too service to turn them down directly And so he claimed that he had been assaulted to avoid it when they discovered his lie They quote had him stuck in a chair and forced him to watch while they raped each other Another person whom he referred to as being would sell her blood to help fund Jen’s lifestyle at the time He was writing the live journal post She was still living with them but stayed in the Attic and was forced to remain as quiet as possible The writer expected some people in the Final Fantasy community to see this but he couldn’t expect the sort of attention it would receive Word spread quickly about the live journal post and many fans of Final Fantasy as well as Soul bonders Commented that they had heard some details about Jen and the group in State College But hadn’t known the extent of their behavior others who already knew her found these claims unsurprising beyond the community However, this story gained interest on forums including 4chan who treated it with disgust and fascination it was soon adopted into general knowledge as a way to reference poor living conditions and soul bonders a subsection of a group known as other kin it was here that the infamous story earned its generally recognised name and misnomer the Final Fantasy 7 house or often just the Final Fantasy house though the rest of the Internet would sometimes Question its veracity the writers account seemed generally accepted within the Final Fantasy community He began to receive testimony from other people affected by the group many of them people He had met during his time at the apartment to share their correspondences He created a website where he cataloged the accounts of those who approached him alongside his own due to the limited archival information available it’s difficult to say the rate at which he updated the site with new accounts, but it appears he was receiving them as late as 2006 with each person Represented by a pseudonym some of these accounts were from people mentioned in the original live journal post and they helped elucidate the practices of the group and Enunciate Jen’s and Hojo’s behaviors these accounts suggest an era of amateurish ness yet Charisma to everything Jen did for example one account from someone going by Zola wrote quote There were also tarot card readings and such while we were there Jen had the same tarot deck I had as a kid the Tarot of the cat people and she told my fortune using the exact same method outlined in the little booklet that came with the cards I can’t remember anything really specific about the readings except there was always mention of something coming after me or something Thus the coughing if I remember right later We were playing with a Ouija board and that something or someone was again trying to contact us Unquote these accounts would also unanimously support the assertions about Jen from the original writer one of the oddest entries However was an open letter prefaced by the live journal writer quote. The following was taken from the wayback machine It is posted without consent of the original author and I want to make that damn clear She has nothing to do with it being here. So don’t involve her It is being backed up here due to the fact that it contains some current information that I felt should be edited out like names Or references to other people uninvolved as far as I know the original author is now happily farming turkeys in, Idaho Don’t hassle her. This was written in 2003 The article itself is apparently written by another active member of the soul bonding community though Clearly no longer associated with Jen under the pseudonym candy wrapper the introduction to the letter reads Genova when I became your apprentice. He told me to shut up and not argue with you Apparently a sorceress is supposed to be a creature who blindly accepts the opinions of the authorities Even when she firmly believes that they are wrong From this I learned that when Jen says something I disagree with I need to nod and make agreeing sounds anyway Otherwise, we would have to fight every two minutes and quite frankly saying what I thought wasn’t worth the hassle. I am NOT however your apprentice anymore and I am free to say what I think and I will because it’s a relief to say it even if you Aren’t reading this. I do not actually give a crap whether you read it or not It will hurt your feelings and you will care that it happened and I don’t you have been warned The letter is structured as a list and the first item reveals the name of Jen you do not look like any Final Fantasy characters You look like Jennifer Cornett end of story She shared some of her thoughts on Hojo and her relationship with Jen if Rene does not go to class And do her homework, it will be difficult for her to pass those classes Then she is no closer to graduating until she graduates It will be hard for her to get a job that makes more money than she gets now This is called capitalism and it’s a bitch no one likes it. But no one has come up with anything. That works Any better, Renee always has to call off work or skip class to give you attention She does this because she loves you love makes people do irrational and reckless things This is one of them that does not make it a good idea You are wrecking Renee’s life it is wrong to do so Even if you have her permission a few other choice lines read you have no money because you keep spending it on things you want Anything you want is not automatically a magical item There may be potential magic and everything but then there’s magic and things you don’t bother to look at things you can have for free if Something is a magical item. That doesn’t mean you must own it It would be nice if you could but you can’t always do so I had money because I rarely bought anything for myself Whenever I got some money, I would save it I am NOT a money generator and neither are my parents if you want to have money you need to not spend it I now Do not have money because I spent it on you poof all gone You still wanted more but I didn’t have any more to give you I have been using crystals since I was 10 years old you are wrong when you start with that you won’t use them properly shit because I’ve been using Crystals since elementary school. You taught me? No magic the only thing I actually learned from you was to beware of people like you but among these accounts there was one that stood out from the others and if it’s to be believed it showed just how far the manipulation of Jen’s entourage could go In November of 2005 the LiveJournal rider entered email correspondence with a woman who went by mela mela had apparently known and bonded with jen in a Utah boarding school and Rediscovered her online through an open letter though the quote in the email isn’t quite the same It’s highly likely that the letter Mela discovered was the list written by candy wrapper hoping to reconnect Mela asked the author of the letter for Jen’s information and some time after she Visited Jen’s residence for two weeks. He or she claims Jen was able to convince her to spend $2,000 on various objects and food by asking only for small amounts at a time sometime afterward likely in 2005 Mela made the decision to begin living with them quote I moved in with $17,000 in my bank account and soon Jen had drained all of that on Necessities all for the house many of which went into Jen’s room and never came out soon I received a check from the investment company for $80,000 and Jen’s spending began again in earnest I tried to get her to stop spending money on frivolous things But every time I said, no or told her she should spend her own money buying things for herself She threw a fit all this time She was telling me how important I was to her special plan how the world needed us to stick together so we could conquer evil Etc. I wanted desperately to feel special. I was scared and alone, and I believed her She knew a few magic tricks was very good at reading people and could give relatively accurate tarot readings I fell for her lies hook line & sinker Unquote after she moved in it was clear that Hojo’s relationship with Jen had deteriorated And she had been supplanted by a new person named angel who Mela claimed was remarkably violent Jen was now sleeping exclusively with angel though. Sometimes Hojo would sleep with angel as well Hojo was forced to stay extremely Silent during the day or risk being berated by Jen this information Strongly suggests that Hojo was the one who was selling blood to fund Jen their hygiene was also still abysmal quote Oh how Jen smelled angel was much worse though. I don’t think that girl ever bathed They just kept adding perfume and Jen’s purple skirt slash dress stink to high heaven That was until I made her other clothes to wear Jen during this time was apparently made aware of the live journal writers website as well at some point It appears that they moved somewhere new and it was here that she claimed she was beaten on multiple occasions once during a dispute One of them grabbed on to MELAS hair and started slamming her head into the floor while Jen and Angel beat her with their fists Then sat on her and attempted to choke her finally. She passed out from the head trauma Jen would later convince her that she had attacked Jen first then blocked out Eventually Melo would tolerate no more and she kicked them out much like their apartment. The house was left a mess Which Mila documented with photographs they also had stolen numerous objects upon their departure including board games fabric and a set of corsets though her demand for back payments of rent quote in excess of 10k is Suspiciously inexact while this account is consistent with other reports of the group’s behavior There was no method by which anyone could verify the veracity of any of them instead leaving only the word of the writers Alongside this the author would finally reveal the faces of Jen and Hojo in the frequently asked questions section He wrote. Is this photo Vincent Jen Hojo 90% of the time. No, this was Jen in 1999. She got fatter and dirtier This was Rene in 2000 She looks the same in Response to this attention Jen and Hojo began to frantically delete most traces of themselves online and even with their names publicly available Nobody could find them after this the attention on these stories began to wane But only a few years after the accounts were posted the final fantasy house would return in a way that nobody expected And at first seemed entirely unrelated On July 15th 2008 a LiveJournal user by the name of dragon tiger claw wrote a post Entitled insane housemate part 1 and published it on housemate horror an open Moderated page where people could share their stories of bad roommates the opening reads quote I used to live in an awesome situation in SoCal until the house maid from hell moved in Fortunately, she has left but the bitterness remains on my tongue. It is a saga that can only be told in pieces Please bear with me in the cut You will find part 1 of the saga involving the girl who believed she was a video game character Unquote soon the author would name himself as Pete The tale was structured in irregularly sized sections with many of them ending on cliffhangers He explained that he was living with five other people in a four-story house. He claimed that the rent was a preposterous lilo $500 a month and that the landlord mat kept it that way because his chief concern was that he wanted company in the house he Had inherited however, his standards for roommates were high They all had to have stable income and employment and be at least 25 years old the woman who was chosen after their screening process was kept anonymous by dragon Tiger Claw and was given the placeholder name Sarah who moved in without much trouble She claimed to be a 27 year old computer programmer who already had a job in the area But when she went back to work after the move She returned saying she was laid off when others offered to help her find new work she consistently delayed accepting it which made them suspicious but much more striking was her connection to a Particular game quote in the three weeks that followed Sarah was still unemployed She spent all her time playing video games in the family room She would play the same game over and over some crappy looking RPG from the 90s It had an unpronounceable name, but sarah said she was bonded to the game She also told us that she changed her name to be that of one of the game characters upon further discussion She explained that she believed she was the human incarnation of this character and that they shared a soul Quote Pete refused to reveal what character she was claiming to be however since it would be identifying information this game would in the second update be revealed to be the Japanese RPG Suikoden released in 1995 soon afterwards a friend of hers came to visit the house She also believed herself bonded to a Suikoden character Specifically Sasser eye but since Pete could neither spell nor pronounce it he simply called her Something after spending a week together playing video games. They picketed a barbecue that the rest of the housemates were having though They had been given vegetarian options to join They refused on moral grounds denouncing them for eating meat after they were aggressively told off they were asked for a house meeting Which took place in March to discuss whether or not sera would be allowed to stay Sarah attempted to explain herself Quote Sarah lifted her head and started to talk She started with I am sorry, but you have to understand where I am coming from She also said lots of people can’t understand me because I have such a high intellect. It is beyond their grasp Excuse us for being sane bitch Unquote they eventually learned that she had used friends help to get past the screening process she had never had a job in California was from the East Coast and used a friend’s address to get a California driver’s license while another posed as her boss Matt allowed her to stay until May first since she had already paid for April Sara however wasn’t willing to leave so easily By this point numerous readers had become enraptured begging for updates to what they had come to call the Sara saga and many returned daily in hopes that a new part would be posted by Pete in Response to the pressure from Matt and the rest of the house Sara isolated herself in her room with saucer eye acting as a go-between She would only leave it in Sasser eyes company however This didn’t last long As Matt was able to pull a favor from a psychologist friend to get her treatment for free and he managed to convince Sara to attend soon. She was on medication and was interacting with the others on a more normal basis It was during this time that they discovered Sara’s true form of income She said plain as can be I have people offer me Donations on my blog so I can spread the news of my religion her religion being that she is actually a male Videogame character from a game that came out in the 90s what so there are some morons out there who are giving money to Sarah So she can pretend to be a videogame character and teach others how to do the same something said we give her things because she has helped us find our true selves so you don’t work either Tim asked I could tell he was Ready to explode. No I get government benefits in the UK Why because I don’t like to work soon after this Sarah’s boyfriend Convinced her to abandon her medication and the results were violent after one of the ruder housemates demanded. She start taking the pills again She began smashing fragile objects, including a window. She would continue to take her pills irregularly but by this point Interaction between her and the rest of the house fell to a minimum by the time May first came There was no sign of her moving out and when Matt attempted to a victor Sarah called the Department of Fair Employment and housing Claiming discrimination against her religion and her disabilities while the state didn’t follow through on these threats They did discover that Matt had never filed the correct paperwork to house tenants and Matt couldn’t evict her until the proper paperwork was filed But the strangest event would happen that summer in July Sarah gathered 12 members of her soul bonding group at the house to perform a ritual Threatening Matt that she would file a discrimination suit against him if he wouldn’t let them stay though Matt acquiesced He only allowed them to stay until 10 o’clock that night one roommate demanded that the sole bonders be ejected But Matt wanted to gawk at their ritual and so they stood in the kitchen and ate pizza while watching them Pete describes the ritual Quote Sarah came downstairs dressed in a white dress she kept glancing at us Something stood between her and us so she couldn’t see us I guess and she began talking She talked about how this was Betty’s Awakening and how betty was now going to finally realize her potential by harnessing the soul of a video game character I couldn’t stand it. I started cracking up the rest of the housemates started cracking up This was better than any kind of TV You can imagine see if you can picture all of these nutjobs Kneeling a the altar as the video game played its music in the background Sara stood over them preaching this Religion and the right bishop something would occasionally interject something deep from her position. Sara was really getting upset So more of her friends made the human wall We could still hear all the stupid even after they turned up the volume on that video game at this point Matt threatened to call the police since it was nearly 10 o’clock But when one of the members of Sarah’s group threw a punch the threat was carried out and the group was forced from the premises After this point other members of the house would share some of their experiences But as they did readers grew more suspicious before this many people had been doubting the veracity of the claims made by Pete but when the other housemates began to write in a similar fashion to him it made them even more dubious these Disagreements eventually spiraled into arguments whose full scope was not archived before being deleted but they were apparently severe enough for the moderator of housemaid horror to write a post regarding them also in this post was a surprising and unexpected piece of information Quote Tim Pete and Carey aka the people posting from the account dragon Tiger Claw about the Sara saga Maybe as they say they are different housemates of Sara or they may be the one person doing a little creative writing experiment basically I don’t give a crap. The posts have been amusing and entertaining And anyone who doesn’t think so is not being forced to read them So, please do not complain farther down the mod continues It has been brought to my attention that a post was made by someone who was claiming to know Sara and that the posts made by DTC were false and harassing blah blah blah blah this same person Jay Eckhart sent me an e-mail before they made that post requesting IP address information on the poster of the Sara stories in order to Catch the culprit making these false and harassing posts I declined as I do not think giving out personal slush Identifying information such as IP addresses on members of my community without their permission is really a good thing to do do you also I have no proof that this person is really Representing Sara or that the posts made about her are false I have no proof that they are true either but until I get proof either way I think the best thing is to not take any drastic actions They requested I not tell dtc about them Contacting me and I intended not to Simply because it was the most neutral action to take but then they made that post and made their intentions public So I feel fine with telling you all including DTC about the email now but meanwhile Elsewhere on the Internet other people were having their own discussion about the Sara saga and they would quickly discover much more than they first expected On August 19th 2008 a member of the something awful forums named Jabberwock posted a thread Entitled if you thought furries were bad which linked to the 11 parts of the Sara saga that had been posted so far The responses seemed mostly to reflect amusement though Quite a number of forum members echoed the doubt displayed in the comments of the posts themselves one user However, who went by jäger hunda had a different response quote. I haven’t read through the journals I only started the first but I swear this could be about a girl I knew and even once dated in that really vague sad high school nerd way She claimed that she was soul bonded to the eros character from Final Fantasy 7 that her girlfriend was soul bonded to Sephiroth And she swore at one point with perfect seriousness that she was carrying sephiroth’s spirit child Apparently she’d conducted an elaborate fantasy life with these characters in her head and had written pages upon pages of god-awful Fanfiction about it so far as I know she grew out of it eventually But when I say eventually I mean like late 20s Even when I knew her at 16 this kind of behavior from her made me want to stay far the fuck away Oh, yeah The girl in question also changed her name to some bullshit nerd fantasy names she made up and absolutely refused to ever be addressed by her birth name after Reading through the rest of the entries Yeager hunter returned the next day with a new post that took the other readers aback Pretty sure I’ve got this all sewn up goons Allow me to introduce you to Catherine rain by pure chance Yeager Hoonah had been in a small writing Club in high school with Catherine and Still knew her Flickr account her deviantART account and her live journal account they also discovered the Flickr account of someone cause playing as Sasser I who had numerous pictures of both herself and Catherine one of these images credited her as Catherine’s Silverberg Silverberg being the surname of a family of characters from Suikoden known for their tactical prowess in war other Photographs had Catherine in a white dress something that Sarah had worn in Becerra saga but the most telling piece of evidence see a garuda discovered was legal paperwork of her name change by searching for her name in the county archives he was able to discover her court schedule for when she Gali changed her name though the accounts of Pete and his housemates were still doubted the identity of Sarah seemed almost certain They also were able to track down the website that this sole bonding community was using to proselytize Curious Internet users another person rediscovered the pamphlets that they would hand out at conventions part of it reads The runes are devoted to preserving the natural order of life while it can’t be denied that their bearers have often Experienced great hardship as a result of bearing the runes We know that this is due to inexperience bearers with no magical training suddenly and unexpectedly Receiving the runes gifts with no knowledge of how to live in harmony with these powerful entities They can’t control the vast forces raging in turmoil inside themselves But if people were taught to listen to and understand the runes we could have the healthy positive Relationships with them that we were always meant to have the end of the pamphlet encourages readers to contact Bishop Sasser eye after looking through the information on the final fantasy house Jaeger Honda made another assertion that Catherine had also been deeply involved with Jen and Hojo He believed that she was in fact both candy wrapper the person who had written the list on the website As well as Aris the apprentice that Jen had lost Catherine had also been attending the University of Delaware during the events of the final fantasy house only a two-hour drive from State College It appeared that after these to distance themselves from one another Catherine began her own soul bonding community based on the Suikoden games gathering followers over the years though the evidence linking the two was circumstantial the Specificity of it left little doubt and this revived interest in the final fantasy house enough that new people were again discovering it On August 22nd, just two days after Jaeger hoon de had posted about Catherine He made another post saying quote took a day off everyone. I don’t really have anything more to add Except to mention to everyone that I’ve become aware that our protagonist is now aware of this thread. Say hi everyone We flee the rest of the forum members began to post messages to Catherine Mocking and teasing her claiming to be soul bonded to any number of characters or objects that same day However, an update was posted to the Final Fantasy House website quote I updated some stuff to make it slightly more legible evidently housemate Horrors sera is not rain crystal This comes to me via the writer of the Sara saga if you think he’s lying or that I’m lying That is your own business. But that is what he told me rain crystals behavior soul bond nuttiness getting money for it Etc is similar enough to Sarah that she is harassing the writer to stop posting his lies about her as such I still think she’s worth warning people about I am sorry But based on my experiences and the experiences of others soul Ponder’s are dangerous freakos Unquote the next day Yeager hoon de had a strongly worded reply quote This is actually a goddamn lie Greta’s a litigious loving nut and it sounds to me like housemate horror dude is doing damage control I don’t blame the Final Fantasy 7 house author since he’s probably taking it simply on faith that our Housemate horror author is telling the truth But he’s not and anyone who’s read this far through the thread should see through this pathetic obfuscation pretty easily unquote in response to one person asking for clarification Yeager hunter replied it would be irresponsible For me to say that Gretta and her friends have their collective panties in a wad about the housemate horror thing and have been pressuring the author to recant So I won’t I’d like to add that it’s possible that the housemate horror author is a very elaborate troll but even if he is this is clearly someone who knows Greta if it’s her of course and while I’m willing to entertain the idea that some of the particular might be Fabricated the fact that anybody you know Like maybe Greta has possibly gotten so defensive about a series of stories which even use false names says much about that person unquote finally on August 24th in mid-afternoon all parts of the story were removed from the housemaid horror blog however Working from Google cache the members of the forum were able to piece together all of the parts that had been written by Dragon Tiger Claw and archived it on the forum though It also had been saved on the wayback machine that same day the original final fantasy house author posted an update to his web site quote well What do you know when something awful found Katherine Rayne things really heated up the original writer of the Sara saga got regular? Harassment until he took the story down considering the mind-numbing level of consistent details between Katherine’s data and the data on Sara I’m going to agree with the goons. The opie was just doing damage control It’s obviously her the current theory is in one last-ditch effort to avoid more court battles with her He deleted all the posts. Well Greta you stepped in it You took away my train wreck that I was reading to defend your crazy cult if he was writing fiction or not You took away the fun. Thanks to something awful We’ll have lots of nice photos and links all here about you and just a little while unquote this last update remains on the web site to this day and a link to the Sara saga threat on something awful is provided farther down the page Now the final fantasy houses website and the Sara saga remain as a warning about fandoms taken to their extreme But they also serve as an example of how the online space collapses the distances between people so they even old friends with no more existing ties can discover or stumble across one another with wildly unpredictable effects

Danny Hutson

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  1. A number of people have brought this up, so I think I should mention this: when making this video, I was aware that Jen is still an active soulbonder who has moved on to the Hannibal fandom, but I decided to cut off the video before that point for two reasons. First, my intention was not to talk about Jen, but rather the Final Fantasy House. Second, the video was already pushing 40 minutes, and to cover Jen's further activities would have easily sent it past the 1 hour mark. This would have made the production cycle prohibitively long and the video much less accessible, neither of which I was willing to allow. This does not, however rule out a video about Jen or Tattle-Crime in the future.

  2. Ever notice we don't call them rapists when they are women?

    Seriously, imagine this same scenario being described if it was two guys running it.

    Not judging you obviously, it is just a societal thing, it just bugs me I guess how females can do such horrible and exploitive things and nobody wants to call it what it is.

  3. Did not realize a story about "the final fantasy house " would fuck with me this much. Skipped over this vid for months assuming it was another failed con story or something.

    Thanks for not just making a big joke out of all of it, unfortunately it doesn't matter because everyone else still just sees a big joke.

  4. 22:32 Those are pretty respectable demands tbh. If you’re gonna be let someone live with you, you wanna be sure they can pay rent every month and don’t a become a liability.

  5. Reminds me of a girl I once knew who thought she was the reincarnation of the main character in one of the Fate Series anime. The uh, the blonde woman. Padoru and umu. I haven't watched it. She was a friend of a friend, my friend brought me around there and then she started talking about this, and I was regretting everything.

    She later, within a week, ended up forced in a metal hospital or something after she encouraged someone to commit suicide because of a genuine belief they'd be happy in the afterlife.

  6. I just wanna say I love these vids you do about internet crazies. I have no Reddit or Twitter or Tumblr or even fb and I’m certainly not a 4chan or the like user, so I’m usually unaware of stuff like this.

    However you have to be the slowest speaker ever. I’m impatient so I usually watch non music vids on 1.25x or 1.5x. Rarely do I have to use 1.75x. You’re the first I’ve used 2x on though. If you spoke faster you could shave up to half the time off. Or a third at least.

  7. These are the type of people I would be like "Yeah, so I got these fags next door that think they're a bunch of characters from a video game".

  8. …I have more questions now that I've finished the video! Time for some independent research. Thanks for a dive into a weird saga! Wth man!

  9. I believe that the Universes of games exist in other dimensions but I don't believe we could be reborns from these one.

  10. Wow man. I used to have this shared delusion with my childhood best friend that he was Mario, and I was Dragonmaster Alex from Lunar, but we grew outta that shit by age 13. It's a little disturbing to see there are people who don't, and even more disturbing to see that there are people who cling to it like a religion.

  11. …why was it the "grocery store cutting his shifts to one hour a week" the most outrageous thing for me? That's bullshit!

  12. My jaw started to ache half way through this video because it was dam near to the floor just listening to this. The internet's stories are amazing.

  13. “It’s called capitalism, and it’s a bitch. Nobody likes it, but nobody has come up with anything better.”

    Ain’t that the truth.

  14. this story sounds very similar to a situation i was in for a while someone with no money sense and weird fantasies and the ill hygiene and lack of self respect all while leaching off others

  15. You see, the first error was joining a person Who believes she is Jenova!
    You don't live with Jenova, dude!
    At least If you really want to be faithful to the source material, you Cut her head and then throw yourself in a river saying '' I will become one with Lifestream!" Or some shit like that!

  16. Like, don't get me wrong, relating to a character isn't a bad thing. Heck, even I have a ton of similarities with FE's Robin, even my name, but this is way too much. imagine this being a common thing

  17. I hardly ever find myself coming back to and rewatching videos as often as I do for any other channel I follow. This content is just nothing short of superb. I've watched nearly every one half a dozen times, and tell people about this channel all the time.

    Just so good.

  18. New theory: the Jen in this story was the same one who wrote infamous Legend of Zelda fanfic "My Inner Life", in which the self-insert has very bad sexytimes with Link based on the author's "lucid dreams" (read: actual delusions). The author got into a lot of internet drama about it, it checks out.

  19. If I wasn’t sane, I’d be doing the same thing with Elder Scrolls characters.

    Good thing I have a conscience

  20. Random Weirdo: "It's worth it to give her things, she's helping us discover our true selves!"
    Normal Person: "Soo you don't work either do you?"

  21. I love this channel and this video…but…"dangerous"? You know, there are people you could talk to. Hire, even. To just…walk into this "house" and simply break it. In half. "Pain" them back into reality. Because they're just idiots?

  22. Fandom of anykind are dangerous. It's ok to appreciate any kind, but as Robert Downey Jr. from tropic thunder "Don't go full retard".
    I can't believe they weren't committed to a mental hospital, if it is allowed in whatever they're state in.

  23. yes anything could be possible doesn't mean that it is true, For example it is possible that I am just an aquarium full of clams with internet access

  24. 5:35 The moment I stopped believing a word of this horse shit. If someone openly threatens to drug you into committing/enduring sexual assault, locks you in a room against your will and throws up more red flags than the soviet union you don't move in with them impressionable youth or otherwise. The only way I see this boy going along with this is if his dick was hard the entire time and doing the thinking for him so he figured he had a shot at a threeway with Jenova and Hojo…which if that was the case I feel like he would have seen a doctor for his month long priapism.

  25. I knew a guy (I'm gonna call him Glass because of his love of crystals) who was a lot like "Jen" at MJC (Modesto Junior College). He considered himself to be brilliant, an auramancer (he loved to provide free handsy "readings" to pretty girls who'd fall for his BS), and to be a direct descendant of Cethlenn (a woman/goddess from the Irish Fomorian myth, said to be a powerful prophet). He was also in his early 40s, and really loved to hang around with as many 18-year-old girls as he could. Glass also had an affinity for a fictional character (Jayne from Firefly), and believed that Joss Whedon was inspired to create the character because of being subtly influenced by an ancestral spirit who was also one of Glass's other ancestors. He always kept a large, high-quality smoky quartz crystal on a leather "necklace" which he'd sometimes refer to as his "Sight Stone"….as he believed it was a focus for his aura-reading abilities, and would always gaze through the crystal the first time he saw or met someone to see if their aura was safe for him to interact with. At the time, I was considering majoring in either psychology or cultural anthropology (though I ultimately chose English) and felt that observing him could be interesting for both of those fields. Eventually, he did figure out that I didn't believe a damn thing he was talking about (though I do believe he believed his own shit), and started distancing himself from me, eventually telling his harem/followers/flock/whatever to not associate with me as my aura "had become as gray as slate" (he had said before that the worst aura color was gray, because it indicated that the person was evil and faithless, that gray was the furthest from a radiant soul).

  26. >this is called capitalism and it's a bitch. no one likes it but nobody has come up with anything that works any better

    communism is RIGHT THERE

  27. Anyone else just get spooked by these videos by literally any fricken word that comes out of his mouth, idk why it doesnt matter what he says, maybe its the music with his voice… Just spooky. Not matter what the videos content is.

  28. I hate that the Social Sciences have been so thoroughly Corrupted, because the Burgeoning Internet Culture are an Anthropological Wet Dream. Oh well, we Shitlords will prevail. We always Do.

  29. If you accept to meet some dude who calls himself as a video game charachter and call himself a reincarnation it’s just natural selection at that point.

  30. Knew a few similar nutjobs back at uni days – Great Mages, High Elves and others heroes of Tolkien saga. Some were ok, some almost harmless, some lost causes. They didn't like me for some reason. Probably because their magic didn't work on me for some reason. At the end of the day they've decided that I'm keeping a Great Demon within serving as a guard and stopped talking to me ?

  31. anybody manipulated into spending thousands of dollars on a person who thinks they are a final fantasy character and that magic is real kinda deserves to be taken for a ride.
    I'm sorry but some of these people are stupid beyond belief. I get the need to feel special and wanted, it is a human need( to feel wanted anyway), but this blows my mind.

  32. I mean I love the FF franchise, but this is…way too much. Worse, I dated someone who swore they were a video game character. It was…something. something horribly bad.

  33. Normally, I would refer to these people as Chuuni. But the severity of this is too much to be classified as such…

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