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100 thoughts on “The Elder Scrolls Online: Murkmire – Official Trailer

  1. Fuck fallout 76. Look at how rockstar make there games. Will never again buy another money grabbing bethesda game. Fuck off.

  2. started playing eso at the end of august (2018,ofc) and kinda due to ressearch i came with out with an "argonian master race" syndrome (because in other games i like tanking,healing,buffing,debuffing,…,anything but a dpser,and found out for a healer (templar) and tank (dragonknight) argonian is best race there is,so hyped for murkmire since announcement.

  3. Is it coincidence that this looks so much like Zandalar and is releases to too long after?

    Wish this was in a singleplayer TES game…

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed ESO, especially during it's peaks at launch and some time after. But even I'm surprised that they're still releasing content for this game. Whatever fills the wallets at Zenimax I suppose.

  5. What are the new features to get back people for eso,Adding Murkmire Dlc to Dailies for to ppl who are not playing eso anymore to get back in?Greedy Zos like always knows how to split out ppl.The game must be based on pvp not pve.Cuz its a game that mmo rpg which is usually about pvp not the fking shiny mounts or idiot dlcs.1 patch changes everything even nobody tries the new sets that you bringing in ?There is always something that need nerf even the class abilities,please do your fking job for pvp greedy Zos.There is even no cutscenes and lack of animations for story dlcs!We are waiting for New Sload set or something new for snipers,nerf the things who are trying avoid this idiots spammable skills

  6. Im so frustrated now, Love your game, played it loads.
    However, as a customer who pays a monthly fee I would expect to actually be able to play the game.
    I do not care if its Steam, ZOS or Bethesda, I just expect it to get fixed.
    It is clear that whenever there is a update Steam Users can't log into the game, this have been going on forever, how on earth can it be that it happens everytime?

    Can you please move our accounts from Steam to ZOS, or is it meant to be that we stupid enough to buy it from Steam should get punished for it?

  7. In my opinion, I think ESO could use a "Transmog" system like WoW… Or at least make cosmetics and armor look more appealing and fun lol I've only seen some good armor sets on players

  8. Eso, needs more races, just like in the lore, a pure wolf race, or fox, the xalvanai (some demon race, found in oblivion), more reptile races and others as well especially mixed elves like the bretons, if they do that and make better efforts for factions and actual quests that we can be evil or good based of quest choices that will boost popularity sense the update I just log in for the free crates, my guild mates and then I play for 40 mins then sign off, how about y'all or is it just me, and add a lot of classes at least 6 more especially with all the magic that's in nirn

  9. Make bow bow build a thing from new char to max level and I'll come back to game for that class fantasy … ESO is best mmo out there at the moment … but if I ca t play my class fantasy bow bow guy … it's a non starter for me and many more

  10. Duddeee finally Bethesda focuses on Argonians…..but I don’t even play this anymore omg dude an Argonian riding a lizard.

  11. Hopes to see something interesting in 2019:
    mb spellcrafting
    mb monk and necro classes/skills lines
    mb rework/expand old zones

  12. Can you choose your character's sex? i dont mean to be picky but i really dislike playing a Game where i can't be a girl XD

  13. Lol! The graphics look like outdated Diablo 2 graphics. 😂
    I'd rather play Bruma since the graphics look more decent….

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