The Difference Between Anxiety And Fear

The Difference Between Anxiety And Fear

Angie has been convinced that Joe’s having an affair, and something that you’re struggling with right now is you’re trying to decide, are you telling me that I’m not thinking what I’m thinking, or are you telling me that I’m lying to myself, what is it you’re telling me? Right? Absolutely. And Dr. Sophy said it very clear, you are thinking what you’re thinking. And we tend to believe ourselves. You’re telling yourself that he’s doing what he’s doing, you just have no basis for it. Well I believe I have basis for it, just because I believe women have intuition. No, no, no, you’re telling yourself you have a basis for it.
Right. Well, like I said, in the beginning I had more proof than what I have now, and I did let other people listen to it and they heard the same thing.
But do you understand the proof that you’re using, is a little bit like this, that you then blow up into a reality, because of the medication and the brain changes in your chemistry. The other thing you need to think about is what are the effects that have happened to you since you retired? You probably don’t feel useful as much as you did.
No I don’t. And that you’re projecting a lot of that, you know, I’m not good enough, he’ll want somebody else, all of that stuff gets through that filter. And about Adderall, you said something that was really interesting to me about Adderall. This really jumped out to me. You said, I will stop taking Adderall when I’m secure. And you will feel secure when you stop taking Adderall. Right. And you need to understand the difference between anxiety and fear. Anxiety is a nervous disorder that’s characterized by excessive uneasiness and apprehension in the absence of realistic threat. Fear is proportionate apprehension to a realistic threat. Now what’s that mean to you? I really don’t have any answer for that. Too many words. Yes, over my head.
OK, let me explain. Let me explain what I mean. Anxiety is excessive uneasiness. Excessive.
Yes. Too much.
Yes. In the absence of a realistic threat. So if I come into your kitchen, and I say, snake, and you get up and dive through the picture window, (Angie laughs) OK, that is excessive uneasiness in the absence of a realistic threat. Now on the other hand, if I come in and I put a snake on your kitchen table, and so you get up and you run out the door, OK, that’s a proportionate reaction to a realistic threat. There’s a real snake on your kitchen table. Yeah. That’s fear, that’s when you have an appropriate reaction to a real threat. Yes. The problem is when you have a exaggerated reaction when there’s no real threat. You don’t have any real evidence that he’s having an affair. But you’re having a lot of anxiety about it, and you’re paralyzed, because you’re on drugs.

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72 thoughts on “The Difference Between Anxiety And Fear

  1. That was a brilliant and yet simple way of explaining fear vs anxiety. It's an example I won't soon forget to help explain my situation to the relevant people in my life.

  2. Thank you for explaining the difference for people who abuse the word anxiety for regular fear and taking away from people who have real anxiety

  3. Can we just appreciate how good Dr Phil is and not make a stupid meme comment out of him for a second. Such an intelligent man. Shut down that woman’s argument with ease. This man is great.

  4. ?~?????
    ?╚╝╚╝╚╝╩╝。 ?
    ??? to you?
    Dr. Phil and whoever is reading I wish you achieve everything in life.

  5. I suffer from Anxiety myself with Depression and Anger. But I am absolutely not on any medication or drugs. It's hard, really hard and tough.

  6. This is Timmy , Timmy doesn't want your likes , he's just here to watch some Dr phill with some tea , take some food and drink if you like .


  7. The thing about anxiety and fear is that jellyfish trigger both in me somehow. But if I think hear a person in my house when I'm 12 and home alone in a rural town in eastern Canada I have anxiety but if I see one I have fear.

  8. about exaggerating and facts
    i think in my case, i have facts, and i'm exaggerating those facts
    so that should be like i have fearful things, and i am creating anxiety around it, then i have more fear about what that turned out to be, more anxiety, more fear, more anxiety, and more fear, let myself living in a real nightmare.


  10. I absolutely adore this segment!!! It's so important for people to understand this difference, but many people still don't!!

  11. I have severe anxiety for talking in public or in a group settings. My throat close up my hands start shaking. I try to talk but i start shaking or come out aggressive. Its so bad I wish there was medication for this. I become paranoid if someone stares at me I feel like they are juding me. I freak out if someone seats next to me especually if its a guy. I freak out if someone is walking or seating behind me as well. I graduted highschool I'm about to start college and I'm worried. I couldnt even speak to the desk lady yesterday because there was people around. Somebody help me.

  12. Did he basically tell her that she thinks her husband is cheating on her because she's on drugs???

    Dr. Phil is a savage. I love him ?

  13. But can we really be anxious free? Maybe at times. Then it comes back. Sometimes i'm anxious/scared/disappointed i'm a terrible person. Or i'm feeling and thinking a lot about it. I feel like other people are so sure of what they do and say. I feel like i'm never sure. At times yes, then there comes a time when suddenly i don't or don't know. I feel like i switch a lot. Maybe i try my hardest to not make it real but in my head it happens because of depression too ?

  14. I have anxiety and its nont fun I'm so anxious all the time i barly do anything I'm always looking all around for a threat that's not there it's one of the reasons I still sleep with a night light

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