The Death of the Internet

i’m looking at the news today and I’m
seen what I think our really to huge stories that you need to know about and the we
all need to be talking about and my guess is my prediction is the you
will not hear either these stories which i think are
the two most in important stories in the news today you will not hear
either one of them discussed in any kinda doubt and probably not at
all by the corporate media tonight including their so-called progressive
corporate media so that said let’s just do you know cover
them the first has to do with the death of the Internet you’ll
recall a couple weeks ago when the District
Court Circuit Court which is it it’s the DC
Circuit that’s right that they could see all
judges used to ride the circuit back in the day when they were also on the
Supreme Court ok at the DC Circuit Court this is the quick the Court of Appeals
the ones one step below spring court knocked down net neutrality and and said you know Internet Service
Providers the in other words the people who carry
the web into your home that point event at that
point a connection point from the backbone from the giant to was the run across the
country in between cities from there to your house they now the SEC can determine that there are
common carrier there is a basically gave the SEC a
little more power I said the SEC can determine that they’re coming here and
they had to just let anybody through wants to it the same same way just like they’ve said phone companies
are common carriers so if I get a call from Shane or if I get a call from Danielle the
phone company can say well you know channel called you that’s an extra
dollar and a half where they can say to Shane you wanna
call our band it’s going to cost you a lecture by gonna have to we know you
talk fast and Danielle talk slower so you know
she’s she’s cheaper I mean this is really how are some
common carriers a common carrier you can charge based on what’s in the package right UPS is a common carrier they can
charge based on weight or sides in other words you can charge
based on how many bytes somebody’s use your bets which is always been the case but you can or how much time they’re
using the you can’t charge based on what’s in the package UPS doesn’t pick up a package and say
mmm diamond necklace from Tiffany’s we’re
gonna charge $45 dollars to deliver this are all the bears from so from Walmart there will be do whatever back and a
half they don’t do that their common carrier common carriers
cannot discriminate the post office is a common carrier
trucking companies are common carriers they can charge you more to move your to
move your furniture across the country if you’ve got fancy furniture but verses
not fancy furniture mean you can pay more for insurance but
in terms of just shipping the stuff there’s a flat rate
more lot so there’s a ranger rates and you know the same as pretty much XO
create common carrier rules you got this the SEC said are actually
the supreme courts are the the one-step the DC Circuit or was that
blows from course at the FCC can’t decide that Comcast or Verizon or AT&T or
whoever you happier internet from is a common carrier they can decide that
or they can decide not to decide and the SEC decided not to decide that Tom wheeler is the chairman of the FCC before that he was the head lobbyist for
companies like Comcast and before that he was that lobbyist for
companies like AT&T any may nineteen million dollars doing
that now is running the FCC and so gee what a
surprise so comcast is trying to buy time warner
and then and even without time or their huge in a radio an NBC and MSNBC and NBC
Universal in all that stuff and everybody was wondering you know and
we were talking about here netflix has been slow down and some some my networks one other people who
works in this office has as a fire hose from frys and even slow now Netflix over the last
couple weeks so I was wondering you know is Netflix
gonna get on our side and petitioned the FCC to say ISP’s are common carriers they cannot discriminate against Netflix I mean the fact the matter is fair for
somebody right now in DC using according to extraction use
this as an individual example because it’s just an individual example but
noses somebody who has an ISP that has decided they’re gonna slow to Netflix’s
Netflix accounts for about half of all the non pornographic
content on the web and right now they’re saying basically
we’re gonna slow you down if you’re watching Netflix but iraq has laid out
watching porn so I was waiting for the nap likes to
say wait a that’s wrong we’re gonna sue you instead what next flick what Netflix did
as they went to Comcast and they said well who knows what they said this is my guess as to how this thing went down something like you know Comcast you guys
are the cable TV business and you’re also the biggest internets right pro internet service
provider in the country will soon be the the biggest by and large are the biggest
as buying roughly second-biggest we see that you are moving in the inner
the Internet into a cable TV model now a cable TV provider if I E you know if I’m CBS and I want to be on
the air in the New York City Market I have to
pay RCN I have to pay for a rise to have to pay a you know whoever you know Kamke I don’t know what what
all the companies are the pride in turn internet service in Manhattan that you
know that have licenses and agreements in and have wires running under the
buildings in through the streets more not but basically at the page 1 of them to
be on that cable system as the cable company says okay we’re
gonna open 120 channels on your cable system and become half a million dollars a year a million dollars for the first 20
channels the next fifty channels are seven under fifty thousand dollars
except you know I have no idea what the numbers are and
I guarantee there a lot larger than those numbers I just quoted but basically a pay to be on you know on
to one of the wanted the cable channels and so Netflix goes to Comcast in my
opinion and so does we see that you are turning internet in
something like cable TV we would like to be channel one we want to be the first channel when I love faster speeds I’ve anything we wanted so and so many downloads
Netflix they’re going to get a faster than when the download porn and so yep there so Comcast says cool in center run you through the backbone through these big tobacco companies that
that carry Internet traffic along with in all the porn and everything else and
I say poor not because I’m obsessed with porn because it actually depending on who’s statistics
you’re looking at represent somewhere between 10 and 40 percent of all the
content all the web content going on right now
so it’s huge but is not this is not about porn but be
you get the point II there’s pretty much not that much
other well YouTube I mean piano its the Google owns YouTube
in so pretty soon they’re gonna pick up these
kinda deals except the people on watch YouTube for five hours during the day me what you do for four minutes or six
minutes or ten minutes maybe an hour although increasingly people now that
youtube is starting to get into the streaming business our shows available are you on on
YouTube as a continuous stream increasingly as
you to get as business they’re probably going to have to go to Comcast and say
okay here’s some money deliver us past two we wanna be
channeled to and then who’s going to come along as
they will be channel 3 and the it was so what’s going on here
is basically the barriers to entry are getting really
really high when I was a kid you could start in FM
trie UHF television station and I know two people who did this even thirty UHF television station with
about ten fifteen thousand dollar investment back in the sixties the barriers to
entry were virtually non-existent anybody concern after are you HF TV station it was really
really simple there’s lotsa band with their was widely
available yeah a lot entrepreneurs who started out Nat’l a lot I love these
cable channels now start now these are not as UHF TV stage stations up in the high pants Jan 27 you
know band Jan 27 and then they morphed into
overtime the Food Channel or the Discovery Channel or whatever you know
the the UHF station got but he got a place on the cable system and was in place the cable system thing
about up a network in the network in a reinvented themselves four times
and they went you know me and now they’re MTV and I see the same thing happening on
the internet and then and the cable companies make it
on both ends they get paid to carry the station’s and then they
come to you and they say we will give you 25% stations for $39.95
a mild which one MSNBC it’s gonna be an extra
five bucks if you watch me oh it’s gonna be an
extra 10 bucks in some cases they show that money with the network in other
cases they don’t benson who’s getting package with what
know how and that’s what’s next as the next year
that’s gonna drop I predict it’s going to take about a year and you gonna come to us and say all you
want streaming video was extra 10 bucks a month you’re listening to the Thom Hartmann
program visit Thom Hartmann dot com for audio
and video archive the net now to have this is that this is
the death ugh lifestyle business entrepreneurs forget it is now a
business for oligarchs home

Danny Hutson

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