The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance | Trailer | Netflix

Thra…at its center, the Crystal of Truth.The source of all life.The Skekis have corrupted it…and now our world is at risk
from The Darkening.
What is The Darkening?Behold.I saw something…a vision.You read too many stories. No, this was real!Everything the Skekis ever told us
was a lie…
and now everyone
and everything is at risk.
Join me… so we may finally unite
as one against our true foe…the Skekis.We are eternal.A resistance is forming.Are you sure about this?No…but I have hope.Yeah! Behold the power of The Darkening. No!Hope is fragile…precious.Hope catches the light…splitting the darkness…revealing your destiny.I don’t think anything
will ever be like it was again.
No, it will be better.

Danny Hutson

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