The Crappiest SLI Setup of ALL TIME

The Crappiest SLI Setup of ALL TIME

When you hear the letters SLI, you probably think of grand gaming machines that can crush anything like, “*grunting* GTX 1080 Ti, SLI, 4 Titans, urrrgh!” But what about the other end of the spectrum? Just how bad can an SLI gaming machine be? Well, once again, Linus Tech Tips is bringing you the answer to a burning question that nobody asked! Cooler Master’s 25th anniversary edition Cosmos 2 features a unique dual curved tempered glass side panel. Check it out now at the link below. So it all started while we were working on Cheapest Newegg PC. And we stumbled across something astonishing. *HEY!* Our graphics cards support SLI! And we’ve got two of them! So of course, we immediately set out to build what would end up being cheapest and almost the worst SLI rig possible. But the reason we bought two of those GeForce 8400 GS cards was actually in case one of them broke. And it’s always a good plan when
we’re ordering super cheap and old stuff for videos on a deadline. And sure enough, while attempting to test SLI, one of them broke, almost immediately. But honestly, they weren’t actually the worst SLI capable cards that Nvidia ever made! And if we were gonna have to buy more cards anyway, we felt like we should really go for the worst of the worst. I mean, effectively we were aware that there wouldn’t be much difference between a turd burger and nail clippings sou– *cut* and nail clipping soup. But here at Linus Tech Tips, we only accept the best of the best or the worst of the worst. So I present to you, hailing from the year 2006, The Nvidia GeForce 7100 GS! The worst Nvidia graphics card to ever feature support for SLI! These things are so frickin’ worthless that it is hard to find one of them, let alone two. I mean, on eBay there were a couple available but no matching pairs, and that’s ignoring completely unreasonable shipping costs. Even our industry contacts, like EVGA and Asus, didn’t bother holding on to any of these, so they had nothing kicking around, ’cause why would they? Fortunately though, we have awesome fans! And after a Twitter post, Matt and Archer Grimes hooked us up with these beautiful specimens. Thanks guys! So, the GeForce 7100 then. A card that was basically a re-brand of the worst card on the market from the year 2004! The GeForce 6200! But now, with SLI. So with a whopping 20 Watt power draw, a blistering 350 megahertz core clock (wow), and 300 Megahertz memory clock, these things are only out-computed by the most experienced abacus users. Hailed in their time as “only acceptable for office use” and “anything but sensible”, We’re expecting running these cards in games to be about like taking your dad’s lawn mower to Le Mans… and he’s got a push mower. So we tossed them in our system and… huh? Where’s the “Set SLI configuration” option? I mean it says so on the web page, “SLI”! Maybe it’s Windows 10 screwing with our drivers. But in Windows 7, it-it doesn’t work either! Documentation for running these guys in SLI is basically a couple of jokes about it from tech fourms from 10 years ago. And then one German review website that did get it to work. So there was still hope. After some more digging, we found out that only X58 boards and older will work with the SLI driver, so rock on then! Time to–ah, crap! Then while installing the board on our bench, one of the capacitors literally fell off its leads! So, after stealing a similar enough one off of another dead motherboard, and soldering it on, we were back in business, maybe. It still wouldn’t work! After some more digging it turns out that maybe only 32-bit versions of Windows will support this old of SLI. Making the 48 gigs of RAM in our system look a little [imbind] unnecessary, but we decided to leave it all in there anyway, ’cause it looks cool. In the end, almost #OutOfIdeas, we blew off the dust off of our CD drive, burned ourselves a copy of Windows XP 32-bit and spent a morning in driver compatibility hell, until finally… Yes, finally! We had the pinnacle of piss-poor PC performance. So first we tried some games using one of the 7100s to set a baseline, where it performed about as well as you’d expect. One and a half FPS in 3DMark 2006, like 10 in Crysis, and actually, a pretty good experience in Halo: Combat Evolved, and well over 60 frames per second in 3DMark 2001 SE. So we were hopeful about its performance with SLI enabled. Until, well, everything crashed. Almost immediately. 3DMark 2001, 2006, Halo, Crysis and Half-Life 2. The SLI performance of this machine completely exceeded our expectations, for how crap it would be. Truly, the definition of unplayable. The only 3D object that wouldn’t crash the computer immediately was the 3D Text screen saver, and even that had stuttering issues. And we aren’t talking soft crashes here. You open a game, BOOM! and you’ll be reaching for the reset switch. We tried a bunch of different drivers from 91.45 all the way up to 307, since we wanted to at least have one game to work, so we could compare performance, and they all immediately died with SLI enabled. So you might be asking yourself, then, “Why bother releasing this video at all?” Well, I guess it’s because we learned some things along the way that we felt
were important to pass along. One: Driver support for 11-year-old graphics cards… isn’t great. Number two: Windows XP isn’t as good as we all remember it being! Number three: Capacitors can fall off old motherboards pretty easily, then can be fixed pretty easily. And finally, four: Holy sweet sh*tballs! Whatever you do, don’t run the 7100 GS in SLI. You’re welcome. Ting is the mobile carrier that is focused on customer service and customer satisfaction. First, you don’t speak to a robot when you call customer service at Ting, you get put through directly to a person and somehow they managed that, with an average Ting bill for their customers out there of only 23 bucks a month, per device. Because Ting is all about the concept of paying for only what you use. So this is cool: you go on to their website, we’ve got a link, And you try out the savings calulator. You enter your last few bills with your current carrier, and how much data and talk time you used, and it spits out whether you’d save money on Ting. And if you would save money on Ting, they would actually cover 25% of your cancellation fee out of the existing contract, up to 75 dollars, and if you use our link down below, you’ll also get 25 bucks in service credit, or towards a new device. So go try it out, that’s So thanks for watching guys, if you disliked this video, you can hit that button, but if you liked it, hit the like button, get subscribed, maybe consider checking out where to- buy a new graphics card in the video description. Also down there is our merch store where you can buy cool shirts like this one, and our community forum which you should totally join.

Danny Hutson

81 thoughts on “The Crappiest SLI Setup of ALL TIME

  1. Even I thought what was the purpose of the video. Well, Linus did clear it out by mentioning out the 4 things. Having heard them, I still question, what was the purpose of the video ?

    11 year old card getting software support, that too a cheap end card. Nvidia wouldn't even think spending its time on it

    Windows XP was good as well shit. every one know.

    Caps soldered on one board can be used on another board considering the caps meet the requirement / have same values. People into electronics know that, and for other not so nerdy people. it is of no use.

  2. hahahahaha, windows xp good?!?! LOL, i know i may get some hate for this (if this vid wasnt 2 years old) but i had such a better time with windows ME than XP

  3. Average person: *needs common sense to come to these conclusions.

    Linus and his team: Decides to try an SLI setup with two old nvidia cards, then one breaks, then spends days to try and find two even older nvidia cards (about 13 years old at this point) that support sli, when he finally has the cards the motherboard breaks, then they repair the motherboard, windows 10 is not detecting sli, windows 7 is not detecting sli, finally windows xp works, one card works and is awfull, when gaming in sli everything crashes (screensaver lit af tho), we haven't seen any sli "performace", someone had to record all this shit, someone had to edit all this shit, someone had to post all this shit on yt and only then Linus came to those conclusions.

    I love Linus.

  4. All caps on the bottom graphics card (2:15) seem to be leaking, no wonder it would crash in tests…
    No real engineer @linustechtips to even solder the most basic c(r)ap? (i mean, really? a paint strip gun?)

  5. i have the regular 7100 and i remember it freezing on a tom clancy game from 2000, final drive fury, stock windows vista games, and aero didnt work.

  6. I have, and bought brand new, two GTX 480's for my, Phenom II X6 *retired. On my other *retired Phenom rig I got a great deal I couldn't give up, an Asus MOBO, Phenom II x4, and two HD6770's for $300 (back then, that was the price of 1 of the HD6770's at the time, great deal).

  7. I heard if you take two GTX 950's you get a "GTX 2080"!

    If you don't get it, it is a reference to the PhilsComputerLab video where he describes the 950 as a 1040.

  8. On the picture of the cards, the lower one seems to be ready to blow all of its capacitors. You replaced them before testing, right?

  9. everytime i tryed sli or crossfirex it's was a pain in the ass to have it working in games, having weird artefact, less performance than 1 card, bsod, plus overheating because 2 cards are way too close for a good airflow !

  10. I'm really disappointed because the crappiest card to support sli is the 7200 GS (the 7100 is actually nearly twice as fast ).
    The only bright side of the video is that Linus is gay enough 😛

  11. this was my first GPU and i honestly think my nokia phone at the time could have been adapted to perform better….complete trash

  12. Lol, I was just searching about Nvidia 7100GS and 7300GS yesterday and today I found this by mistake. The law of attraction at work ??

  13. Well, people with no teeth can eat a turd-burger .. Nail clipping soup may be a lot tougher, even after the boiling… Bon Apetit!

  14. You shit on them but you would have sold your soul for them in 1995.

    NASA could have landed 8000 moon rovers with just one card lol

  15. If the cards were given to RandomGaminginHD, he'd get SLI to work by finding some weird 3rd party utility on the internet.

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