The coming dna database for all citizens

The coming dna database for all citizens

The Conspiracy of government control and targeted
individuals has been something I have looked at from time to time here on the channel. This topic is becoming ever more difficult
to cover, YouTube demonetizing content, under promoting videos and a real effort being made
to hide these ideas by the social media giants like Facebook. This just adding to the suspicions of many. The social media side of things is just the
tip of the preverbal iceberg. There are many other companies collecting
information on the people of the world and this goes way beyond digital information,
some would say that companies like 23 and me are harvesting people’s genomes. This to create a database which could be used
for ‘who knows what’!! Let’s take a look at these claims and ask
if and why “we” are being collected? Welcome to IF ………………………………………………………… Let’s begin with the social media giants
and their collection of your personal data. They have access to people’s most private
information. This goes way beyond the status updates and
pictures you post. They can, if they so wished, see your private
chats, this as the planned merging of messaging services on Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook
Messenger goes ahead. This creation of a single crossover point
for these messages is being sold as a convenient way to chat with loved ones, friends and business
colleagues. At a much deeper level they will be linked
so messages can travel between the different services giving the media giant wider control
and making it easier for them to access your data. This plan is said to be completed this year
or in the opening months of 2020. I know many might think this is paranoia and
that these companies do not care about your conversation with great auntie Mildred. This may be true but it’s the data that
they have which can be accessed by others which is the scary part. Facebook has already been the focus of privacy
scandals and there is no way the alphabet agencies of the governments around the world
do not also have access. This information may just be the first domino
in an online collection and creation of global database of the population, adding to this
is the recent development of online genetic testing super companies. Pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline, and
online genomics and Biotechnology Company 23andme, announced a multi-billion dollar
deal. 23andMe said that they will be collaborating
GlaxoSmithKline on drug development projects, to me it seems like the global round has up
begun, the collection of personal genetic data being a sign of dark days to come. A dangerous trifecta between science, technology
and a government in a time of global political upheaval. One thing that many seem to miss is that this
shows who owns the genetic code, the genetic code that makes a person, is now the property
of 23andMe and can be traded for billions of dollars. Are people so willing to sell their uniqueness,
to be done with as these companies please? This just to find out where their great, great
ancestors came from? Something that provides 5 minutes of fun or
gives a person something slightly interesting to talk about with friends but allows a drug
company to play god with your DNA!! And by having access to your DNA, governments
will know everything else about you, all that they don’t already find on social media
sites. The U.S now maintains their own DNA databases,
the protocols for DNA collection are currently different from state to state. This being said we see that Increasingly,
much of the data collected from local databanks is uploaded to CODIS (Combined DNA Index System),
CODIS being the FBI’s huge DNA database, many claim that this has become a way to identify
and track Americans from birth to death. Combine this with the technologies I have
talked about in targeted individuals and more recently weaponized drones and a little paranoia
seems justified. GlaxoSmithKline and other giant companies
make up big pharma, since their creation, they have been developing medications many
of these provide benefits to the sick but there has also been a lot that cause harm. Past law suits have shown that these companies
when facing losing billions of dollars on a failed drug or treatment, will falsify data
gathered from clinical trials and worse not disclose this to the public. 23andMe has also been the focus of criticism,
this for a multitude of reasons. They are not the only ones offering this service,
Veritas Genetics and follow the same business paln. In a recent Fast Company report 23andMe and were investigated by the Federal Trade Commission, this investigation looking
into these companies’ policies for handling personal info and genetic data and how and
what they share with third parties. They claim that what information is shared
goes to charity based companies to assist in the research of specific diseases, such
as the Parkinson’s disease research conducted with Genentech and the lupus and IBD research
conducted with Pfizer. It’s important that we question why and
how they use our DNA. It’s so hard to know given how much information
giant billion dollar companies actually disclose. Can we really trust these companies? As I already mentioned we are talking about
companies that are not always held liable for the harmful products they create, this
can allow them to be careless in their product development and now these products could affect
us on a genetic level. There is also the worry about the developmental
of targeted genetic weapons something that has been proposed and militaries have been
looking to develop since the idea arose in the fictional discussions of ethnic weapons
is in Robert A. Heinlein’s 1942 novel Sixth Column. These companies are following the social media
model and just as Facebook’s goal was to “make the world more connected.” GlaxoSmithKline has stated, “The goal of
the collaboration is to gather insights and discover novel drug targets driving disease
progression and develop therapies using a global database”
People are waking up to this harvest. Some say if your genetic code is being used
then you should be entitled to reap the benefits. Peter Pitts, president of the Center for Medicine
in the Public Interest, made a statement saying that if a persons’ DNA is going to be used,
that person should be compensated. That brings us to
TimiCoin & TimiDNA is a company that will allow people to monetize their DNA and health
data. In a press release they outlined their idea
in three points, they said: 1. Individuals who already have DNA results through
another source can access easy-to-use tools within TimiPatient to download and securely
store those results; 2. Those who have never taken a DNA test can
establish complete control of their own DNA data through TimiDNA services. TimiDNA will provide consumers with a simple
swab test kit and their DNA information will be securely stored;
3. Once an individual’s data is in the TimiPatient
app, he/she will own it, control it, and have the ability to utilize it as an asset which
can be monetized. To me this seems just as bad the only difference
is you’re getting paid!! Others may see it as their DNA and their health
data, they should own it, control it and monetize it -not these big corporations. What do you think is this just another step
to a totally controlled police state? Would you or have you used one of these companies? Will this genetic information be used to make
genetically targeted weapons? Let me know your thoughts in the comments

Danny Hutson

15 thoughts on “The coming dna database for all citizens

  1. Happy Valentines folks, I hope you have a great time with the one you love. Me, I love a good conspiracy so it's the second place video DNA databases that get to be seen today.
    Have a great end to the week hopefully I will see you in the weekend premiere.
    only one way to finish this message for today

  2. Yes, we are collecting DNA. There is a global extinction event due to happen. We need your DNA pattern, purity of bloodlines for the last 6,000 years, and we will also be studying Climate, Environment, Nourishment, and Reproduction on Earth. Only the strongest will survive.

    We speak of "government, big business, science, technology, NWO, illegal aliens, off-world aliens, religion and the ubiquitous 'them', 'they,' 'you all'." This is not new, it has happened throughout the limited time in this Universe's life. It is well recorded, documented, and scientifically proven. Humans like to believe that they are somehow in control. What a joke. This occurred 12-15 thousand years ago. Another famous event occurred 65 million years ago.
    This current event started 6,000 years ago. Humans may have expedited the cycle beginning 600-years ago, and put it into "warp" overdrive 125-years ago.

  3. Nope. Absolutely not. My DNA is mine and the prospect of some money-grubbing shyster corporation doing heaven knows what with it after I've paid for them to process it on the pretext of telling me my ancestry.
    It is a very worrying concept indeed.

  4. Creepy and scary thoughts indeed! Happy Valentines to you We Are IF and to all of your viewers! 😊❀️

  5. Very dangerous times we are about to witness, in the wrong hands we could have mass ethnic cleansing and as technology advances I'm sure the powers that be will have a more advanced way of gathering DNA data and samples.
    Happy Valentines to all lots of peace and love from the UK xxx

  6. Caution: this comment gets a strong #NSFW hashtag, proceed at your own risk. You're on the right track. Unfortunately YouTube is among those collecting and marketing or personal info.
    Nonetheless; I'm a retired sex worker. One of my jobs was that of a bouncer in a live nude peepshow. 3-5 nude women "dancing" on a mirrored stage surrounded by (were there 14?) private booths. The (99.99999999% male) clientele would enter one of these booths and deposite a quater which opened a window (which still had a face sized pane of bulletproof glass seperating them from the girls) so they could watch the show while they did what hetero and bisexual men do while watching naked women, which is of course masturbate.

    Then there were the guys employees referred to as "cruisers," mostly (but not all) openly gay men who were pretending to be customers, but really hoping to "help out" the others that were watching the show. One cruiser confided in me that he recognized many off duty police officers as regulars at the peepshow, but after observing over time he realized some guys would hurry into botths as soon as someone left and then come back out without ever watching the show…??? He began to recognize these guys and started keeping a cliser eye on them. One he followed to nearby bars and attempted to befriend and according to this particular "cruiser," he bought the guy enough drinks enough times to get him talking. Apparently the guy was collecting sperm samples for a project at a MAJOR University and showed the "cruiser" his portable dry ice collecting set up, swabs, and vials!

    Someone (possibly this same "cruiser," possibly multiple people) was continually drilling tiny holes between the booth walls to spy on their neighbors. We had company technicians who spent a fair part of each day filling these holes before they ever got bigger than a dime and most often the holes were just larger than the tip of a pen, but were certainly enough to see if someone was pleasuring himself or scooping up what had been left be the previous guy. I should also mention there were over 20 video booths which continually had tiny peepholes appearing between them, as well. Though the live show was unquestionably the main attraction.

    I mentioned the plain clothes police officers because the "cruiser" also said he had caught more than one of them collecting semen. He speculated that it was being used as planted evidence or to obtain a person's DNA without their permission. It's also quite plausible that private investigators might find use for these DNA samples and may see it as quite a lucky break should the man they were tailing happen to stop at the l9cal peepshow, depending (of course) why they were following him to begin with.

    Just wanted to add another perspective on ways in which DNA apparently is and can be misused.

  7. Smh, THIS is the way of the future? If there's one thing I've learned in life its Trust No One, especially Government Officials(lol)and sadly doctors. No information is safe anywhere-any way. This is just one more step in the "process". I've just done an Ancestry DNA test and given permission for members of my family in the U.K to contact me. Seemed beneficial to all concerned at the time. Hmmm wondering now,hadn't considered the questions you raise. Thank you!

  8. I ordered my DNA kit 3 mths ago. Yet I am worried about getting a knock on the door later. I know that we humans are unique by design and feel this DNA collection is another way govts can find those in the grey agenda.

  9. DNA is being used to track people in dystopia china right now .a globalized network of information on all levels will be an inevitability by 2020. Facts !!

  10. DNA street close to Gene Avenue. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Just wait till all is over controlled πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Hey sst they want collect all and take out all the RH negatives they need blood and have to continue their bloodline goodnight.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Ž

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