The Bitcoin Gospel – VPRO documentary

The Bitcoin Gospel – VPRO documentary
Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “The Bitcoin Gospel – VPRO documentary

  1. Somebody needs to tell Roger Ver that wars have been around long before central banks existed. His high drama speech at the end is not just phony but pure stupidity. As if bitcoin is going to stop govts from killing people. The guy is deluded dunce.
    If it (bitcoin) threatens the international demand for dollars then it threatens itself. Between the CIA the US ARMY the IRS the US Treasury and THE FED and the dollar — and its world reserve status I think bitcoin is and shall remain a dream. What you bitcoin buffs should do is write down the whole story to date – publish it – and call it a novel. The founder is just a coward who if he had any sense he would not have limited its quantity to 21 million. Its supposed to be a currency, correct ?? Bitcoin is rare so it’s not a currency it’s an investment. Currency by definition needs to be ubiquitous. By making it rare people hoard it and what is hoarded is by definition not a currency. The root word of currency is current – not as in current events – but as in electricity – current – something that flows – moves in circuitous fashion. Key word is “moves” — currency needs to move or it’s not currency. That is why gold is poor currency. It is liquid for sureBut it is not currency because gold is shiny and attractive and people hoard it. Paper is great currency – it’s in itself worthless so people get rid of it – so it MOVES like a currency should. For bitcoin to move it needs to become less rare. Until then it’s DOA.

  2. You send the bitcoin shit to Tokyo within seconds… how you will send it again if you have no internet connection of any source ? Such up pile of shit ! This bitcoin will create another fall in finance markets same as CDS did !!!!!

  3. Have these Bitcoin promoters learned about the back door built into every CPU?. Meaning someone has control of all devices. And that "Satoshi" owns and holds the first million Bitcoins.? Probably worked out to be enough to manipulate the price at any time of their choosing. They really think this will change the world.? Everyone on earth would need to have a smartphone and access to the internet 24/7. That is absurd. Who will arrange for loans and payments of loans for society to function.? Will you loan your Bitcoins for someone to buy a house.? Rots O Ruck.

  4. Everything goes according to plan while I trade in HitBTC. It’s enough to understand the subtleties of the financial market to know why the price goes up or down. Well, there’s a wide range of coins, definitely you won’t be bored.

  5. The guy screaming about terrorists at the beginning…I forget his name right now but he had a show on RT a few years ago. He's a pumper and dumper. He did the same sort of screamy ideology stuff about silver back before 2011 when the price dropped…presumably he sold off early and did quite well for himself. This Bitcoin thing feels kind of the same…the enthusiasm I mean. The ideological rants are identical. I don't trust ideologues. I might get involved with Bitcoin but I will recognize if for what it is and treat it accordingly: Gambling.

  6. Bitcoin is only one 100 cryptocurrencies. If the trend continues, we might have 1000's of cryptocurrencies in the next decade. What surprises me is the amount of promotion (gospel) surrounding only one cryptocurrency (bitcoin). (June 2018)

  7. "Next 'round' of Litecoin and Bitcoin halvings begins 2019 – continues into 2020 – mining reward is halved leading to less new Litecoin and Bitcoin entering the market leading to upward pressure on price. Last 2015 Litecoin halving signified the beginnings of 2015 – 2017 price surge!"

  8. Unfortunately most «bitcoin evangelists» seem to confuse one systemic function of money ("lubricatig oil") with the functioning motivation of the economy. This whole discussion about money supply, banking and bitcoin libertarianism/anarchism, reminds me of the polemics between Marx and Proudhon.

  9. Basically with bitcoin you could finance terrorists anywhere in the world and NO ONE could stop you because no one would know about these kind of transactions, and even if the police knew about it they could not do anything….

  10. and the fee costs $50 to send and it gets stuck in the mempool for a week before being included in a block, right?
    bitcoin was always broken right? cuz that other bitcoin cash one works cheaply and reliably, so that cant be the real bitcoin

  11. 42:00 ATTENTION Millennials !! Pulleeeze STOP uptalking. It makes every sentence sound like a question? Upspeech is an indication of a fundamental sense of insecurity? STOP IT !! Just stop it?

  12. Politicians give green light to central banks to print money. Big business and military industrial complex, invents wars around the globe, scoop up excess money created, avg person pays interests by taxes and inflation ruin their salaries. If goverment run money press isn't a scam of the elit what is it?

  13. buenas tardes señor satoshin soy un umilde informatico de argentina y mi pais no esta pasando por un buen monento economico estos dias yo y socio hermano nos dedicamos a transformar la forma de ver la economia en nuestro pais estamos desarrollando una moneda de uso local en mi provincia ubicada en el sur de rio grande tierra del fuego argentina.
    el objetivo de la creación y uso es para poder terminar con la corrupción en mi país y si implementan la tecnología blockchain esto se terminaría por completo solo le pido una pequeña colaboración en bitcoin es por una causa justa de ser asi le doy las gracias por haber creado esta tecnología revolucionaria y espero conocerlo algún día señor nakamoto hasta luego

    le dejo mi dirección de wallet en bitcoin para una futura donación

    37KwzcMCTE4ZQkbkRCDmwE3XX9AwWD Yu22

  14. If i had a dollar for every guy hyping the blockchain that can actually sit next to me (with the code and all the documentation that he wants available to him in all and any format that he desires) and explain to me line by line WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK each line of code is doing… well, then i would have ZERO DOLLARS
    Call me when the first one of this douchebags learns how to code instead of learning japanese; downloads the source code, compiles it himself and runs it successfully instead of buying mining rigs; spends the required time documenting and understanding the code instead of reading up on Adam Smith and the difference between money and currency; etc.

  15. bitcoin is a scam created by the jews. the very fact that this dude satoshi yamamoto won't reveal himself is loud and clear proof of that.

  16. Notice they keep referring to Bitcoins value in dollars.. If the dollar goes away, so does the value of bitcoin. Then, all it becomes is a medium for transferring a "bitcoin".. haha

  17. I never gave permission to use my footage in your documentary. I'm not even credited in the video description so I've issued a takedown notice. Please ask permission before using other peoples footage without permission or credit.

  18. Lady at 26:00 has no clue what she is talking about lol. Even if we redistributed all the money in the world to everyone equally, eventually these same " 1%ers " would accumulate all the money again…

  19. I love all of this, but the sad truth behind this is that all of it was created for one world government and order and currency. So freedom is just an illusion

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  21. Big Banks will push the price down as long as people are buying. Look up sentiment trading. What do you think has been happening? Then again there's a huge future in crypto. Gotta play it right. Mining is good. As is good trading. Owning? I'll wait till it bottoms.

  22. I bought 10bitcoins at 3500… I think I fckdup. That 1 lady made bitcoin seem like a Ponzi after she said Satoshi owns 500k and there will be new elites.. always elites.

  23. @vpro documentary you stole my content without permission in 2015 and now you're copyright claiming my video automatically claiming to own the content. You realize this is grounds for termination of a channel using the copyright system to protect content you down own and divert revenue. Please respond to my copyright dispute immediately and release it.

  24. This has stolen content from another channel. When the guy reposted the video you stole this from, he was hit with a copyright infringement. Literally the guy in the video! What a bunch of a-holes!

  25. Must be nice stealing someone elses work and claiming the reward! Give thanks to Barnacules Nerdgasm not this ripoff!!

  26. Stealing content is disgusting. What you did when called out on it was just as bad. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  27. Great job stealing content from a bigger creator and then claiming it as your own when he resposted the video. A+ on being an asshole group of people! Even after you "solved the claim" you still havent even given him the smallest bit of credit in the description.

  28. The metahash coin makes 50000 transactions in 3 seconds.5 billion in 1 day (MHC)Bitforex/Kucoin 2 weeks up 200% (CoinMarketCap)

  29. Madarse Allwrong should of been aborted before the witch had chance to breath fresh air , that’s pure evil , how she can say it was a hard choice but it was worth killing half a million Iraqi innocent children because of her & her creeds greed , why somebody hasn’t took that witch out I don’t know , they’re the real terrorists

  30. "Is bitcoin the blueprint for a bankless currency, or the biggest pyramid scheme ever?" Duh what you think with all you complying crypto twats

  31. My dad is a high-level executive at this huge banking company & I'm just an engineering student & so my dad has this big savings account which he uses part of the money in there for investing in stocks i remember back a couple years ago, when bitcoin was $1000 per coin; i kept telling him to invest a bit of money in buying bitcoins, just a couple, like he invests in stocks, and he told me i was stupid & know nothing about banking, finance & investing & rthat that shit was a waste of money… anyways a couple years go buy & its now worth $2500 dollars per bitcoin & i tell him about bitcoin again & to invest in it a little bit, and again says no… anyways a few more months go by & it climbs to $4000 & then $5000 and each time i keep telling him & he keeps saying no… and so 3 months go buy & all of a sudden its climbing $300 per day & i say its going to explode & to invest my last year of tuition ($20,000) in bitcoin & once it stops increasing or slows down, to sell it…. well, ofc he says no, but i keep wtaching because i know this wouldve work & its climbs to $23,000 per bitcoin & i sent him a text on this day that today wouldve been the perfect time to sell, and ofc after forgetting about bitcoin for a couple weeks i see the bubble popped & its back down to $6000… anyways, even tho i wasnt able to invest (cuz of my stupid dad) if i had bought (using my $20,000 university tuition fund money) & sold on the days i told him to, i wouldve made around $90,000 profit it just a few months… all without a job… but nope my stubborn "successfull banker" dad said no & that it was a stupid idea, but it ended up being an amazing investment & i couldve paid my tuition AND started my working career with a nice savings account to use on a down payment for a condo/house or for further side investments will also having a day job… so moral of the story: Trust your gut, ALWAYS, Remember that titles are meaningless, Oh and also, that your dad isnt always going to be smarter or wiser than you, even if he has a fancy label or position.

  32. I think with his rant at the end is based on the fact he was sent to jail ( for a whole 10 months🙄) and his master plan is to take over the world and punish the people that were nasty to him! Get over your self snowflake and stop crying, I haven't seen your charity set up to look after children in Iraq. etc, oh that's right your to busy making money and sulking in Japan. Bellend!

  33. Actually, I was monitored and observer bitcoin exchanges past few years. And here is what I thought.
    Apparently, Bitcoin spinner so fast and fearless for the Worldwide Banking System. Bitcoin will be not gold and Bitcoin spinning out of control.
    Today Bitcoin will be an opponent and fearless for the World Bank System and the U.S. Fed…
    My question is who will control and stop Bitcoin Spinning, before crashing coming.

    Bitcoin is equal to "Bull and Bear" ten years ago!? Today bitcoin created an outburst before the bubble and bursting…

    Bitcoin Crash June 26, 2019.

    Here is my comments on bitcoin two years ago.




  34. I was a doubter of bitcoin 2 years ago not until I came across a professional bitcoin miner Mr stephan briggs, mining bitcoin is the best thing that happened to this year, all thanks to Mr Stephan,he's indeed a trusted man

  35. Intelligence and insight do not necessarily transfer between different disciplines. Roger is spot on when speaking about Bitcoin as money but, politically he is a bloody moron.

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  37. Maybe it's a non-sense, BUT…what if… Satoshi is from the future? And i'm very serious. Everything about Bitcoin is to perfect. Very well planned. Think to this.

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  39. I’ve never seen so many curious people all at once damn America is dumb!!!!!!! I do what roger ver does in major cities in USA and people are so lost confused

  40. This is a powerFull movement and it needs to pick up some more steam….We will be thankful in the longRun…….The paper money system is slowly going to dimenish not without a Fight. Take a serious look how the paper money system has forced us into submission" and right before the "TapOut" we see a shimmering light has we contiuue to fight for Life!!!….Just NEARLY ESCAPING THE PAPER MONEY SYSTEM SWITCH HITTERS PATH OF TOTALL ANNIALATION!!!….we the people"…..will gain power over our tranical government without taking God out of the equation. This is our only hope and this is the all inspiring story of the future and its magic will be told with an awww aspiring motivation with Bitcoin leading the way. We will look back and realize Bitcoin is our futures Savior. We have found a better way….This is the Bitcoin doorway that can potontially save us from and almighty Evil. Trure or False??????????Dont let the Bitcoin momentum slow down jump on the train towards brighter futures for humanity……This is Much bigger than you Think!!!!!!

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