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100 thoughts on “The Adorkable Misogyny of The Big Bang Theory

  1. Holy shit dude. You're so freaking right! I've really disliked this show for a couple years now, but you explained why that is. Thank you!!

  2. This video encapsulates why I have absolutely no time for Big Bang Theory and have never been able to understand why it's so popular.
    Additionally, the depiction of gaming, comics, science fiction, science, maths & engineering as primarily the domain of awkward, creepy sexist men is just insulting to people who actually work in science and technology fields, or have hobbies/interests in those areas, and don't behave this way.
    Nice to see that people see through this bullshit.

  3. I used to really enjoy The Big Bang Theory because I enjoy laughing at my own nerdy/geeky tendencies, but once they introduced the Amy and Bernadette (the leading female scientist characters), I started to realize the insidious misogynist/homophobic/racist jokes that were in it and find their brand of humor to be disgusting and hurtful. I agree with Pop Culture Detective's analysis that there are SO many examples of such men who behave like the guys on TBBT who are definitely NOT adorkable whatsoever.

  4. Thank you so much for this video. Most of my friends (male and female) watch this show and love it. I used to see it too until I just started feeling uncomfortable with the comments without knowing why. I never liked Howard and Sheldon, but I still liked Raj and Leonard, even though I can now see their misogyny as well. Thanks for pointing out what was so hard for me to put into words.

  5. So good! Thank you. Would love a follow up on this regarding the online “incel” community… just seems like adorkable misogyny on steroids really.

  6. So good! And very well articulated. The sad part is if a woman did this video she'd be slaughtered, called a feminazi with a few rape threats put in.

  7. Love the video. The only part I didn't like was using Ben Wyatt as an example of a good nerd character. While he is a good person by and large in the show, he was extremely boring and unlikable for me. He tended to serve as a vehicle for the emotional parts of the show as opposed to the comedic parts, and I'm having a really hard time thinking of any segment of the show where I thought "that was a great ben wyatt moment"

  8. I agree 100% I used to enjoy that show but I never appreciated how they never took a serious approach to the characters sexist attitudes and improved them.

  9. "This doesn't challenge sexism. It just acknowledges it in a humorous way. " Thats cause if we want to truly challenge sexism, we would start with all the number 1 music videos on youtube. But for some reason no one wants to acknowledge those as anything but "just fun music"
    Very well articulated video. Great work.

  10. show was cute at first(1-2-3 ish) then few seasons in their misogynistic behaviors just destroyed any form of comedy, it became a cringe fest. hate the show. great video great explanation, and ABED(from community) IS AWESOME!!

  11. this video and your view on issues is simply clever: you totally see the true things hidden under the surface of comedy, romance and everything. I've watched five of your videos until now, and it's like two a.m. in the morning, just cause i couldn't get enough of your revolutional, true and interesting point of view. I indeed agree with everything. Please, Keep up with the good work!
    (Sorry for the bad english, i'm italian :))

  12. It's so nice that a man is doing a video like this, but also sad it's the only way most people would validate the criticism

  13. I can't stand this stupid fucking show, or any show written by Chuck Lorre ("2 and a Half Men", "Dharma and Greg"). Network televison is garbage.

  14. Damn I came into this feeling like this was going to be some over-sensitive argument about some mild comedic aspect of the show but damn, there is a lot of low-key misogyny in that show. I always knew Howard was a creep, but even the other guys did it too. A very good argument.

  15. thats a pretty big dislike bar yet i cant manage to find anyone offering any counterarguments in the comments. (i've scrolled for a long time and also sorted by new)
    guess its just butthurt fans then

  16. thanks for ending with shows that have examples of geekiness without sexism. its so ingrained in us but things can change and it doesn't have to be for the worse.

  17. I tried watching some of this show, but it never sat well with me and I couldn't tell what the appeal was. I could never tell what exactly the characters are meant to be for the audience. One moment seems to be a critique of something, while the next seems to be intent on negating that critique. Beyond that, the characters are cringe-worthy stereotypical nerds, which, in and of itself, seems like unironically picking on nerds for fun. If it had a clear direction, the "adorkable misogyny" would probably be fine, you can feature and even laugh at "bad behavior" without encouraging it.

  18. Lovely video. I've seen this kinda guys everywhere who think they're entitled to women and have a free pass to be shitty and queerphobic because they're "Nice Guys, unlike those evil jocks!1!1!!!!" Glad you come to deconstruct that shit trope in TBBT. They are the furthest thing from adorkable, ever. They're just fucking abusive… and I wish people see it as harmful

    Also what the fuck are those laugh tracks. None of this is funny!

  19. Thank you so much for making this excellent video. I'll share it everywhere I go! Also, I would really appreciate it if you could make another video analyzing sexism on the TV show 'Friends.' I really don't understand when people claim that show is "good" and even venerate it.

  20. That´s exactly why I didn't like that show. Because it depicts sexism as a harmless thing so everybody can be like that without being big deal.

  21. I had a feeling that you'd bring up Revenge of the Nerds. As a kid watching the nerd dressed as Darth Vader get to have sex with the hot chick, I wondered if that would be considered rape at the time.

  22. The most eye opening part of this video for me was your analysis of Leonard. I realized that I know so many Leonards. So many people who won’t challenge the misogyny I experience in life. So many “nice guys”. What’s even worse is realizing that I can be a Leonard. It’s so easy to roll my eyes and to just play off jokes as just that. It can be exhausting. I guess I just have to do better. Call out what I see and challenge what I experience.

  23. Isn't it interesting that 'nerds' hold "Star Trek" in the highest regard and that that show was one of the first or perhaps the actual first show to cut into the "Madmen" weltgeist of the time. A black woman, an Asian and gasp, an alien in positions of responsibility on the bridge of a United States of Planets starship. Outrageous!


    This is disgusting. I’m glad it probably wouldn’t survive if it premiered today.

  25. I had no clue lamp-shading worked so well on me. It's a good thing I pirated all the episodes of TBBT that I watched XD.

  26. the premise of this show could have been so much better. it could have been a meaninful show, tackling issues like sexism, toxic masculinity, science politics, autism etc…

  27. Rewatching this after hearing the show finally ended. It’s bizarre how long it went on for. I know a lot of ‘woke’ girls who loved it and it’s feels odd how this went under their radar. I always found Sheldon the most insidious because his behaviour is excused in part because of his implied autism which is actually very damaging on the way autistic people are viewed and portrayed. This humour just feels so outdated but it’s shocking how many ‘nerdy’ boys actually act like it. Any girl who’s been a part of a largely masculine fandom has an experience with a guy like this.

  28. this show is trash, it was trash when it started, and its trash now. Its for people who like to think they're intellectuals, this show is no more clever than 2 1/2 men.

  29. I showed this to my mom and she was just laughing at the clips, and then told me i shouldnt be so dramatic

  30. Im a geek and I'm angry at them for the way they treat women there is no reason for that bad behaviour

  31. Come to think of it, the guy who essentially sexually assaulted me always threw pity parties about how he wasn't like "other guys."

  32. This was a great video! Very vital points and it’s amazing that another man sees this and points it out so articulately!

  33. This video is very important, because even if TBBT is end now, that was a popular show who had a big impact in our society
    I'm a woman who love nerd stuff like Star wars,comics books,videos games etc but when you are a woman and talk about that: you're mocked, harass, reject and on the worst case sexual harass because you are a woman who love things that usually see like "for man", and oh my god TBBT don't help to broke this vision of the gender.
    I am remember to go to a video game shop, just for but a simple video game it's not a big deal for mens,but I'm a woman and I was saw by mens like a piece of meat, a target to send their best sexiest jokes, but that was not fun that was terrifying and since that I never come back in video game shop because sexism is everywhere, in school, in streets, in media and TBBT completely fails to criticise the sexism by his characters and in some part justify sexism because yeah the characters are build to touch the public and we easily apologie them but we should don't it's not normal to see Penny apologies for the creepy comportement of Howard, what the message ? That woman needs to shut up because geek man are show more adorable that other man, it's so bad
    That why the show, don't talk so much about the PHD of the girls ( even when Amy have a prize in the last episode Sheldon spoke much WTF they work together!) and the most of the girls are show like not interest in nerdy things but we are, woman are interested in that, but if a show like TBBT give bad message and representation to a big public, woman will always be afraid to talk about their passions, to even try to be passionate by nerdy things , media have a big impact in our society and shows of today needs to undertands that sexism is not acceptable and delete toxic type like the adorakable misogyny

  34. Excellent analysis!

    I don't watch a lot of TV or movies, but I've been noticing a lot of this in American movies especially after the #metoo moment (because of my attention, not the films themselves). Now I don't know if this type of behaviour is just a movie thing or an actual real life American thing, but all that rage over a Gillette ad, gamer gate, Anita Sarkeesian, trolling, incels etc. points in a direction that this is a serious problem in America.

    In any case don't think I will be watching the big bang theory, since I find it even more cringe now.

  35. "…most of the jokes on The Big Bang Theory (such as they are)…"

    i only caught this quip on my second viewing and now I love this video even more

  36. seriously thank you for this. There is no way I could say any of this without being shut down as an angry autistic woman. Not only that but your analysis is deeply rooted in research, and looks at the whole situation objectively. Just these clips alone made me feel physically sick (and reminded me of the times I'd been told similar 'facts' about my gender… ugh). What's even more frustrating is being consistently compared to Sheldon Cooper, because he is one of the only autistic characters on tv. They take the most stereotyped tropes of autistic behaviour, pour them all into Sheldon and use them to make him a HORRIBLE person, and justify it behind the fact that he 'doesn't understand' that he's horrible. Funnily enough, I don't know a single autistic person who is like Sheldon, despite him being heavily autistic-coded, and now officially dubbed autistic by the writers. I just… I don't have the words to describe it right now, but there is so much info in our community, if you ever feel like tackling that whole shitpile

  37. I kind of liked this show… but got more and more uncomfortable and frustrated, and finally creeped out, by exactly what you're talking about here. I stopped watching it quite a while ago and won't be going back. Thanks for pointing out a few of the good geek characters. I would LOVE to see more of them!

  38. 35,000 dislikes. I appreciate you making this. This is my kind of nitpicking. Call it out man. It’s not a small issue, it’s media man, admitting how pervasive and influential it is helps us be better in the long term. And yes, it is lazy writing.

  39. I always thought there was something off putting about this show, but I never wanted to watch it enough to put a finger on it. I usually ignore when all my peers want me to watch something, telling me I'm missing out on a great show. Now I know they were all just lowkey sexist and I'm glad I didn't bandwagon

  40. I watched one season of this show when it first came out. On the surface it was "funny" then it just kept re-hashing the same stuff all over again, just spewing out pop/geek culture references with no finesse whatsoever. I kept seeing clips of newer episodes and it's more of the same, with more current references, same old misogyny. I don't see how people think this is actually good.

  41. So, I'm aware of this and it does bug me, but does it mean I should stop watching this kind of stuff? Because honestly, it's still a guilty pleasure of mine…

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