The 7 Best Hearing Aids of 2019

The 7 Best Hearing Aids of 2019

Danny Hutson

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  1. Thanks for the Video. I Recently visited Audiologist too and tried Phonak Marvel that was around $6700, and was also checking out on line Audicus clara. which I was told by the sales man it was as good as Phonak Marvel which he compared to Toyota and audicus clara as Lexus . Can you please advise me if that is true? since the price difference is almost $4000. What is the difference between two? Thanks for your help

  2. Hi Doctor Cliff! I'm needing hearing aids; I have probably 70% loss in right ear (= stone deaf) and maybe 30-40% loss left ear. About 4 years ago my brother gave me his Beltones which he upgraded out of. They are probably about 5 years old, he only used them for about a year. Is it worth it for me to try to have these reprogrammed, and get tested and refitted by a local audiologist who deals with & will agree to revive these Beltones…or is that a dumb exercise? Is it your opinion that an audiologist would agree to do such a thing?

  3. I am about to decide on the Livio, 2400 in particular, as I want to try the rechargeable version over the 1600 battery version. I have been a lifelong hearing aid user since college days. I have loss in both ears, about 30% loss in both. I have used in-the-ear hearing aids for nearly 20 years and prefer them over behind-the-ear aids – I wore that version in the 80’s and 90’s. However, a couple of audiologists I have visited recently have advised that I get the behind-the-ear aids, given the severity of my hearing loss. And these newer, lighter weight, rechargeable versions are indeed appealing. I can see that you like the Livio Ai, but do you think as highly of the Livio 2400 and 1600 battery version? Also, after I do the 30 day trial and if I decide against the behind-the-ear version, what do you think of Picasso, even though I can see from this video you are impressed with the Phonak Titanium as in-canal hearing aid? The final aid you reviewed in the video you gave #1, I will look into it as an option, but my insurance limits me to the Starkey brand, so Livio and Picasso look to be my likely choices.

  4. I have been wearing a hearing aid since i was 5 yrs old. I just want a simple hearing aid that does not cost me a arm & a leg!

  5. With the forthcoming M90 RT or with any rechargeable aid for that matter, is there a back up if power is lost at home or in the office, say, in a storm? I live near the hurricane-prone Gulf Coast. My concern with purchasing the RT in the near future is its dependency on a grid power source vs batteries.

  6. My hearing too much i want less my hernig ..any body know what should i do ? I cant use ear plucg.

  7. So, not Eargo Neo? I'm getting those for mild to moderate hearing loss. I think they seem to be pretty revolutionary. I don't need the bluetooth connectivity to TV or phone calls etc.

  8. What about waterproof? Sometimes I have stepped into the shower n was rubbing shampoo into my hair when I noticed I had forgotten to take them out because I heard my hand so clearly. I am afraid that one day I will get them water-logged.

  9. Is there a good hearing aide for nerve damage? My momma got pushed into a pool when she was 4, put into a coma, and as a result has hearing damage. Regular hearing aides don't seem to work for her, and there aren't any surgical options that I'm aware of. Does anyone have advice or knowledge that I don't in regards to nerve damage related hearing loss? Thank you

  10. Wow I’m just starting to see what I need. I like the app feature notice you didn’t mention Eargo brand. On another search it came up first. I’m so afraid of choosing wrong one.

  11. I want to say thanks for the great review of hearing aids. I am from Russia, here we have no information at all in this topic. Only through experts. Thanks to you, I learned new technologies in the development of hearing aids. Continue, please, tell the world about new products, help people with hearing loss. You are doing a noble cause.

    Хочется сказать спасибо за великолепный обзор слуховых аппаратов. Я из России, здесь у нас вообще нет никакой информации в этой теме. Только через специалистов. Благодаря вам я узнал новые технологии в развитии слуховых аппаратов. Продолжайте, пожалуйста, рассказывать миру о новинках, помогать людям с потерей слуха. Вы делаете благородное дело.

  12. I tried Oticon.I have 10% hearing in my left ear and 40% in my right ear. Oticon were terrible.Found way too clear so certain pitches pierced my ear.

  13. If you have time for an opinion, is there any specific brand or aid that would be recommended for an audiophile? Accuracy is the goal. If you subscribe to the 20-20,000 hertz range of human hearing, is there an aid that would work best with that range in mind? Thank you.

  14. Hi I have an idea and better designers. Without a cochlear implant I don't believe in and damage the brain nerves and hearing.aids. to waste money on Medicaid or insurance that you have to pay over 3,000 to replacement. We can not afford to pay less than 2 years to repairs. How about something new … you.can Only one small ears aid. Something a new.create. avoid sweat or waters. I want to learn how to maintenance this a better quality and better offers.

  15. Hi there, do you know about Starkey Picasso IIC or Starkey Soundlens IIC? If so, any opinion on those or if they are good? I have been fitted for the Soundlens IIC so just wondering.

  16. I have moderate hearing loss in my right ear and my left ear is a little worse. I was fitted with the Resound GN about 2 weeks ago. Since I have never worn them before, I didn't know what to expect from these hearing aids. The first couple of days I thought they should be called Sound Amplifiers instead because of how loud everything was. But after wearing them and playing with the volume adjustment I think I will keep them. I was debating returning them and buying a pair on-line for $200 until I watched a couple of DR. Cliff's videos. After watching the videos and reading the comments (especially from Keith Howe) I am convinced that I have bought the best hearing aids for my needs. Thanks for the videos Doc!

  17. Thank you so much for such a thorough and honest explanation of the current hearing aids that made it on your list.
    Would you know if these hearing aid companies will design their hearing aid into a CIC in the near future ?
    Oticon OPN S
    Phonak Virto B-Titanium
    Phonak Audeo Marvel
    ReSound LiNX Quattro

  18. I have been trial fitted with a phonak marvel set and it does android streaming & phone calls reasonably well. When streaming the sound flicks from ear to ear, why is that? I have the smallest possible bud on the reciever for fit. They really poke into the sides of my ear canals & give me a headache. This is because the wires make the recievers point into the side of the canals, rather than align forward, along the ear canals. To add insult to injury, the little nub that the bud sits on points EVEN FURTHER BACKWARD! This is a fundamental design fault & it is a fault that other brands share as well. I will be unable to benefit from hearing aids until some designer wakes up to the problem, l am returning mine at my next appointment, unless my fitter can swap the recievers over to opposite aids & rebend the wires. My neighbour has the same problem with hers.

  19. Dr. Cliff, would you have a spreadsheet type format for your video on the 7 best hearing aids of 2019 to compare?

  20. So like everything else in life, if you have money you get to hear, and if you are poor, you are f&^%ed! You also have to have some kind I phone. This country has turned in nothing but a bunch of greedy scumbags, who don't really care about your health, and well-being, but how much they can charge you!

  21. Hey Dr Cliff I have a question, I have a hearing loss in my left ear is there any hearing aid that can cut off the surrounding sound 100% ??

  22. Dr.Cliff i have a question.
    I have hearing loss and my right ear is 3 lvl and left is 2 lvl deaf. plus i have tinnitus for 4 years not everyday day but years.
    how to care my hearing and increase my hearing ?

  23. It kinda annoys me that you have to pay more for better quality when it is the exact same hearing aid.

  24. My wife is diagnosed with otosclerosis. The hearing condition on the right ear is much worse than on the left ear. She is not decided for surgery yet and to go for a hearing aide instead. Are there any particular concerns in selecting the hearing aids for patients with otosclerosis?

  25. I have been using behind the ear hearing aids for about 15 years but, being very active,l have problems losing them and not hearing well when in situations with a lot of background noise.I am now trying a CIC type and am finding that it seems to provide much better hearing but would rather not spend the $4200 they will cost me if there are other viable options. Any thoughts?

  26. The cost is nuts when you consider that we can buy high-quality off-the-shelf wireless earbuds for a few hundred $. It’s a monopoly ring that’s for sure.

  27. Any musicians out there have a favorite? I play the horn and I'm trying to figure out which would be a good fit for an active brass player.

  28. I have worn Lyrics for the last three years, and enjoyed the invisible amplification, the ability to "turn them off" (especially for long plane rides), and not needing to take them out very often. However, I have struggled with whistling and occlusion/extreme pressure in my ear that feels like suctioning sometimes (I'm guessing tied to my frequent air travel for work), and so recently visited an audiologist to see what other options there were. They recommended Audeo m-90Rs (and said my left ear with more moderate hearing loss might be at the edge of Lyric range), which seem like a great option with Bluetooth capabilities, BUT they're not invisible. Is there any reason they wouldn't have recommended the Virto B Titanium?

  29. I have a question my insurance refuses to cover hearing aids (they said it’s not in their plan but can’t change plans because it’s what is offered thru my husbands company)… I’ve been forced to use over the counter aids (I know I know they aren’t a good thing to use but what else can I do because I can’t afford $6,000 and the doc office doesn’t have a payment plan!) I don’t live close to you so can’t come for a visit. But what is your suggestion because not everybody can afford the high prices!

  30. Dr. Olson

    You do answer questions and promptly. I think I have listened to every one of your videos on you-tube and sincerely appreciate your insight. I have had my hearing tested by an Audiologist and by Costco and both show a moderate hearing lost. Based on your reviews I believe I would like Phonak Audeo Marvel 70 but cannot find anyone who caries them in the Louisville, KY area. One dealer in this area wants to sell me the ReSound Alera. I would like to see you open a branch in Louisville

  31. you select all RIC only???. except IIC verto phonak. you like this type RIC???. i like OPN oticon and Audio phonak.>>>> thanks

  32. Dr.Cliff, I am going to buy Resound hearing aids from Costco. My concern and question is whether to buy the model with rechargeable battery. It is a sealed unit and you cannot use a dryer, like the drylux which I use on my present Kirkland rechargeable (removable batteries). My concern with the Resound ha is the manuf. says not to use a dryer. I Winter in Hawaii and I am concerned about perspiration. Do you have any thoughts?

  33. Someone in my class has hearing aids and that is Alfie but I have been wondering if you could wear hearing aids with earings in.

  34. I was in Costco and they told me that their Kirkland brand is made by Phonak and is the same as the Marvel except that it needs to use batteries instead of a charger. They call it a 9.0 It is compatible with both IPhone and Android adn streams TV directly from Bluetooth enabled TVs. They said they have an app to use with it (again Kirkland) that is similar to Phonaks but a little different. The price is much better and it's convenient. Can anyone answer they think that this is indeed a form of the Marvel and would be good to buy? I would use my regular audiologist to get my audiogram.

  35. Hey Doc, I would really appreciate it if you can tell me which model of Phonak Audeo Marvel is good for those with profound hearing loss?

  36. I am a guitar player with tinnitus and hearing loss, mostly hi frequency deficient . I’m 69 And still have a lot of music I want to record and share with the world. I’m thinking of investing in the Kirkland 9.0. Any comments or other suggestions? Saw your 9.0 review. The audio person I deal with at Costco seems experienced. I got a pair of Kirkland signature from her three years ago and they are failing. Thank you for choosing this profession. I could not continue with my music without people like you.

  37. I am just starting the process of getting hearing aids. I have put this off for far too long, vanity being the #1 reason. Tomorrow I am off to my family Dr. to get a referral to a hearing specialist. Thanks for this very informative video. Hopefully, I can find your #1 choice here in Toronto Canada.

  38. Please Doctor Cliff if you can assist me with this question because I cannot decide between an Oticon opn 1 cic, Starkey muse i2400 cic or Signia nx 7 cic non wireless for my daughter's moderate to severe loss ? Which would you prefer? I am confused with these different hearing centres…

  39. Doctor Cliff i want a hearing aid that have the best crystal clear sound to help me hear more speech. Which hearing aid is the best for that criteria? I want the sound as good ad normal ear or even better than normal ear.

  40. Hello Dr. Cliff. I play cello in an orchestra. I have mild to mod high end loss. (Good thing I play cello) My starkey aids seem to really interfere with my perception of my own playing, though I love that I can hear the director clearly. My audiologist and I worked by phone with a rep from Starkey, but it still makes me sound (to me) like an elementary player. Can you comment on what I should be thinking about as a live-play musician in need of assistive devices?

  41. Got 2 phonak IIC (acrylic) for out-of-pocket $3,000 US (total cost including evaluation/adjustment and fitting + 3 years supply of batteries) + 90 day trial period (return at no cost, even if you don't want any device after that). In Canada the government does give a subsidy that reduces the price, which kicks in again for another set after 3 years. I don't know how that compares to US prices but it seemed pretty good and I did appreciate the subsidy.

  42. My gf has hearing loss and needs hearing aids her dr is currently trying to see if her insurance will cover some or any of the cost. Is there any subsidies that are out there and is it possible to have her ears molded but then we buy the hearing aids on eBay or somewhere? Just don’t want to overspend if we don’t have to. Thank you

  43. Hi, do you work with musicians at all? what models would you recommend for musicians who also need to hear conversations or small children?

  44. I have phonak audeo marvel m50, and honestly I hate them. Sure, they look nice and the idea of them seems good, but so far since february when I received them I have had to send them in for repairs more than once, and the bluetooth cuts out so as to be pretty useless for listening to music or anything using the bluetooth.For the price, this shouldn't be a problem at all. I have a pair of 25 dollar bluetooth headphones that never cut out, so what is going on phonak??? I got a replacement pair and the bluetooth still does the same so I am convinced it must be the model/brand.

  45. Dr. Cliff, if one was OK with ear molding, didn't care about the cost or the phone bluetooth connection to adjust the settings and cared mostly about the device's invisibility and discretion, would Phonak Virto B (#4 above) be the best in your opinion?

    Is the Virto B the only option in the entire Hearing Aid market that performs the top of the line but is also invisible? It didn't make it #1 because of its high cost or features? or perhaps it doesn't perform as well as Phonak Audeo Marvel (#1)?

    Just my opinion that if a Hearing Aid can be fit invisibly, wouldn't that reason alone make #1 in any Hearing Aid Device list?

  46. Hi Dr. Cliff. This video is comprehensive and I have a somewhat better understanding of features for each so that I can decide which features are most important to me. You mentioned the Starkey LivioAI as one of the top 7. A couple of people I know suggested that I might want to take a look at the Livio 2400. Have you done a review of this model and if so where can I find it?.

  47. How does the Otticon OPC3 compare to a Oticon Siya 2? I've heard the Siya 2 is a "de-featured" version but it's not clear what features are disabled.

  48. I watched your video on your thoughts about Costco hearing aids. What do you think of the hearing aids that Kaiser hearing aid center provides?

  49. This would have been an ideal place to give a price range for different brands from low end to high end within each of the 6 brands. Thanks, George

  50. how come hearing aids are thousands of dollars but the are just a little speaker in your ear with a mic on the outside?

  51. These are the top models of the various companies listed. Over-the-counter availability of some HA's within a year or two will bring prices down significantly, IMO, on SOME models. I expect what will be available OTC will NOT be the best hearing aids. I was in the hearing aid business as a hearing aid dispenser. The consumer will WIN with this new legislation. However, do not expect the best hearing products to be available at the local CVS.

  52. I play the harp and will need hearing aids that can help ampflify but not distort those frequencies (I assume most hearing aids are aimed at speech range). I have tried hearing aids but they make the harp sound terrible. Thanks!

  53. Also I have Eustachian Tube Dysfunction and can hear radically better when I get the Eustachian tubes to open (Popping my ears followed by pulling my earlobes out to the sides, while jutting jaw forward and then moving my jaw to one side, holding that position, and then the other side. I can feel air getting into them and I hear a popping sound. And then I can hear much better; it's not muffled. But it doesn't last – they need popping again and again throughout the day. How would hearing aids work with this if I can't fix it before getting them? Thanks!

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