The 6 Guys You Date Online

The 6 Guys You Date Online

[electronic music] – It says he’s a “social media
identity representative.” But what does that even mean? – He’s pretty hot. – Oh, you’re a model! – Digitally. – Are you taking a selfie right now? – Oh, yeah. Heidelberg’s
one of my sponsors, so I take these when I’m out. – That’s neat that you make enough from sponsorships to support yourself. – Well, you know, Confucius
said, “If you choose a job “that you love, you never
really work a day in your life.” If you could take one of these for me, it would be a little bit more natural. – Oh, OK. – Wanna split this? [phone buzzing] [seductive music] [phone buzzing] [laughter] – OK, oh, OK! – I had you going! – OK, we’re laughing. – You thought you had me going before I had you going that time. – No, you got me. So, what do you do? – I’m a volunteer scuba diver. – Has the drought affected your work? – Well, you could say business
could be wetter. [laughs] – Actually, hey. Let me
walk you to your car. – Oh, no, that’s fine.
It’s right over there and it’s daytime. – Oh, no. I insist. Oh!
Let me get that for you. – Oh, that’s really … thank you. See ya! – Take care. – You too. – Drive safe. – No, you drive safe. – Thank you. Sweet of you. – OK. [quirky music] [phone buzzing] [quirky music] [classical music] [classical music] [classical music] – I thought about
getting into writing too. – Oh, really? – But then I realized
there’s just no money in it. Oh, excuse me. I’ll have
another Tom Collins. – I’ll have another vodka. – And she will stick with
seltzer. She’s had enough. Thank you. You’re gonna wanna be sober for what happens later. [jazzy music] [phone chiming repeatedly] [phone buzzing] [soft guitar music]

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “The 6 Guys You Date Online

  1. I mean, I got here due to "Girls you date Online" and I need to see how this ends.
    The Overbooked with the Bad Comedian. Come On, Boldly!!! Show me what you've got! This needs a season finale!

  2. I went on two dates with “The Clinger” it was super annoying and he wanted a relationship after two dates…

  3. Out of these options I'd take the clinger hangs down …at least he's sweet and cares about the person…ok to much but vs others wow….fragile guy would get a shoe in his face

  4. As for the fragile man, ladies don't even text a guy back saying you're not interested, that would just open up insults, just block him and away you go…

  5. That netflix and chill line work? I know women everywhere will deny it, I'm not asking them, I'm asking guys who've used it.

  6. This videos is biased. The perspective is from goalless BORING girl.
    My perspective: clingy? Literally the definition of gentleman.
    Photo model? Probably has one dream one goal, to photo model.
    Fragile? More like Caring.

    And you just sent a text instead of telling him in person. Waited to long to speak.

    No one feel ashamed. Pick the one you like.

  7. Haha ..its so funny i met someone from tinder after a few weeks dating, he is ghosting me..well thats fine… but i think he is loser no words no explanation ..

  8. Wait.. She responded to the sweet, charming, witty guy who wasn't that good looking and didn't earn 100k?

    I know this is satire but.. C'mon.

  9. I'm pretty good at bad (er, "clever") puns, once I'm comfortable enough to open up & spontaneously extrovert more w/ someone…so I'm likely most like the 'bad comedian'. And I guess only ever having one [serious] gf in my entire life would also make me a one-hit wonder of sorts.

  10. One of my best guy friends is a bad comedian and honestly it's okay at first but wow does it get irritating sometimes

  11. I like that the fact he was active 30 seconds ago was the issue and not the fact that she was also online… 😂

  12. So I've been watching these two videos in a loop for about two hours. Anyone know how I get out of this? XD

  13. I knew a guy that was exactly like the last one..smh.. he was bi polar or something..
    He would flirt one min and then insulting me the next…

  14. suggests that him being on tinder 30 seconds ago was a bad thing after they hooked up….she had to go on it to check. Pot,kettle,black

  15. the self confident guy type is really often a fact, sadly. Because if you are just honest and think it will not work out between you two. His ego is way to big and he need to bring you down with words. I'm not Proud to say that, but that happen to me alot, so i really can relate to that…

  16. I once met a guy who asked me if I wanted to have kids, I said maybe 2 and he went like.. too bad I want 6, we are not compatible… then after he dropped me off he texted asking "what would you call me if we continued seeing each other, I will convince you 6 is better than 2".. I said I didn't know what I would call him, then he goes like: "You should call me Papi" and that's it, deleted and blocked lol

  17. Literally nobody talks about how accurate the ending to the Fragile Man is… as soon as you tell someone, however nice they seemed, that it just wasn't compatible and you didn't get the spark, they 100% will either blank or insult you.

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