The 5 Guys You Date Online

The 5 Guys You Date Online

I love love what if I mean my soulmate today sliding some dams consensually love was great what’s the question I am not very good at all my bathing say met my first boyfriend and an AOL chat room dating in 2019 it could be very amazing it could be very confusing it’s all based on looks I have not met anyone mansion partners from online dating the Internet has totally disrupted the way that we date people end up being different when you meet them IRL swiping based dating has made it more easy to dismiss people it’s mostly fun mostly for the poem poem you know I’m saying people that I’ve met have been trashed so these are the five types of guys you’ll date online bring in the boys so there’s the comedian funny guy the comedian will try to make sure you know that they are extremely funny there’s nothing like a guy that can make you laugh most of the dates will be like forced jokes and fake giggles it’s all about him he has to be the center of attention he has to have all the jokes you need to kind of use your gut to navigate it what is this funny guy really about is he really funny or is he really insecure they just want validation in their comedy you can’t even get your funny jokes in and you know your funny sense you know it but he won’t let you know it and how I’ll end well how it will start with a joke Oh athlete strong you know physically fit you’ll have a workout partner he can motivate you he could help you in your fitness you’ll have fun we play games all the time he drinks kombucha juice and he probably has an equinox like Jim Carr would be a show-off cuz he can have a great body their self-esteem is through the roof you run the risk of them being a ho they could be players hos everybody wants an athlete inevitably ends because athletes are too into themselves instead of actually committing in their relationship and seeing what it’s like to not be selfish the artists are boys a beautiful mystic loving the artsy sad boy type is like my type they’re always creating something but give you real good deep conversation he’ll make you feel secure you’ll love on you very in touch with their emotion just like their work they’re looking for the next project their thinkers you really don’t know what’s going on in their mind you’ll get mad one day and he’ll want to turn your argument into a concept piece they need to figure out who they are and what they need god forbid one day your fight wins an Oscar they’re gonna let you down very easily very sweetly triggered the workaholic my god the entrepreneur the workaholic I will say is very attractive to me I actually don’t mind a workaholic because I tend to be a workaholic myself down to earth kind of guy okay a busy every now and then buddy you understand it you know we’re adults they know what they want their career is poppin they’re so confident in themselves a workaholic over a guy that has every single minute of its day to spend with me yes please then they’ll get too busy they’re gonna come to your birthday party late they’re gonna go to your grandma’s funeral II feel like workaholics don’t understand that you do need a life outside of work they have no balance there the person who’s gonna regret throwing themselves at work when they’re in their 40s that work will not emotionally fulfill you the way being in love will and meeting someone and going on dates and then there’s him the one you’re like oh my God my heart’s coming out of my chest he is the person that you were meant to be with spontaneous and sweet and kind they’ll talk you’ll have good conversations you can play when you need to play you got a deep conversation when you need to I think when you meet the one when you meet the guy it’s not gonna be something you think about it’s gonna be something that is I think when you find yourself smiling a lot it’s a good sign of like okay we’re on the right path this person you just love fully and wholly and he appreciates the value in you and what you bring to the table when Cupid is gonna strike he’s gonna strike four women out there never settle we just need to trust in the process and have faith don’t shy away from internet dating don’t become jaded from your past relationships don’t close yourself off I have hoped for love stay open to love once you find it if it’s a wrap [Music] but I like

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40 thoughts on “The 5 Guys You Date Online

  1. Okay, I'm confused.. Everybody says you shouldn't look for it, it'll find you.. Now y'all are saying don't stop looking.. 😱 💔

  2. I'm feeling like maybe Gadiel is a Leo. Haha Alexis is wearing a shirt from where my mother used to work back in the day lol (not sure if it's the same place but could be)

  3. What I like about this video is that you see the rawness of each guy from pero like. You see the The good and bad but then you realize all the good from each guy. Talking more like how they look. And honestly my type is the one as well. Ivan is my number 1 even though I love all of them

  4. Ivan would for sure be the one! that smile of his is contagious, he is definitely super sweet, nice, funny, his accent is amazing, plus he can cook, he loves disney and to travel, perfect to go on adventures with or stay in all day and have a movie marathon! What more could a woman ask for!

  5. I met my fiancé online 3 and half years ago. It’s true, being with him is effortless and we literally hit it off right away. All my hesitations towards other guys I met online or my anxieties around past breakups were nonexistent with him. I felt like I could be myself from the get go and he’s my best friend. ❤️

  6. Love how that lady was like “don’t let your past relationships make you jaded” and I’m sitting here jaded from relationships I wasn’t even in. Learn from experience, and that experience doesn’t have to be yours.

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