The 2018 Concordia Forum Highlights

After 10 years the Concordia Forum has
become this amazing institution where hundreds of leaders from across the
world have come to meet on an annual basis in amazing locations and we’ve
really built something special. My first impression is it’s open to
everyone, it is a very warm and welcoming opportunity to get to know people from
all over the world to collaborate and to benefit from a social network that is
something like we’ve never had before. Concordia has changed my life in the
sense that it doesn’t feel like I’m doing all of this alone, that
there are so many others that are out there that are also committed to trying
to make the world a better place. We’re incredibly proud to be one of the
sponsors and supporters of this program because we find that there is a
tremendous trust deficit. So having the time and space to invest in these
relationships to go from transactional to transformative has been such a
meaningful exercise for all of us. Just follow the path all the way to the
end. That could be the end. So I really believe that we have the power through one on one. One person
can make a big difference. I love the retreat style programming
which kind of isolates us together, packs us together for a few days and
really helps create relationships. The offshoots that have come about in my discussions here have already started meetings in Los Angeles and in New York
and even in Chicago and discussing those things further and kind of expounding on
that. We want to be the home of Muslim talent to reinvigorate Muslim identity
in English-speaking communities. I got feedback from politicians, businesspeople, from potential investors and that will really help us shape the future for our
project. When you feel supported, you can take that risk because you know that people have your back and they’re ready to support you in going forward and I think that is such an empowering inspiring feeling I supported two brothers that were here last year. We were able to raise a million dollars to
support an app and they just signed their first deal. So long as we keep making people so happy, we’re gonna keep doing what we’re doing. There’s never going to not be a need to have a place to build trust for
people to think about the future properly and for people to help each other. So as long as that need exists we’re going to be here to serve it. I can remember coming to my first Concordia it was about 40 people then and in the space or six seven years
they’ve gone to 250 delegates today. $2,000! Absolutely epic. You know we’re not gonna start the bidding at 14 billion dollars which is what Muhannad Abdulhasan’s company was turning over. Get off your phone unless you’re moving money over to your other account. I see you! Thank you very much for allowing me to take this prize but I’ve bid on this tonight as a present for someone very special so I’m giving it to Ilhan Ibrahim to give to her father He’s our Nelson Mandela. It’s a great forum for people to discuss in a safe space about some of the issues that they might be concerned about and maybe get other people’s opinions and views about how to deal with certain challenges that we all as Muslims are facing now in the
Western world as well as in Europe and other places From the fantastic talent
that I saw here the passion that people have the concerns that people have I think that together we can light a whole chandelier not just a candle. As a journalist’s we’re all about storytelling and you don’t get to be a good storyteller sitting at home on a sofa you need to kind of mingle with
people and hear their stories and this is why these sort of forums are quite important because people open up The Sultan so consumed by troubles was
oblivious to the opulence that surrounded him Like I would never dream of instructing
a woman what to wear unless she was a white woman about to meet my family Concordia is a live organism it’s
breathing it’s growing I love that there’s conversations of the future where you set the stage for creating possibility, anything is the future

Danny Hutson

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