Telstra Cyber Security Forum 2017 – A Cyber Secure Australia

MAN: 2017 is the hour
that we’ve been waiting for.
is our only way through,
and forums like this,
the Telstra Cyber Security Forum,
is a great example
of bringing peers together
to share ideas
and collaborate more effectively.
MAN: It’s always important for us
to be having conversations
about cyber security.
It’s important that we see ourselves
as a collegiate group.
MAN: The conversation has changed,
and everyone is interested
in cyber security,
whether that’s a boardroom level
or a government conversation.
WOMAN: Today’s session was fantastic
because we had Sir Iain Lobhan
from the UK,
who is hugely experienced
in all things cyber security.
But then couple that with the
context of the Telstra experience –
made for a great conversation.
It’s very important to have
visibility and threat intelligence,
and also understanding
what it means –
what are some of the threats
that we have,
what are some of the repercussions.
GREEN: The corporate world,
employees have access
to the most powerful technology
but it doesn’t mean they know what’s
right and wrong on that technology.
MAN: There are all sorts
of mechanisms
to keep traditional crime
down to a manageable level.
On the internet,
we don’t have those mechanisms,
so it’s up to us,
government and industry,
to step in and create them.
Can we stop doing the same thing
and expecting different results?
We actually need some innovation
in the industry.
We need people really thinking about
what’s a different way to solve
some of the problems we’ve got?
PRICE: Cyber security
is a human challenge.
Technology helps us.
It can be an enemy to us sometimes,
but actually
it’s really just about us people.
TURNER: There’s a phenomenal
opportunity for us
if we actually commit to this,
and the opportunity is to be
world-leading in this space,
not only terms of practices,
but also in terms of technologies
and the ecosystem that
we can develop here in Australia
around cyber security.
After the conversation,
we need action.
2017’s the year for that action.

Danny Hutson

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