Technology Drives Exploration┃ Go Forward

Technology Drives Exploration┃ Go Forward

We will go forward to the
Moon with technology. Explore Moon to Mars. We will use world-class
propulsion systems, land spacecraft with
unparalleled precision, and use our Moon as a
test bed for technology. We will live, explore and
build a sustainable human presence, using next-level
power generation systems, breakthrough laser
communications, and on-demand 3D printing
and manufacturing With some of humanity’s
most advanced technologies we will use the Moon’s
resources to make fuel, deploy rovers and robots
like never before, developing technologies
for space and our daily lives and forge a path
to Earth-independent exploration. Technology drives
explorations and we are driven to explore, not
just our Moon but to Mars and beyond. We will go forward with
American leadership in space. Explore. Visit:

Danny Hutson

74 thoughts on “Technology Drives Exploration┃ Go Forward

  1. It would be better to make only one video explaining everything instead of 10 videos of 1 minute each

    "…China has total respect for Donald Trump and Donald Trump’s very, very large brain.”

    "You have scientists on both sides of it. My uncle was a great professor at MIT for many years, Dr. John Trump, and I didn’t talk to him about this particular subject, but I have a natural instinct for science, and I will say that you have scientists on both sides of the picture."

  3. I have an idea! Let's offer the anti-vaccine lobby free one way tickets to the moon, their families included, and leave them at a state of the art lunar base to enjoy the measles without vaccine. Cheaper than treating hundreds of millions of measles patients…

  4. But is FDM the correct technique to use with lunar regolith? At ESA/DLR in Cologne a powder based approach has been simulated.

    When will we have a robotic mission to the moon and actually try on site manufacturing?

  5. There seems to be much more drive and direction this time. Great to see… I am looking forward to it. Let's keep it up.

  6. YES! This is clearly the most intelligent way to develop a permanent presence in space, and to develop Earth independent tech and eventually build true space ship construction in Moon orbit.

  7. Nice video, but I am less impressed with NASA's efficiency. The best spent NASA money of late has been to bolster private launch enterprises, especially SpaceX.. and no, I'm not one of those loyal Elon fanboys, but you have to notice that the enormous pile of money spent on SLS is giving US taxpayers a terrible return on investment by comparison.. Wake up NASA .. focus on buying rides from SpaceX, Blue Origin, & other qualified private launch firms.. let the old inefficient top-down way of designing & building your own launch vehicles out of "heritage parts" die to make room for a better future in space for all the Earth.. OK, rant over.. 😉

  8. I does always watch the stars but they seem to me different locations,, like, one night it will be at the west then it will be at the east and at 2 in the morning it disappear

  9. Do you used additive manufacturing only for carbon fiber parts and not for metal? That does not change anything since fibers part have always been manufactured like this.

  10. You are very late like human race,you must be already on the moon satellite of Earth 85 years before, to make your exploration and the thinks you want to make now.

  11. humanity was all set on going to mars, then someone decided to put up this wall (what is the sanity behind this project?)

  12. Far side of the moon class propulsion systems could light up many of the dark objects of interest in solar system and deeply scan moon all at same time.

  13. I love it.
    But I hate all this "American Leadership" talk. Why can't it just be a human achievement, which would encourage the world to unite even a bit. Imo that sends a better message to the world

  14. Ok, NASA, you got me excited, for the first time in a long time. I hope to also see more collaborations with SpaceX in the future since you are partnered with them.

  15. I like exploring planet and my dream is to work to nasa thats my dream that why im subscribe to learn about planet because im wanna be astronomers like other someday my wish come true

  16. I absolutely just can't wait. My only concern are the conflicts that might result within our human society in result of this exploration. I hope it won't be so though.

  17. Ambitious goals that will require a lot of leadership and teamwork to achieve. Highly doable though.

  18. What a joke…NASA videos always good for a laugh when I need it. I can't believe sheeple still buy into this nonsense.

  19. Make scientific literacy, critical thinking, and the ability to revise a previously strongly held belief due to exposure to new evidence a minimum requirement for anyone leaving the planet.

  20. Ooh look, another fancy graphic, let's check the budget… still around $20 billion? This isn't happening for at least a decade then.

  21. I've been watching a lot of the video submissions for the 3D printed Habitats for Mars and it got me thinking about the whole process. I think it sounds amazing and would love to see this become a viable option.
    But I also tend to think about the worst case. So what would happen during a Mars storm? Is the 3D printing process being tested with emergency stops, "honker down" type drills, then perform a print survey and a print resume or perhaps even a fix of damaged areas?
    I only raise this because some of the print times are in the months timescales.

  22. We need better ion technology. If you do a trans-Mars injection with ion engines instead of chemical ones, then you can save A LOT of weight on the payload side which increases your delta-V. Yeah. I play KSP.

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