Teaching English Online

Teaching English Online

Are you a teacher of English who’s interested in teaching online? Then why don’t you join us for our four week course called ‘Teaching English Online.’ We’ll help you to understand how to teach an effective lesson online. I build rapport with my online learners in very much the same way as I would do with a regular face to face class. By the end of the course you’ll be able to transfer the skills you have in the
face to face classroom to a digital classroom, so that you can produce really effective lessons for the
learners you teach, and help them to develop their English skills. My name’s Lyndsay Warwick and I’m a teacher and trainer based here in Cambridge in the U.K. and I’d like to invite you to join our course: ‘Teaching English Online.’ I very much hope to see you there!

Danny Hutson

5 thoughts on “Teaching English Online

  1. I think that teaching English online is a great idea because nowadays most people learn English on the internet especially me. 🙂 Thank you so much for that!

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