Tanki Online V-LOG: Episode 227

Tanki Online V-LOG: Episode 227

In today’s episode, we’ll be telling you about
Juggernaut mode… on MOBILE. We’ll also be covering the
new challenge for November, and reviewing the latest
changes to Mammoth. Hello tankers. We’re back and ready to deliver
another episode of your favorite VLOG. Halloween celebrations are almost over, but you still have a whole weekend ahead
where you can enjoy holiday contests, play solo juggernaut,
and catch rocket golds. All of this will disappear at
the end of the weekend, so make the best of it. While we’re on the topic of Juggernaut,
we’ve got a nice surprise for you. Finally you can play this mode
in the mobile version of the game. We know you’ve been
asking for this forever, but there were some
tough obstacles to overcome. First of all, the mobile version presents
its own challenges. There’s an endless list of
smartphones with different characteristics, processors, screen resolutions,
graphics accelerators and memory sizes, and the game is expected to
work equally well on all of them. The second issue is the
difference in Juggernaut’s size. It is much bigger than any
other tank in the game, but we had to make sure
we created a user experience that conforms with all the
other hulls in the game. It took a lot of time and hard work,
but it’s finally done. Download the game and
check it out for yourself! There are two kinds of players in Tanki. Those who use Mammoth’s
overdrive to farm golds… and those who hate the
first group for doing so. Yes, we’ve seen the feedback, and we agree that something
needed to be done. In case you missed it,
here’s what’s been happening. A gold box is dropping. You drive to the spawn point to catch it. But you suddenly find yourself surrounded by
a crowd of Mammoths with their overdrives activated. You can’t damage them
because they’re invincible, and you can’t push them away either. You might be lucky and find the occasional Wasp that will use
its bomb to deactivate Mammoth’s overdrive. But that’s rare. So yeah, not good. Here’s what we’ve done about it. We’ve removed Mammoth’s invincibility
and protection from physical impact. So now, it can’t just sit its fat
backside in one spot and occupy it. To balance the nerf, we’ve extended its active overdrive
time from five seconds to seven, and increased the speed
boost from 30% to 40%. Additionally, Mammoth’s overdrive is
now IMMUNE to Wasp’s bomb, and upon being activated, it fully restores hitpoints and removes
any burning or freezing effects. So, do you think we nailed it? Tell us what you think in the comments. A new challenge starts on November 2nd. The main prize this time, is the Vulcan Prime skin,
a must-have for collectors. Wanna get it in your garage? Simple. Just join the challenge,
complete the stages, earn stars, and get the rewards. Remember, there are two
reward tiers in the Challenge. The silver tier is free. The gold tier contains even more prizes,
but you need a battle pass to unlock it. You can get yours from the Shop. Cool changes are
coming to the shop soon. Garage kits will be moved to a new window
and will be available exclusively from there. Each player will have their
own unique showcase, which will be updated regularly
with customized offers. This showcase will only be available in the
HTML5 and Android versions of the game. There’s more coming, but we’ll tell you about
it when the time comes. Youtuber digest Let’s start with this cool Halloween
throwback video by iMoneyMaker Next, A.F.F is back with some
texture-changing shenanigans. And this time, it’s all about..
you guessed it – Halloween! Now, for fans of parkour in
the International community, we’ve prepared a new
round of Parkour Survival, which returns with a new hardcore
challenge for all participants. As the tricks become harder, only those who survive all 8 team
challenges will earn a special paint, and get a huge pile of
crystals and containers! Check out more details about
the contest in the description. Good luck! That’s all for today. We’ll see you in a week. And if you don’t want to miss anything, make sure you like, subscribe,
and click the bell icon. See ya! Last time, you had to guess
where the Wasp would land. The correct answer is D Here are our winners. And here’s the new question. During which occasion
was this paint given out?

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “Tanki Online V-LOG: Episode 227

  1. Tanki online fro iOS? You guys working extra because android has a ton of devices . If you guys had started to work on iOS they all have same graphics, rams .


  3. Hey You forget about '' New Hull ''
    Remove Titan overdrive they stole our all rocket golds.
    This is not fun 😡😡😡

  4. The paint was available on new year's eve
    nick: Trending
    lets hope i get some crystals cuz hey, 5k is better than nothing

  5. You guys dont now who they made fun to play game to pay to win
    Only old tankers now
    This game is Dead
    I want old tankionline where it's fun to play with friends not 20x gold boxes but we still enjoyed
    I remembered the 100x glitch in tanki
    Old days

  6. Plz remove overdrive from juggernaut mode because ones it charged juggernaut will not survive
    Plz remove it from juggernaut mode plz

  7. Honestly needs to remove all new overdrives for the day of event or on that map………… now titan use its doom and take rockets ….. if u remove titan od … vik gonna gets stronger…only was is to get intrest is only buy removing new od for events

  8. i dont care about mammoth overdrive anymore but the titan overdrive…. overpower in halloween map. its impossible to catch gold now

  9. Rework for the Titan Overdrive:
    Remove its damage reduction ability.
    Increase the healing effect by a bunch.
    That way, rocket golds will instantly kill the Titans, but still gives the Titan user and allies a good defense against enemy tanks.

  10. You can nerfed he Mammoth, but it was much worse because the Titans dominated the Halloween maps and the cost for this was the fps of all players including me

  11. Wtf, the real problem was titans constantly camping with their shields…

    Didnt even see 1 mammoth camping the boxes in something like 20 games

  12. Can you guys make the amount of crystals being earned higher, because after the Halloween weekend, I can’t earn over 100 crystals.

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