Tan France Gives The Best Compliments | Dressing Funny | Netflix Is A Joke

Tan France Gives The Best Compliments | Dressing Funny | Netflix Is A Joke

– Wow I love it! – You look like a rich bitch too! – Ask me to donate to the private school, ask me. (upbeat music) – Your skin looks great. – It’s water. – You have really good legs. – [Andrew] Stop it! – The color I think is gorgeous on her. – [Tina] Yes. – [Tan] You look hot! – This works? – It works for me and if it works for this gay it’s probably gonna work for women too. It looks so good! The outfit’s killer! Here’s our fuckable John everyone, everyone, everyone, fuckable John. I love that I put you in a suit and you’re just going
right into your burger. – Always missing a beret. – Is it me, or does that
actually work on you? (Tina and Tan laughing) You walk really well in those shoes. If you walked into the house after a long day’s work
and you looked like that I’d be like bitch take your clothes off. – I love this. – Me too! Gorgeous! You look super stylish, you look European. B.D.E. – Oh god. – It doesn’t give you a point of pride? – No it’s embarrassing. – Oh my god, I’d be bragging to everyone. I’m that guy! When you tuck it in, all you see is schlong.
– Right, yeah. – There it is, it’s lovely. – I mean it’s gorgeous. – If I saw you on stage looking like this, I’d want to fu the life out of that. – Oh really? – Yeah I would. I’d do ya. It brings out your eyes. – I like my eyes. – I love your eyes. – I like looking’ like a raccoon. – You look like a cool guy. Like a cool 36. Do you see that?
– Like you. – Like me, you look like Tan France! Can you runway for me?
– [Ali] Shimmer. ♪ I let this mother go ♪ – [Tan] Oh shit! – Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, heeyy! – I thought you’d miss Cheyenne in that. You walked right into it. I would wear it. – You would? – I own mom jeans. – [Nick] Your ass looks
great in those jeans. – [Tan] His ass looks
great in these jeans. – Oh, who’s that? – Actually it is fantastic! Your butt looks fantastic. You’ve got a good butt. – That’s nice of you to say. – You got really red all of the sudden, but let me tell you you’ve
got a really good butt! No look at it! – I think most importantly
his wife Colleen– – Is gonna want to peg him. – Yeah, exactly. (upbeat music) (jazz music)

Danny Hutson

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  2. When are we getting new eps of Dressing Funny? I'd love to see Amy Poehler, Wanda Sykes, Conan O' Brien & Tig Notaro on the show! ?

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