Taking the VTEC Mini To A Classic Car Meet (Will they hate it?)

Taking the VTEC Mini To A Classic Car Meet (Will they hate it?)

so we are now my two mini mate taking the BR the meanings of the people with what I’m on here and myself and a special guest then yes [Music] Racing’s with something to eat the meaty Ilana let me just put it into this beer everyone serving and disperse that is so many mini look at them all we’ve brought the mini home to a table haven’t we certainly it is this is awesome everyone oh this guy really video I love that one mug oh good well done some people here going I think dealers agreeing who said if L is a doing just keep he keeps going where the name one is in three areas and you either are you even and then reversing okay thank into which slot are guys thank you for the cleaning Eli me yep you have a general right thank you do you have a reverse here yes we’re because if you didn’t run now that’ll be coming back here results you can see how good [Music] now look at the mini amazing talk to some mini table take you night I don’t know it first and then you can do this but if I’m going to refund forward when you look up it’s giving birth to the Clintons well at this point once the hood comes up everyone’s about to see that there’s a JDM civic type-r engine in there which for a classic mini is quite controversial will they like it or will they hate it I guess we’re about to find out live the JDM award but we’re a little bit later I think they’re already well into judging that we’re going to see if the judges are willing to come and have a look I’d say being it’s like a JDM I bar engine and a JD and many I hope we would fulfil the requirements for a JDM award but we’re going to see you in the Honda award by the Volks there’s no other Honda movie there are no other hominid so so I win that imaginary award that doesn’t actually exist so we have managed to get here just in time judging is still under way just we’re just scraping in so it doesn’t mean that we’ve actually won anything but we are now eligible to be part of the annual mini Awards I’ll fill this out thank you very much so we’ll put you in the class seventh row vanadium or over 30 inside seven up there five seven and you just your details yep in here Kalash model right Rover and go to my lazing great details Neela and I’ll give you a number 98 thank you very much 9a do the years I was like 1998 Rover the FCC VTech this is Robert hallo Robert Robert is the enthusiast chairman of the mini Car Club of New South Wales and he’s one of the judges of course today this fine example of a vehicle here is entered in the rover and JDM category and I’m pretty sure it meets the criteria for that because it is a JDM mini but not only that to keep its integrity it’s a Honda engine from a JDM civic type-r from Japan to make sure that the car keeps a kind of a resonance in what its cultural history is so I was hoping Rob you could give us some of the are some of the attributes that you look for when judging a car one of the things should we concentrate on our show entrances the effort that’s put into the car for preparation on the day okay okay so it’s not about originality of the car ends we can judge this hadn’t got an original engine yeah but it’s the effort and presentation and then much effort you’ve put into preparing this car to bring it all it is a show ensuring our clean have you prepared your car and you might think it’s the best car I’m sure the other owner they think they’ve got the best car as well right we found the polished residue in the scene on a mini that’s a given people do not clean that off as well as they should right so we come along with their read we’d take it all yeah I go to the other car and the owner that cars done that while they’re ahead I might have got chops chopped up the post I think what we need to do money check out the competition can you point us towards our put who am i up against today just a little wavy yeah I never never look at the car oh you’re coming to great oh I can’t do it oh here it is here we go oh this is a nice one look at this are you the owner of this one young fella no just an admirer this this again is another world prepared car a very well prepared the interior taken a lot of time and effort oh you look at the interior as well there okay oh hello I was just whoa getting that one already for you right so um I had no idea that my engines actually irrelevant this is a cap at our clean your car is it doesn’t matter that you’ve spent putting a pension that’s not meant to be in there I’ve been vacuumed in that this morning and I think I’m getting marked down now boy I can’t watch this anymore man it’s like watching it’s like watching your pet being judged before it gets taken to the slaughterhouse and fed to a horse I’m also on missing a couple of parts I hoped my diet was I wouldn’t so you use the the parts that are missing that I haven’t glued on yeah I actually can’t watch this anymore now I’m Daniel so don’t fade away here we’re at the show behind us right now of course we’re being judged how does it feel to have one of our children are being judged by the headmaster yeah no Stan it’s it’s quite good rather just to having what you just sent one of our children no it’s good that’s nice that it’s here and it works and so many meanings here in Nice minis and yeah just really good the crowd seems to like the car as well and it’s very interesting that they’re in the engine boat right now as you can see yep so as he told us it is just a matter of how shiny and clean the car is being a show and shine yep I didn’t quite read the brief before coming to it that said we’re not here for awards are we with the journey oh yeah off he goes our to make his decision of course I’m number 98 so there’s a 98 mini so far that are in the competition and I’m how do you think we’re going to go in and watch this about half an hour ago and I think we did a pretty good job actually it’s clean we spoke about this at the start that a lot of mini purists and stuff would turn their nose up at it and you kind of get concerned about what the many people think about it yeah had this old mini guy kind of amble up to us and he said don’t like the Honda conversion it’s not like people doing it until I saw yours now I’m going to do it too and that was great yeah because it’s like you got five to be you’ve got you know that reliability there obviously I wouldn’t do this I think it’s I wouldn’t do this for like a 60 or 70 mini but you know there’s only a mini I think they’re already kind of in a category of their own yeah and and now we’ve just kind of extended that into a magical unicorn place definitely a JDM mini now it definitely is a JD attorney so we’ll see how we go to thy fingers cost for the JD n category why don’t we go round look at the minute service while we wait to judging to take place we’re going to have a look around at all the other mad old mini [Music] I was worried about bringing a JDM mini with a Honda Civic engine to a classic mini meet but it seems a lot of these cars have already been modified whether it’s either small things to keep them running or more extreme examples minis are historically a modified car but they’ve been raced threat from this day one when they brought them in here people found a great car and they started modifying it I’ve always had a mini from when I was 18 and I’ve always modified it in some little way maybe not a Honda engine but some modification so look me personally you shut the bonnet it’s still a mini nobody knows it’s not something under the bonnet different it might sound a little bit different but look I think it’s great if you don’t own a mini you don’t know that the feeling of owning a mini so the economy you can have an opinion but if I think it’s evolved no one cares it’s so big that’s true yeah and look you see what we’ve got nearly it has a mini thing here and there are some really standard nice car yeah for you the majority’s modified though there are change one way or another that’s right they’ve got a different carburetor on it we’ve got different wheels different color they might have been painted not only you’ve done a great job and actually you have helped advertised their mini sort of fraternity and look at today it’s great awesome trying to keep lee thank you my image alive thank you so much lenko it meant a lot to me and now the time has come for the winners to be announced in this class is class 7 and this was run over and personal 1980s in the first place in that’s ghost not me maybe next time I should vacuum my car because I got chopped hard I’m moving only in second place please category um I load up a nightmare I pit dumb oh my god how could any is move this car ollie probably came second because a woman’s only just put together last night it was finished often but I was cleaned up and then driven over here everyone thank you this is just like maybe back in the inside you might we we’ve ended up in our second place and there are oh boy two of these come here is you can add that one to the collection there there you go thank you very much ready we’ve grabbed our trophy and now it’s time to hit the road and head back home when they’re in the wrong place look I say do you realize how am I [Music] we may not have won our category but at least we were the only media that can do this the weekend beautiful opinion that’s mental [Music] just take me straight to with me talk to the man oh it’s frightening you weren’t even going over the scene everybody was like who’s freaked Lexington gone I just need a transplant Oh reactivity of some fried 68,000 air in my life

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “Taking the VTEC Mini To A Classic Car Meet (Will they hate it?)

  1. The trillions of hours of energy, effort and sweat to convert this Mini and buddy is judging cleanliness of the floor mats and dust on the pillars…jeeeezzzz….

  2. glad i live in america because those judging rules are absolutely ridiculous. completely unnecessary and proves nothing about the vehicle but rather the owner. its not a car award anymore its a cleaning award.

  3. They will not be mad or very surprised. The vtec mini mod is one of the most common things people do to make minis fast together with larger pistons and turbo units.

  4. You only got second because you put it together last night and drove it in this morning lol. Classic burn by the judge.

  5. What the HELL kind of a way to write is THAT?! I couldn't figure out what the hell you were doing. lol Great job on the car.

  6. the most important thing is that you had fun. and I believe most of the greatest cars are the most modifiable ones, as you can easily customize them to how you want them.

    and that moment you think you are fast. aka there is always a bigger fish

  7. And here in Britian, the minis home they are a very rare sight nowadays. Our weather and being a small island means that the majority have been turned to rust (old British build quality didnt help either!) Such a shame as they are great cars. I was glad to be in a Mini one day. My mate had just fitted new front brakes to his beautiful black Mini (wide wheels, arches, bucket seats, cool steering wheel etc) it was only a 1.0 but he thrashed the living daylights out of it down a sliproad off the motorway. As the roundabout loomed into view, the Mini still doing around 60-70 MPH, he then states "the brakes have failed" (or words to that effect!) I took that to be a joke, as we then flew round the tight roundabout quicker than I've ever been before!!! It was only after we screeched round and I saw the look on his face that I realised he'd been serious, very nearly deadly serious!!! It was only down to the Minis incredible handling that we made that corner at that speed (must have been over 50 MPH!) If we'd been in any other car we would have ended up wrapped round the lamppost!!!

  8. respect for the work you did and performance you got out of it – absolutely no doubt. but it was not nice to hear you mock the judging like that; It demeans the other contestants for sure. they bothered to read the entrance criteria. I doubt very much it is only about having a clean car. You have an inflated view of yourself. thought you'd alk in their and get an award. You deserve an award for sure just for doing what you did. spoilt a good vid for me.

  9. I have a 74 moke , joined one of the moke forums, got berrated from the " must be OEM crowd " they didn't like it for the fact it was not original …i left then site and let the old fuddy duddy crew do their thing … im into me bikes buggys dirt bikes , there is nothing i own that is not modded 😁

  10. Got medal for placing second, is two people in the competition ROFLMAOooo only Moog and my grandpa does that 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Wow holy shit bro, that motor turns heads and drops panties from left to right. Man the motor sounds so refined. Wow what a great idea. TypeR mini all the way.

  12. is it more bhp than the 360 turbocharged one off livinglifefast? cos that 1 is fuckin rapid thats got a honda civic type r engine in it aswell

  13. If I was going to go as far as you've gone with your Mini one of the first things I would've done is de-seam it, de-seamed Mini's really do make the stand out from the pack, it takes off all of the rough edges and really is the most beautiful thing you can do to it's appearance, it shows just how beautiful it's original designers had in mind before it went into production. The Mini will always be one of my all time favourite cars.

    I'd love to see you fit a turbo and double the HP again although where you would put it is a mystery to someone like me who looked at the size of the VTEC when it arrived and just thought that you may have bitten off more than you chose but it was nice to be so pleasantly surprised. Pretty sure you obviously knew it would fit before starting the project but it was still an interesting project to follow along.

    I wish we had seen a more detailed overview of the sheet metal mods especially to the fire wall and seen the bay after all the chops had been done. Hopefully in the not too distant future I will have all the tools I need to attempt such a project. Not sure exactly what project I would like to undertake but turning something fairly unobtrusive into something spectacular has a lot of appeal. One of the first things that I really need to do is get myself something practical so a Hilux is probably going to be the first thing I decide to purchase, whether that becomes my project build only time will tell.

  14. The onley to things i would is rip that ugley dash board and put the round speedometer and change them ugley back light. To the earley ones much beter looking . Nice job on sticking that Honda in there that takes know how and skill to do that sort of thing . UK.

  15. I think you went to this show trying to prove a point and be idiots, like when you knocked the mat onto the judge… However, they embraced you and proved that the majority aren't elitists. It was nice to hear how passionate the other judge was at 9:44 I loved that. ❤

  16. I saw one at 5 may 2019 in zandvoort circuit at japfest see it on my ig: @ sabcarspotting.inc or go to www.instagram.com/sabcarspotting.inc

  17. No love for the VTEC. Judging purely on how clean it is? Ridiculously naive to the art of motorsports!

  18. A Google search for 'what is a JDM Mini' gives many but vague results.
    I can see that JDM is likely to be Japanese Domestic Market.
    Did Minis intended for the JDM have distinct features?
    Any info would be appreciated, thanks.

  19. Damn, this car is a dream for me. Someday I will do this mod then drive my kid to school like "hey son buckle up, we're gonna zip to school in style."

  20. Either way its one badass mini with that LOVELY type R motor! I'll have it here in Minneapolis minnesota and ill take care of it for ya. Great video!

  21. So, if I show up in a mini that has a totaled front end, but P R I S T I N E paint and interior, I'd win. Why even go?

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