Taking My Tesla Model 3 to CarMax – Guess How Much They Offered?

Taking My Tesla Model 3 to CarMax – Guess How Much They Offered?

– This might seem kind of silly, but I’m taking Tes, my Model 3 to CarMax. I’ve seen a lot of people do this. For me, it’s really
interesting because I just got it yesterday. The idea now is how much
money did I actually lose by driving off the lot. It’s a thing where everybody knows as soon as you leave
the lot, you just blow 20, 30% of your car’s value. – No way.
– No way. – We’re gonna find out today. CarMax, I’ve actually had
a great experience with. They are not a sponsor in any way. This is just me going there to see what they would give me for my now used, one day, less than 100
miles old, Tesla Model 3. We’ll take a look. If you’re unfamiliar, this
is the Long Range Edition with the premium upgrades,
the solid black paint, and aero wheels. All out the door, it
was just under $60,000 after taxes and everything. The list price was $54,000. So, I’m guessing that they’ll give me somewhere in the neighborhood
of $35,000, maybe, but I’m not sure if they
have any data on this yet. So, we’ll kind of see once we get there. Let’s roll. (upbeat music) Alright guys, so we’re here at CarMax. We’re gonna see what
the Model 3 will go for. Stay tuned. I wonder if they get this a lot. I wonder if a lot of
people come and do this. I know there have been some YouTubers that have kind of done it. It’s been funny, and I
love watching those videos. I wonder if other people do it. We actually just sold
our car here recently. Maybe they’ll remember us. (light music) Alright guys, I’m on my way back. I got the appraisal, but they don’t want me filming here. So, I’m gonna go home and
kind of recap it for you. So, stay tuned, be right back. (upbeat music) Alright guys, we’re back. So, here we have it. The offer from CarMax for my brand new, 2018 Tesla Model 3. Just to recap, this is
the Long Range version with the solid black
paint, the aero wheels, premium upgrades, and enhanced autopilot. Retail is $54,000 before
registration, taxes, and all those kind of things. If I were to discount
the credits I would get it would be $44,000 without
all the registration and all that. And, CarMax is offering me $42,000 for the Tesla Model 3. – Yeah. – I’m actually impressed. I thought it was gonna be lower. I think as I said earlier. So, I think it’s pretty good. I’ve sold several of my
cars at CarMax before. They’re not a sponsor,
but I am a fan of them. I think this kind of goes to show that. Now, if I were thinking I
wasn’t getting any discounts at $54,000, that means that the drive from the lot over to there
would’ve cost me $12,000. – Say what? – Otherwise, you could consider it $2,000. So, driving off the lot,
if you count incentives, then it’s only a $2,000
hit verses the typical hit which a lot of cars get. So, not bad. Thumbs up to CarMax. (upbeat music) One last thing about this real quick was that this is the first Tesla Model 3 that CarMax has ever seen. So, they really didn’t
have much to go off. When they gave the appraisal, of course, they looked at what the stock price was, but they couldn’t compare
it to anything else. Now that they have one in the system, anyone else that comes will get a different price than I got. So, you’re welcome, maybe, to anyone else who will potentially be
bringing their Model 3 in. So, anyways, there you have it. Let me know what you guys
think in the comments down below. If you like this, if you want to see more kind of funny videos with the Model 3, have any ideas, shoot me a note in the comments down below. Like and subscribe if you’re not already part of the family. Lastly, don’t forget,
when you free the data, your mind will follow. Thanks for watching, and
I’ll see you back here soon. (upbeat music)

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “Taking My Tesla Model 3 to CarMax – Guess How Much They Offered?

  1. You can get over sticker selling private party right now. Some people will pay extra not to have to wait 2 years to order one.

  2. About right, ev your buying the cost of the battery, the warranty is 8 years, and replacement battery as of now is 32 thousand, so devide that with 8 and that the yearly oprational cost pluses electric bill. People don't know this, your monthly paying cost is around 370 and electric so wildly around 440 a month in place of gas.
    So the car is new no battery deprecation , but other people would see 4 thousand deprecation a year till 8 years or the replacement 32 thousand battery cost then. It's priced in. Math the Same in leasing. As I said your paying for batter cost instead of gas. Electric law nothing free but it's move around.
    We're. Still to see in 2 years when the S model make 8 years , many would need replacement. But do as the hybrid do and sell before 8 years.

  3. 3/27/18, I mean 2each his own but what are you saving/gaining w/an overpriced, limited range, battery-powered car? $4$ I just don't see it; clearly this isn't 4everyone. I drive a 2015 Ford Taurus LTD/awd ($38,800 incl. tx).

  4. I really don't understand the mindset here. Why are you not considering taxes? It's not only a 2k loss. This isn't the first time this guy has some weird ideas. In his video where Ben talks about a used Model S and a new Model 3, he endorses the Model S used, but it just seems altogether silly to compare it to a Model 3 with a load of stuff that isn't really necessary, like 1k for paint and 1.5k for rims. It's obviously you're padding the Model 3 price with unnecessary stuff just to make a point. If only I understand his mindset…another video, he says he doesn't read the comments on his board, but asks the audience to answer a question.

  5. Yeah try this again with a new m3 after there are 500k of these on the road. It will depreciate as fast as any gas powered car

  6. You could have bought a rental property and had your renters actually pay your car note for you. Think smarter. No one needs a $60,000 car


  8. You can sell that thing for more than you bought it for. People are desperately waiting for their Model 3s. Carmax just doesn't understand the Tesla market right now.

  9. Might even get more than he bought bc folks are still deep in the waiting list, they may be market at a higher price for people who don't want to wait a year.

  10. ? ? ? 42000 is 30% depreciated, the higher end of his initial depreciation estimate, but somehow he's impressed with that same number… Not so quick maths

  11. I am unclear why this is a thumbs up to Carmax. How exactly do you calculate the depreciation on your vehicle? Have you considered market value versus book value?

  12. Super green with jealous rage, lol, it would take me at least 5 years of saving every penny humanly possible to even get close to owning a 60k car.

  13. Car max needs to be able to turn the car for a profit, it doesn’t just loose its value. It just looses value to re sellers and people who have to get it cheap to sell it high

  14. Just wait a few more months and try it again. Tesla actual resale value, not just what people are asking, is a rock in a lake… depreciating worse than laptops and cell phones, especially for Model S and X vehicles. Repeat in 6 months and then report the price.

  15. Not everyone out there wants a tesla. They are cool as shit if you've never been in one, but once you do. You'll notice the the model 3 even all deck out, is of a much lesser build quality than the flag ship model s. The s is a good car, the model 3 is shit. All these dreams of having an affordable electronic car won't come around until 2030. At least not for a person making 40k a year. Which seems to be the group of people this car was intended to be for. And autopilot for another additional $9,000 and glass roof for 5,000 and all these other add on. You've now made a base honda civic the price of a packaged out sport BMW m3. With no change in handling, power, you just doubled the price of a honda with electronic crap they we as a person can't fix. We have to take it to a dealer and get reamed for the $300/an hour price. These cars are cool only bc they were the first to do it. I hear only bad stories about the service centers for all tesla models.

  16. Thumbs up to carmax? He actually thinks this is a good deal? There’s no way someone is this dumb

  17. To get the $7500 tax rebate you have to own the car for one year and not use it for commercial or business purposes. I have 2 model 3 offers ready to order emails from Tesla but no money to buy so i have been sitting on those offers since 3 weeks now in Seattle WA

  18. Ford and GM are cutting car models for 2020. In no small part to their cars incorporating planned obsolescence. If Tesla can maintain reliable cars, they will shatter the competition the same way Toyota and Honda did and rock the auto industry for the better.

  19. cool , but really you are comparing apples to oranges – theres a massive wait time demand for a model 3 so no way would it loose 12000 dollars just because its a day old – and of course you have to count the rebates as its what you pay that matters.

  20. Lol, still a waste of 50k plus on a car that will be very costly for you to repair after 3 motors replaced and the warranty is done.

  21. CarMax offered $13000 for my 2002 Porsche 996 so I placed an ad on Craigslist and sold it for $24000.

  22. For once will someone name their Tesla something other than Tess, Tessy, Tez? How about Betty. Or Jill. Or Christine.

  23. The model 3 will depreciate faster as there will be trillions on the road and the model s gets free supercharging. You can get used model s for less. Your car with less than 100 miles is pretty much brand new so they offered the price after incentives with just a minor hit of $2k which is negligible. Not sure what they are planning on selling it for though they might lose money as people are looking for a deal when buying used.

  24. If you're not actually going to sell it, stop wasting their time. Also, CarMax is not the sole definitive source for "off the lot" depreciation value. You can sell anything to someone for whatever amount they'll pay for it.

  25. 100 miles only 42K still low. In general rule of ? carmax generally always offers 10K less the car is really worth. Cool video

  26. They were probably as fair as they can be, but they need to low ball it so they can make a profit them selves.

  27. ~30% Drop on Day 2?

    And that was the generous offer because they knew you were filming and you probably didn't want to sell your brand new 2-day-old car.

    Why do people even go to carmax? Serious question.

  28. Must be nice to have someone else pay the tax on the vehicle for you (since you're not taking it into account when considering the cost of driving it "off the lot"). 9.25% in California is not pocket change, and should always be included in all financial calculations!

  29. Im tempted to buy the P100 and forget the autopilot upgrades along with the interior and wheel upgrade. Do you guys think it would be worth it?

  30. This is good because one day I want to convert a cargo van to an rv….at least there is a place where i can get rid of my car.

  31. In my opinion, that company is in the realm of a pawn shop. They will undercut well beyond kbb, other trade in, let alone private sale. They are not just looking for healthy profit margin, they are looking for huge profit margin. To sell to them is an act of desparation or decandancy.

  32. CarMAX offered 10% less for our CLK55AMG than Tesla did. AND Tesla will match the CarMAX price which tells me you are better going back to Tesla

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